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GI Bill Programs & Application Process

*Note*  If you are looking for information regarding the Post-9/11 GI Bill program, please click on the Post-9/11 tab on the right.


To receive GI Bill Benefits at Finlandia University, students will need to first apply for the benefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs.  This can be done online at the Department of Veterans Affairs VONAPP website by clicking here.  If you would prefer to fill out the paper 22-1990 Application for Benefits form, please contact our office to have a form mailed to you.  You will also need to submit a copy of your DD-214 form to our office and may be required to submit one with your application for benefits.

Once you register for classes for the semester and have completed the Veterans Benefits Guidelines (must be done before initial certification) and Request for Certification (and returned the forms to the Financial Aid Office), we will then pass your file on to have your attendance certified with the VA-Once program.  Students are still required to certify their attendance monthly with the VA.  This can be done using the WAVE program.  More information on the WAVE program can be available by clicking here.

Guidelines, Information, & Responsibilities regarding the GI Bill Benefits:

  • Please be aware the VA processing time for an application can be 8-12 weeks and, depending on the time of your application, may not be ready for the beginning of the semester.
  • Should a student have an outstanding debt with the VA, this could unknowingly have an effect on the amount of funding received.  If you have an outstanding debt with the Department of Veterans Affairs, it is our recommendation that you contact them to find out how this may play out in relation to your enrollment certification being processed at Finlandia.
  • We encourage all current students to sign up for their next semester classes as soon as they are eligible to do so.  Once you have done this and submitted a Request for Certification, this will allow us to certify the classes online ahead of time and give the VA some extra time to process the certification ahead of that upcoming semester.
  • Students should also be aware that it is their responsibility to contact the the Registrar's Office and specify with her that you are a Veteran receiving VA Education Benefits who has changed their status whenever they have any change in their status at the University.  If the change in status is not reflected with the VA before payment, this may result in an overpayment to the student in monthly payments and require the VA to request some/all of that money to be sent back to them.
  • Please be aware that end-of-semester grades are evaluated by the Registrar's Office for the Department of Veterans Affairs.  If benefits were received and punitive (F) grades were assigned, this will be reported to the VA and they will determine whether or not money will need to be paid back to them by the student.

Included below are some links to the GI Bill Website that may be of interest to you:

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We hope this information has been helpful to you and encourage you to let us know if you need assistance with anything.  You can also call the Veterans Administration Regional Office in St. Louis for more information on these programs and eligibility at 1-888-442-4551.