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TAB:   Contents Description,  Date     ( some condition notations )


                              DRAWER 1:  A - D


CEAS-Abstracts 1971-76 :  "Adult Education, Vocational Education, and Cultural Policy" / Finnish Parliament.   (from : Institute for Educational Research, Univ. of Jyvaskyla)


-       BOOK: "Finnish Agriculture" (N. Westermarck)   1957

-       Publication of the Ministry of Agriculture in Finland No. 20:  "Agriculture in Finland.   1937

-       Paper : "Finland's self-sufficiency in Agriculture Production"  1955/56 to 1960/61.

-       Booklet :  "Fact about Finland"  (1969)

-       News Release /Publication : "Finnish Features", from Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Helsinki

1.     "Farming in Finland"   No. 31 / 61

2.     " Agricultural Production in Finland in 1963"    ( 73/63 )

AHO, JUHANI  -- Criticism, Interpretation, etc.

Book (Finnish Language) : Juhani Ahon Huumori,  Kirjallinen Tutkimus  (Unto Kupiainen)    1937


            Publication:  "On the Dispersion of Airborne Pollutants with particular emphasis on sulphur in the air over Finland.  (Goran Nordlund).  Helsinki 1982


-       Travel brochure/map.  (Aland Travel Association)   (? 1980-1990s)





-       Reprinted from The Slavonic and East European Review :  "The Aland Question during the last years of the Russian Empire (Pertti Luntinen)

(SEER, Vol. LIV, no 4 : October 1976)

ALCOHOL   (Finland File)

            Article reprint:  "Notes on Alcohol and the State" Klaus Makela & Matti Viikari, Social Research Institute of Alcohol Studies, Helsinki.  (1977 )

ARCHIVES  (Finland File)

-       Guide to the public archives of Finland.   Helsinki, 1980

ART (Finland)

-       3 Stapled pages: "Finnish Graphics Today: Smithsonian Institution, Traveling Exhibition Service, Washington D.C."          (list of displays, such as:   Eino Ahonen :  1. Victory Parade, Etching,     1962, 19 ½ x 25 ½.  )

-       Publication :  "Finland"  : Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Applied Arts, issued by Embassy of Finland  (date?  1957, or, Stamped, Suomi College 1975)

-       Publication/pamphlet:  "Finnish Graphics Today"  Modern Art Association of Finland / Smithsonian Instition Traveling Exhibition Service.   1967.



- booklet :  "Finnish Designers"  (Benedict Zilliacus)    (date unknown)

- publication : Applied Art in Finland"  (English., French, Spanish),  published by The Finnish Section of New York World's Fair 1939.    (paper cover separating)

- pamphlet :  Reprinted from Industrial Design, Jan/Feb, 1976.    "Nature of Finnish Design"  by Martin Price.

ARTISTS (Finland file)

-stapled magazine article , from "Look at Finland", May 1974.  ('Local Painter of a Local Scene'  = Veikko Vionoja


            Publication : "Asbestosis in Finland" by Matti S. Huuskonen.  Helsinki 1979.       


-       Fold-out pamphlet : "Mystery of Form : Architecture of Alvar Aalto"  (from The Museum of Finnish Architecture) 1981

-       Pamphlet/publication:  "Modern Architecture in Finland".  (Finnish Travel Information Center, Finland House, London : 1964)

-       Pamphlet/publication:  "Contemporary Finnish Architecture"  (Smithsonian Institution, 1955-1957)

-       Mini-book : Helsinki/Helsingfors : Architectural Guide.   Finland's Arkitekturmuseum.    Helsinki, 1970

-       Fold-out pamphlet :  Architecture.  The Museum of Finnish Architecture. 1976.

-       Magazine : Alvar Aalto.  Arkkitehti.    1976.    (Finnish Architectural Review  :  ark7.8.76)

-       Publication:  "Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri....Helsinki City Theatre"

10-11 / 1967.   (Timo Penttila)

-       Magazine, French language:   "Architectures Nordiques : Finlande"

Jan. 1968.

-       4 photographs, mounted or laminated, of wooden buildings.  2 Photos by Henrik Tandefelt.; 2 in envelope, mounted, no name, # 3 & 4, probably same.     March 24 1977 on envelope..


-       Book (rebound) :  "Athletics in Finland" by Martti Jukola, Ph. D.  1932, Helsinki. 

-       Publication : "Suomen Voimistelu - ja Urheiluliito   (Gymnastic and Athletic Union of Finland)   (Finnish, French & English language)  1955

-       Publication:  "Suomen Suurkisat"  (no. 6-7; June, 1947. ) Helsinki.


Pamphlet : "How to drive in Finland"   (4 languages : Swedish, English, German & French.)   1980


Program / publication : National Ballet Theatre of Finland. (under Patronage of His Excellency Urho K. Kekkonen, President of the Republic of Finland).                   (year?  1970s/80s; written in pen : 5/17/84) 


            Publication:  The Soviet Union and the Baltic States,  by Kaarel Robert Pusta,                  former Estonian Foreign Minister.   (Washington D.C., 1942)



-       Publication:  "Bank of Finland, Year Book 1980"  (Helsinki, 1981)

-       Publication: "Bank of Finland, Year Book 1979"  (Helsinki 1980)

-       Publication: "Bank of Finland, 168th Annual Statement" 1979 (Helsinki)

-       Publication:  "Financial Markets in Finland (a series of articles which appeared in the Bank of Finland Monthly Bulletin in 1970-1972.

 Revised in 1978). 

-       Union Bank of Finland, Annual Report 1982.

-       Bank of Finland Monthly Bulletin.  October 1983,Vol. 57, No. 10


-       "Pesapallo" (Finnish baseball) rules in pictures.   (Xerox copy in cardboard binder.)


-       Magazine:  "Books from Finland"  - a quarterly review, no. 1 1970

-       Magazine:  "Books from Finland" -  a quarterly review, no. 4 1973

-       Publication, compiled by John I. Kolehmainen (Heidelberg College) :   "Selected Finnish Publications  1946-1949.

-       Publication : "A short Bibliography on Finland"  compiled by Eero K. Neuvonen.  Turku 1955.  (Publication of Turku University library 7)

-       Finnish Bibliography (books on or about Finland and works by Finnish authors)  Compiled by Suomi library staff, August, 1971. - 12 Xerox pages

-       "List of Finnish Books recommended for purchase, December, 1951, by John I. Kolehmainen.)   8 xeroxed pages, stabled in file folder.


-       "Selected Books"  by Yrjo Aav.  (Xerox copy from book, "Finland: An Introduction"    pp 323-342.

-       Booklet: "Books about Finland"   (The Academic Bookstore, Helsinki)  (check marked-& written on by staff & faculty - used for ordering) (@ 1976 ?)

-       Booklet, Books about Finland.(Academic Bookstore)  (@ 1966)

-       Xerox pages, from   Finnish North American Literature Association.

-       9 Xeroxed pages from a book (pp 179-187)  Chapter: XI. Literature .

-       3 xeroxed pages : "Selected Annotated Bibliography of Materials pertaining to the Finnish Language. (with note to Jan from Robin, in Archives, re: books were recommended by Maisa Martin, 1983)

-       2 pages :  no titles, re: sources about Finns in America, (Historical societies, MTU, public libraries in MN, OH, OR, CAN...)

-       Stapled, Xerox copy : No. 11, Finnish Society of Crafts and Design, slide collection.  The Finnish rya.  (From Consulate General of Finland, New York)

-       One Xerox page : list of Slides available on loan, from Consulate General of Finland)

-       Order form listing books on sale : Univ. of Wisconsin Press  (Bread of Love, Peder Sjogren; and Woodcarver and Death, Hagar Olsson- -checked)

-       4 Xerox pages : New Films..  (2 copies). ( No source ? Films Suomi College had, or to consider ordering?)

-       One old Xeroxed page: "Bibliography"  (General works, History, economic life, social welfare, and cultural life, related to Finland).  1972 most recent date.

-       2 xerox pages.  "Bibliography".   Heading : "Senior High School"  (most relate to Eskimo and Indians)


-       Magazine: "Look at Finland"   --Finland Salutes USA.  2/1976


-       3 Pamphlets.  Travel guides in Finland, by boat.  (1979 / 1980)


-       Booklet / magazine:  "Establishing a business in Finland"  (Commission for Foreign Investments in collaboration with the Bank of Finland.) @1971.


-       Publication / Guide :  Turku Castle, A Tour of the Stronghold.  (Historical Museum, Turku, 1961)

-       Magazine:   (Arkkitehti / Finnish Architectural Review).  Feb., 1976.  (Finnish Language)  (castle related pp :  Olavinlinna 175-1975)


-       Church Publication, "Lasten Lehti" - Joulukuu No. 12, 1949. (Helsinki; Finnish language.)  (thin, paper, pp 90 - 103.)

-       Publication, Finnish Language, "Joululehti 1956"   Suomi College Bulletin, Vol. 19, number 4; December, 1956.  



-       Publication (cardboard cover) : "Legislation concerning liberty of faith in Finland"  by Erkki Kaila.  Helsinki, 1923.


            (many pamphlets prepared for visitors)

-       Pamphlet : "Aleksanterin Kirkko" @1981.  4 languages. 

-       Pamphlet: "The Lutheran Parishes of Tampere"  @1980. 

-       Booklet :  "Agricolan Kirkko  1935-1985"  (Finnish language)

-       Pamphlet: Mikael Agricola Church"  (one page folded) some English, @1990?

-       Booklet:  "Kaleva Church.  1976.  Mostly Finnish language (summary pages in English, German, Russian)

-       Xeroxed folded page, on "Kaleva Church" (Tampere). English, 1988

-       Booklet:  "Turun Siunaus-Kappeli."   (Funeral Chapel of Abo [Turku]) Architect : Erik Bryggman.  (with English)  1955

-       Booklet:  Hyvinkaa Church. 9/1961  (Finnish, Swedish & English)  (church built in 1961)  (2 copies, one with post-cards glued in back, & letter to visitors on front)

-       Booklet: (3 copies)  Taivallahti Church.  Helsinki.    Built 1969.   (with English)  1970 , and newspaper article, Milwaukee Journal, 1972, re: domed church.  (one has post-card glued on front)

-       Fold-out brochure:  "Taivallahden Kirkko. D (Finnish);

-       Small hand-out sheet : "Church Services in English at Temppeliaukio Church and the FELM Chapel"    

-       Folded, Xeroxed sheet:  "The Old Church of Tampere"

-       Folded, Xeroxed sheet:  "The Cathedral of Tampere"  (Swedish, Eng., Germ.)

-       Folded xeoxed sheet :  "Johanneksen Kirkko  (with English )

-       Fold-out pamphlet:  "Turku Cathedral"  1987.   English

-       pamphlet:  The Orthodox Church of Saint Alexandra, Turku.  1976.  (with some English)

-       fold-out pamphlet:  Cathedral Domkirche.( Helsinki Cathedral)  (German and English)

-       folded pamphlet:  (hand-out for visitors)   "Vetus Aoa Nova"   - Turku Cathedral

-       color fold-out pamphlet: "Rovaniemen Seurakunta" (3 languages) 1977

-       pamphlet :  "Orthodoxy in Finland". English.   (Suomi C. stamp: 4/'91)




-       article reprint:  "Urban Portraits" (W. R. Mead) 1968.  (re: Finnish towns)


-       2 copies, article: "New Town, Finnish Style, A New Dimension in Living" (2 pages).  Raymond W. Wargelin. (?1970s)


-       Booklet:  "Notes from Europe"  Special number on Finland.  1978.  (French, German and English language).

-       4-page paper : "News Release : Finnish Features"  No. 40, 1961.  "Finnish Culture and its development" by Yrjӧ Niiniluoto.


-       1-page copied article :  "The Arms of Finland"

-       1 cover of a magazine with Arms drawing

-        1 folded pamphlet "The Republic of Finland"  (with Coat of Arms, Flag and National Anthem), map.


-       Publication:  "Historiallis-kielitieteellisen osaston opinto-opas  1979-1980. (Helsinki University:  Historical and linguistic department study guide )

-       Publication:  The Helsinki School of Economics .  (English) 1955

-       Publication:  Helsinki University of Technology. (English) 1979

-       Xeroxed pages: "List of academic publications issued at the University of Helsinki in the academic year 1996-1997.   (Helsinki Univ. Library)

-       Publication/ News Release:  Finnish Features    "Education and Universities in Finland".  No. 31, 1961.


-       Stapled publication: Finnish Features  "Education and Universities in Finland" (no. 36, 1961.

-       Booklet : "Land Reform in Finland" 1922,  official statement.  Helsinki, 1925.





-       Article Reprint:   "The Discovery of Britain by the Finns", by W. R. Mead.  (reprinted from "The Norseman" Vol. VIII, No. 4, July-August, 1950.

-       4 issues :  Magazine: "Trade Facts Finland.   1967, 1968, 1969, 197-71.

-       2 issues, "Facts about Finland".  1966, 1968

-       2 loose pages :  "Finland's Imports by area and country, 1957 & 1963.

-       2 loose pages: "Finland's Commodity Imports" 1962.

-       Magazine, 2 issues:  "Finnish Trade Review"  (No. 165, No. 3, 1968,(Helsinki International Trade Fair)  and No. 171, no. 3, 1969 (Finnish Industries Fair).

-       4 issues: "Finnish Trade Review"  :  June, 1975; Aug., 1975, Feb., 1976, March, 1976.

-       Publication/News Release: Finnish Features.   "From Lisbon to Helsinki" by Prof. V. Merikoski, Foreign Minister of Finland.  No. 62, 1963.

-       Stapled publication, Finnish Features.  "Finland's Foreign Trade in 1963.  No. 4, 1964.


-       Booklet : "Finland's Composers: Short historical outline".  By Jarmo Sermilӓ.  (Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Helsinki Finland).   1976


-       Booklet:  "Form of Government Act and Diet Act of Finland"  Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Helsinki. 1947.

-       Booklet:  "Form of Government of Finland.  Given at Helsinkgfors, July 17, 1919.  (Government printing office, 1924).

-       Booklet :  Suomen Eduskunta  (Parliament). 1987


            2pp stapled, magazine article : "Scandinavians Prefer uncomplicated flavors.  (Nordic Way, 1/1997)


            -Booklet : "General Program of the SOK Organization for the 1970's ".

            - Book: "Agricultural co-operation in Finland"  Helsinki, Pellervo-Seura.  1954.

- Booklet:  "Agricultural co-operation in Finland"  Helsinki , Pellervo-Seura. 1949..

- Booklet : "Finland's Progressive Co-Operative movement and the Co-Operative    Union KK.  1916-1956.  Helsinki 1956

- Booklet: "Finland, the land of cooperatives"    Raimo Heikkilӓ;  Institute of Cooperation, University of Helsinki.   1963.

- Book :  "Finland: a nation of co-operators"  by Thorsten Odhe, translated by John Downie.  1931.

- Booklet : "Neutral Co-operative movement in Finland; it's tasks and place in the community".  Helsinki 1933.  (Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta R.L. )

- Booklet:  "The Finnish Cooperative Societies Act and Modern Rules for local cooperative societies".   Helsinki 1955.    Pellervo-Seura  Kulutusosuuskuntien Keskusliitto.


-       Annual Report : Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta; SOK Corporation.


-       Xeroxed pages : "European Companies, a guide to sources of information.

-        ( companies in Finland)(CBD Research Ltd.; England)   (stamped 1976)


-       Booklet:  "Kansallispukuja "    (Finnish National Costumes) (color photos), stamped 1975.

-       Booklet:  "Kansallis-Pukuja"  (Julkaisija Helmi Vuorelma Oy)  (color drawings)


-       Magazine issue: "Kotiliesi"  (no 15 elokuu 1979).   (special issue, re: Finnish costumes)

-       Envelope with 6 color cards of Finnish costumes/dancers.  With pages of Narration from Suomi College student-faculty program on Finnish dances and costumes presented at University of Wisc., Green Bay, 1972. 


            -Brochure, 11 pp: 1994.  (coins and bills pictured & described).  "Vanhoja seteleitӓ ja metallirahoja lakkautetaan laillisina maksuvӓlineinӓ vuoden 1994 alusta.


-       Publication / News Release: Finnish Features" issue No. 41/63  (Helsinki)  3 stapled pages.  "Court Custom of Republican Finland: The Crowning of Science by the Solemn conferment of degrees.  (Matti Klinge)


DESCRIPTION AND TRAVEL (Travel Brochures and Maps)

-       Booklet : "What we have here : Finnish Impressions" , Erik Bruun  (Ministry for Foreign Affairs, 1973)

-       Booklets/ publications : "Finland naturally" (Published, Finnish Tourist Board,)

-        1978 (2 copies);  and 1983 and 1986

-       Magazine/Booklet: "Finnair - Key to Finland / 76)  (Finnair, 1976). 

Magazine/Booklet:  "Key to Finland 78"  (Published, Finnair, 1978)       

-       Tourist Guide Finland 1975.  English edition.  (208 pp)

-       Brochure:  "Finland for Holidays".  No. 88. 12/'37   (Finland Travel Assoc.)

-       Brochure: Finland by car to the Arctic Ocean.  ("Suomen-Matkat" / Finland Travel Assoc.) no. 83, 4. 37.)  

-       Brochure: "Finland for Holidays" No. 76  (1/'37)   map size

-       Brochure:  Welcome to Finland. (Finnish tourist assoc.) . 1949.

-       Brochure:  "Friendly Finland, in pleasant Scandinavia"  (Finish Travel Assoc., 1966)  (fold out to one page)   map size

-       Fold-out Brochure: "Come to Finland" (Finnish Tourist Assoc., 1963)

-       Brochure:  Finland 1970, Travel Facts: What to do and what to see. (Finnish Tourist Board, 1970)  map size

-       Brochure : "Finland : map included)  (Finnish Tourist Board, 1976)

-       Finland. Travel Facts 1975. Four seasons, four reasons. (Finnish Tourist Bd.)

-       Finland Travel Facts   1978.   (2 copies)

-       Finland welcomes American tourists.  (1960's ?)

-       Fold-out Brochure: (2 copies)  "Letter about Finland" (bet '68 - 1977)

-       Fold-out brochure & map of Jyvӓskylӓ.   1969.


-       Magazine : Finland Grows 1970.   (published by Sales & Advertising Assoc. of Finland. ) business, exports, Finnish Ladies...Pori Jazz,  festivals...etc.

-       Book:   A National Economy Based on Wood: what Finland lives on and how.  By Ahti Karjalainen.   1953.  83 pp

-       Booklet:  "Finland :Golden Anniversary  1917 - 1967.  (published by Embassy of Finland.)

-       Booklet/Publication, 2 copies:  "Finland vacation guide '87 with Finnair tours. (Finnish Tourist Board. ) travel, festivals.... accommodation information.

-       Booklet : "Finland in Focus"  (publisher Contactor ry) Business Related articles.  (? 1960's or 1970's).

-       Booklet: (2 copies)  "Finland/Suomi.  Published 1971, Embassy of Finland.  32 pp.

-       Booklet:  "Pirkanmaan Opas"   (Guide to Pirkanmaan  / Tampere region) '79

-       Booklet :  "Itӓ-Suomi Saimaa."  (southern Finland, Saima region). 1974

-       Booklet/magazine:  "Look at Finland".  #4, 1985.

-       Fold-out Brochure:   "Loma Maalais Talossa"  1/5/1979  30/4/1980. (country houses to rent ?)

-       Brochure, in Swedish : "En Rutt Genom Södra Finland"  (a route thru S. Finland) 1979.   21 pp.

-       Newspaper reprint from Manchester Guardian, Nov. 12, 1958.   "Finland: Frontier nation of freedom..... "The Country that saved itself".....

-       Fold-out Brochure/map:  "Finland 1987. Facts and Map."

-       Fold-out brochure/map : "Finland 1988. Facts and Map"


-       Small Booklet : "Facts about Finland 1977." published: Union Bank of Finland

-       Booklet:  "Facts about Finland"  1955.  Translated, Paul Sjoblom.  64pp.

-       Book/publication:  "Tourist Guide Finland" (English edition) 1976. (city sights and accommodations, maps, etc.)  224 pp.

-       Booklet: "University of Helsinki 1989-1990.  Guide for Foreign Students.

-       Booklet:  "Helsinki Today" 3/1.7.-31.7.89.   1989. 4 languages. (museums, shopping, sights, services, etc...w addresses / ads. Etc.)

-       Booklet:  Helsinki... See Helsinki on Foot.  (Helsinki City Tourist Office). With maps.   1988.

-       Brochure:  "Helsinki Helsingfors 1989"  Hotels & restaurants.

-       Brochure:  "Helsingfors Universitet".  Folds out to large map on one side. Swedish.  1981.

-       Xeroxed article:  "Finnish Promenade- an autumn stroll in Helsinki"  (from "Travel & Leisure" magazine, Sept. 1988.

-       2 copies: sm booklet : Focus on Finland .  1992.    32 pp

-       Sm booklet:  Focus on Finland.  1970.  (pub. Ministry for Foreign Affairs)

-       Booklet:  "Tampere - a Cultural Tourist City"  (@ 1986 ?)

-       Sm. Booklet:  "Turku Castle: a tour of the stronghold".   (a short guide, written by C. J. Gardberg.   The Historical Museum, Turku.   1980.

-       Pamphlet / guide : "Turku in Finland - a city rich in history"   (Turku City Tourist Board)  1988.

-       Fold-out Pamphlet : Two Walking Tours in Turku.  (City of Turku Tourist Board)  1987.

-       Finnish-language fold-out pamphlet)  (one page)   1988    "Luostarinmӓen Kӓsityölӓismuseo.   Turun Maakuntamuseo.  (Turku Provincial Museum)

-       Brochure : Turku.  1983.   (Sights, Shopping, accommodation, recreation,.entertainment,

-       Fold-out pamphlet : Summer '88 in Turku and Naantali. Summer events, sights, etc.  opens to one large page

-       Brochure:  The West Coast, Finland.  (fold-out, & map).  1987. (Tourist Information)

-       Brochure:  "Explore Finland's Romantic West Coast"  (boat tours)  1978

-       Guidebook : Helsinki Zoo.   1988

-       Brochures:  Tampere, Finland.  The City Tourist Office.  Fold-out.  1989

-       Brochure, fold-out :  "Helsinki Stock Exchange."   1989.  (listed companies...)

-       Brochure, fold-out :  Hotel Anna,  in the cenre of Helsinki (Suomi College dated 1991)

-       Fold-out brochure:  Stockmann  (department store.) 4 languages.  With map of Helsinki, with location of other "important addresses for tourists".  1989.

-       Brochure:  Hotel Victoria, in Tampere. (prob. '89)

-        Pamphlet, one folded page:  "Suomen Antikvariaattiyhdistyksen Jӓsenliikkeet"...   (Members of the Finnish League of Antiquarian Booksellers.  Helsinki Map with locations 


-       Bound magazine pages, from National Geographic, issue May, 1968.  Cover story : Finland, by William Graves.  (reprint)

-       Folded pamphlet, 2 copies:  "Finland".  Information, history.  (by Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland)

-       Pages, stapled, from "Holiday" magazine.  October 1969.   Article : "Finland : Saunas and Flaxen-haired Girls". (cover title) .  Article by John Bartlow Martin : A strange quest that ended in Finland - beware of tracing your roots - you may find them".  (U.P. native, Channel 6 tour)

-       Publication : "Finnish Features"  -- No. 1 /61.   "Finland - An Introduction" by Yrjo Niiniluoto, editor-in-chief of Helsingin Sanomat.  (6 pages)

-       Brochure:  "Finland for you - including tours to Scandinavia and Russia"  1983.    (escorted tours to Finland)

-       One page :  "General Information about Finland".  @ 1963.

-       Newspaper article, Milwaukee Journal. Jan. 2, 1980.  "Land of Forests and Poets: Russia's small neighbor, Finland, likes books, the Theater, Home Life and Independence, says Wisconsin visitor."   (Robert E. Gard)

Description and Travel. (Finland).

1.    Separate, blue folder with old postcards on photograph paper.  Pictures of various cities, regions, buildings in Finland.    "These cards were purchased through Mr. Ranamaki at the Book Concern about 1930." 10 pages, 20 cards.

2.    Separate, red folder with old postcards on photo paper.  (no explanation but probably the same source as folder 1.   Also 10 pages, 20 cards.


     January, 1972,   January, 1973,   February, 1974,   March, 1974,    

April, 1974,        May, 1974,         January, 1975,     March, 1975

March, 1976,    February, 1978    February, 1985,    March, 1985

DESCRIPTION AND TRAVEL  #6 -  (General and Historical Information)

-       Newspaper article, Milwaukee Journal (hand dated, March 22, 1960) - same as article in Folder 4.- different date.   "Land of Forests and Poets" (pasted inside the folder )

-       Booklet, reprint : from "Suomi, a General Handbook on the Geography of Finland"; article: "Development of Settlement in the Historical Era" by Eino Jutikkala.  @ 1951

-       Magazine, advertisement,  the New York Times, March 15, 1964, Section 11.  "Focus on Finland"  15 pp.

-       Publication/News Release, "Finnish Features" (Ministry for Foreign Affairs).    4 pp.   "Motoring in Finland" by Kauko Virtanen. No. 16, 1961.

-       Booklet:  "Speaking of Finland"  Jaakko Kihlberg, with collaboration with specialists.  40 pp.   1954.

-       Booklet:   "Visit Finland"   published by the Finnish Tourist Association. 1951

-       Magazine, Fennia 80, no. 1.   "Finland in British Maps - a review down to 1856"  (English)    S. T. Jaatinen and W. R. Mead.  Helsinki 1956

-       Magazine :  Pellervo,   (Finnish Language, 39 pp)   No. 1, 1957.  

-       Brochure:  "Winter in Finland, Lovely and Lively"  (Traveler's Portfolio) (1967/68)

-       Maps:  "Finland 1990 - Facts and Map"   (2 copies)


-       Booklet :  "FINLAND/SUOMI" .  Published by the Embassy of Finland, Washington D.C.    32 pp 1976.

-       Booklet:  "Finland for you"  (tours, excursions to Lapland, Scandinavia & Leningrad)  By Finnair.   1978

-       Newspaper : "Norden"   English Language.   2 sections.   Travel and Industrial Issue, Fall 1978

-       Publication:  "Finnair's Scandinavia.  Finland & U.S.S.R.  (1978-79 Winter Tours)

-       Children's coloring book :  "Finland / Suomi  : A book to color, complete with notes.  By: Katarzynka.  (Samaria, MI)    1980.

-       Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, July, 1978

-       Finnair Flyer  (1 page, ad/ news).  "Happy Birthday" Finnair's 55th birthday.


-       "Nature of Finnish Design"  by Martin Price (Reprinted from "Industrial Design" Jan./Feb., 1976 issue.

-       Magazine:  "Form - Function - Finland".  -- Clothes, Movement and Vision.

( Feb. 1981)

-       Magazine: "Form - Function - Finland"  -- The Kalevala, The Finnish National Epic, 150 Years.   (Feb. 1985)

-       Book /Magazine:   "The Ornamo Book of Finnish Design"  (published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ornamo   -- Society of Decorative Artists.)   English language.  1962.

-       Book/Magazine:  Ornamo.   Finnish Decorative Art. (Finnish Language)

 13th Yearbook, 1949

DESIGN IN FINLAND  (Finnish Foreign Trade Association) - MAGAZINE I            SSUES: 

1970,    1981,    1983,   1985,    1986,    1988,   1990  1992/93 (special issue - Finnish, English, Japanese)

  (Copies are also in the main stacks of the library   (745.449489  D463f ) : 

            1982   1988    1990   1993 ,   1994,   1995,     2001.   


-       Book: "Modern Finnish Design"  1969 by Ulf Hȧrd of Segerstad. 1969   (2 copies in stacks: 745.449471 H21m)

-       Booklet:  Finnish Features.  (pub: Ministry for Foreign Affairs)     "Finnish Design Today"  Oct. 1985.

-       Small pamphlet:   aarikka Finland   (store / wood design) with map of store location.

-       In envelope:  Small fold-out pamphlets:  Shopping for Design Helsinki, Finnish Society of Crafts and Design. : lists shops & locations.  1978, and 1979.




-       "The Birth of the British Consular System in Finland"  by W. R. Mead.  (Reprint  from "The Norseman" Vol. XV, No 2, March-April, 1957.


-       "Drug-Addicts and Non-Addicts among Finnish Pubertal Adolescents: A Comparative Sample Study" by Kerttu Louhivuori.    (Monographs from the Psychiatric Clinic of the Helsinki University Central Hospital.  No. 3, 1971)


                             DRAWER 2  E - I


-      publication:   The Republic of Finland : An Economic and Financial     Survey,     Edited by the Central Statistical Bureau .  76 pp.   1920.

-     "Finn Facts"   Finnish Chamber of Commerce.  (trade, banking,             business...) Jan-Feb. 1969

- Sm. Booklet / reprint:  "The Economic Development of Finland shown in Maps"      Lecture given December 10, 1948 by Eino Jutikkala.  (reprinted from Proceedings of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters 1948, Helsinki 1950)

- Booklet / Reprint :  "Twenty Years of Economic Reconstruction in Finland", Verner Lindgren, Editor of "Unitas".   Reprinted : UNITAS, Quarterly Review of the OY Pohjoismaiden Yhdyspankki ab Nordiska Fӧreningsbanken, Finland.    1938.

Booklet :   "Finland a growing economy" by Jussi Linnamo.   (Reference publication, Ministry for Foreign Affairs; Helsinki 1967)


"Economic Survey - Finland" Magazines.   By :  Economic's Department, Ministry of Finance.  Yearly.   (supplement to the budget proposal, submitted by the Government to Parliament)     Issues :   1981,   1982,  1983,   1984,  1987,  1989,  1990.




-       Booklet :  "A National Economy based on Wood - What Finland Lives on and How"  by Ahti Karjalainen.   83 pp.    1953.

-       Booklet:  "Establishing in Finland."   Published by Bank of Finland and Government Commission for Foreign Investments.   1968.

-       Publication/News release:  "Finnish Features"  Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  "Planning the Future".  No. 18 / 1961.

-       Publication/News Release :  "Finnish Features", Ministry for Foreign Affairs.   "New Year's Speech Broadcast by Urho Kekkonen, President of Finland.  January , 1964"

-       Publication/News Release :  "Finnish Features" :  "Finnish Economy - an Expansion with Problems of Balance".  No. 7 / 1964.

-       Publication:  "Finnish Features"   :  "Uusimaa - Finland's urbanization problem.  No. 15 / 1968

-       Publication/ News Release:  "Finnish Features" : "1968 - a Year of Stabilisation".  No 2, 1969

-       Publication/ News Release:  "Finnish Features"  "OECD Economic Survey of Finland"  No. 10 / 1969.

-       2 copies :  "International Economic Survey  : Finland"  published by Chemical Bank, International Division, NY.   Feb. 1974.


-       Publication/News Release:  "Finnish Features",  from Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  "Finland's economic growth at a critical juncture".  Sept. 1985.

-       Booklet:   "The Finnish Business Challenge"   publisher : Union Bank of Finland.   1986


-       Booklet:  "Education in Finland" by Matti Gustafson.  (Reference Publications 2, Ministry for Foreign Affairs.)  99 pp.   1967           

-       Booklet, 2 copies:  "Higher Education and Research in Finland" (Reference Publications 6, Ministry of Education, Helsinki.)  104 pp   1973

-       Booklet, 2 copies :  "The School System of Finland", by Niilo Kallio, member of the State Board of Education.   86 pp  1956

-       Booklet : "Care and Education of the Exceptional Children in Finland."  (Central Union for child welfare in Finland.)   1956

-       Booklet:  Suomi Finland - where to study its language and culture - Summer. Ministry of Education.   1977.   (courses available in many cities thru Finland)

-       Magazine :  LEIF --  "Life and Education in Finland"  - the University of Helsinki 350 years; The academic intellectual's domain;  Teaching gifted children... etc.   January, 1990.

-       Pamphlets* (6 copies)  & teaching guide, study unit on the Republic of Finland for grades 9-12, from  Learning Enrichment, Inc..  "Suomi - a Nordic success story".  With letter to "Dear Social Studies Educator"



-       Booklet: "Higher Education and Research in Finland" (Reference Publications 3, Ministry of Education) 1968

-       Booklet:  "Educational Development in Finland (Reference Publications 7, Ministry of Education) 1975

-       Booklet: "Educational Reform in Finland in the 1970s"  (Reference Publications 4, Ministry of Education ) 1970

-       Pamphlet / booklet : Finland : where to study its Language and Culture.  Summer Courses.  1972.  (Ministry of Education)

-       Magazine:  "University" (University of Helsinki). No. 2, 1990. ("Conferment ; Jubilee Year of the University... )

-       Booklet:  "Institute of Pedagogics, Jyvӓskylӓ  1934-1959


-       One page :  "Electric Power in Finland"  charts showing 1962 electricity consumption.

-       Booklet :  "Power Design" by Imatran Voima Osakeyhtiö"  (the biggest designer of power plants in the country).  1964


-       Publication /News Release: "Finnish Features" (Ministry for Foreign Affairs).  "English in Finland, by Michael J. Creswell, former British Ambassador to Finland.  No. 13, 1961. 


-       Pamphlet: (in Finnish, English, German)  ESPOO - ESBO.  Brief history, sights, general information & fold-out map of Espoo, Finland.   @1980s


-       Book:  Taide Yksilӧ Yhteiskunta  ["Art in Society"]   (Taidekasvatuskongressi   July 1.-4, 1974, Jyvӓskylӓssӓ).  - Finnish Cultural Foundation  1975.


-       Magazine article, from "Suomen Silta/Suomi Bridge No. 1, 1984."  (Suomi-Seura publisher.  2 pp.  "Finno-Ugrian Centennial : Digging Scientifically for Ethnic Roots."

-       Bound booklet:  "The Racial composition of the Finnish Nation"  by Proj. Kaarlo Hilden, Ph.D.  (Lecturer in Anthropology in the Univ. of  Helsinki). 1932.

-       Magazine:  "Bibliografia 1971-74"  - Review of Finnish Linguistics and Ethnology 2..  [ Finnish ethnological bibliography, Bibliography of the publications of the late Prof. Sulo Haltsonen)

Studia Fennica 21, Helsinki 1978)


-       Reprint publication :  "The Great Finnish Famine in 1696-97", by Eino Jutikkala, Helsinki.   Reprint from the Scandinavian Economic History Review.  1955


-       Pamphlet /mailer : "Finnish Festivals 1979"  (fold-out pamphlet listing of various dance, theater, music festivals for 1979) in English & German

-       Publication/ News Release: "Finnish Features"  (Ministry for Foreign Affairs).   "A Happy New Year a la Finland.   3 pp. No. 70/1963.


-       Book :  "Sunset Puistossa"  Brooklyn, New York'issa.   by Emma Liisa Hakala.printed by the Finnish Press, Brooklyn, NY.    (1953 ?).   Gift , signed by Emma Liisa Hakala, Lake Worth, Florida.    93 pp


-       Booklets:    "Filmi-Luettelo 1977"  and   "Film Catalogue 1978"    (Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.  (rental catalog, available from the Press and Cultural Center of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs)

-       3 copies, typed page :  "Films about Finland" (list of films that can be borrowed from the Consulate General of Finland, New York)  (no date)


-       Booklet :  "Finland 1918-1968."  By Heikki Waris, prof., Dept. of Social Sciences, Univ. of Helsinki.  A lecture delivered December 5th, 1968.


-       Book / Program:  " 50th Anniversary Observance of the Independence of Finland and commemorative stamp ceremonies."  Finland, Minnesota and Duluth, Minnesota  October 6, 1967.  (Published by the Minnesota Finnish-American Historical Society)  (2 copies) 


-       article : "Scandinavia and "Finlandization""  H. Peter Krosby.   (from Scandinavian Review,  (63:2)  1975  pp 11-20. 


-       Booklet :  The participation of Finland in international cultural co-operation. (Department for International Relations, Ministry of Education. Helsinki, 1983)

FINLANDIA FOUNDATION  (Santa Monica, California)

-       Newsletter, Summer 1972.   Suomi College.  (R. Jalkanen, Suomi College History, scholarship recipient, Melvin Kangas, etc.. )


-       Book chapter : "Finns and the Corporate Mmining Environment of the Lake Superior Region."  Arnold R. Alanen.   (Finnish Diaspora II : United States), 1981. (edited by Michael G. Karni)

-       Article:  "Finns from Alaska to Florida", Eloise Engle Paananen.  (from "Scandinavian Review" #1, 1976. )

-       Article: "Mayme Sevander"  by Jocelyn Heid.   (from St. Scholasica Times, @ 1989/1990)

-       Newspaper :  The Daily Mining Gazette special issue: The Copper Country Traveler.  Sept. 25, 1981.   "Findom" Explored. : Land of 'Sisu,' saunas and independent people.


-       "Seventieth Anniversary Souvenir Journal" 1903 - 1973.   Tyӧmies Society, Inc., Superior, Wisconsin.  (2 copies)


-       Swedish book on Finnish Grammar "   Finsk Grammatik.  Fred Karlsson. 1978




-       Booklet:  "Castrenianum : The Centre of Research into Finnish and its related Languages"  1965.  (lexicography project)


-       Booklet:  An Introduction to Finnish Literature; a book of readings" , edited by I. Havu.   1952.  (7 early authors,  95 pp)

-       Article :    "Literature and the National Image"  (David Barrett)     Offprint from "Finland" edited by Hillar Kallas and Sylvie Nickels, 1968. 

-       Article:    "Post-war Literature - a Finnish View"  (Kai Laitinen)    Offprint from "Finland" edited by Hillar Kallas and Sylvie Nickels, 1968.


-       Paper:  "The Finns in American Colonial History:  (remarks of Hon. Frank E. Hook, Member of Congress from Michigan in House of Representatives, August 21, 1937.  8 pp  (reference to Delaware Tercentenary observance in 1938)

-       Book:  Finns in North America.  Eloise Engle.  1975.  (have copies in stacks)

-       Paper, copy of Address given at NMU on Finnish Culture Week, December 16-21, 1975  :  " From Underground Mines to backwoods Farms"  (Dr. John I. Kolehmainen) - as printed in the Congressional Record of the U.S. Senate, January 10, 1975.   (Finnish Americans: A Proud Heritage.  Bound in cardboard cover.

-       Pamphlet:  "Ffinns in colonial De la Ware 1638."   By A. M. R. Lattu.   1975. 

3 copies.    (2 copies bound in cardboard cover)

-       Booklet / Official Program:  "First Finnish Settlement in America 1638"  300th Anniversary Celebration, Chester, Pennsylvania.  June 29, 1938.  (revised edition)

-       News bulletin (1 page).  Untitled, an Oregon-based Finnish Society.  (one section discusses collection of material for the Finnish Archives section of the Oregon Historical Museum) no date.


-       Report # 1391, House of Representatives.  July 29, 1937.  "First Permanent Settlement in Delaware River Valley" (Mr. Allen of Pennsylvania, from the Committee on Foreign Affairs)  Invitation to Government of Finland to participate in 300th  anniversary celebration; & info. Re: New Sweden Colony.

-       "Finnish Features" publication , Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  No. 47/61.  "The Finns in the Delaware River Valley"   2 pp.

-       Folded Program:  Finnish American Bicentennial Festival; Liberty Island, New York.   Sunday, June 20, 1976 

-       Reprint, speech:  "The Image of Finland and the Finns in the United States".  Remarks by Paul Opas at the Univer. Of Northern Michigan. June 25, 1970.   2 copies :  (bound in cardboard cover)

-       Pamphlet / address by His Excellency R. R. Seppala, Ambassador of Finland, at Suffolk Univ., Boston, MA April 1964 .  "Finland's Contribution to American Civilization".   (bound in cardboard cover)

-       Booklet:   "A Bibliography - The Finns in America, Finland, and Other Writings of John I. Kolehmainen"    (Heidelberg College)  (to 1969)



-       Magazine:  Siirtolaisuus / Migration.  #3, 1990  (Institute of Migration, Turku, Finland).  English articles:  "Find your Roots",  and  "American Finns as Language Learners - The Age Issue." (Pӓivi Pietilӓ).

-       Magazine  (2 copies)       "1943-1973: Suomi ja Yhdys Vallat"   by: League of Finnish-American Societies .  (Finnish and English language articles. (includes article by Ralph Jalkanen : Finnish-Americans of the Third Generation". )


-       Booklet / Exhibition Catalog:  "Delaware 350"  - 350 years of Finnish American Friendship 1638-1988.  / The Beginning of Finnish Migration to the New World  (written in Finnish, Swedish and English).   Institute of Migration, Turku, Finland.  1988

-       Correspondence, Suomi College Librarian, Mrs. Douglass Ollila, and Floyd Milkey, re: research on Mullikka family, New Sweden on the Delaware, and Savo district of Finland.  (4 pages;  August, 1955)

-       Newspaper magazine:  "Insight : The Milwaukee Journal"  (July 4, 1976)  "A Fourth Generation on the Old homestead" / "On a Finnish homestead, the sauna come second."

-       Term paper : "My Sister and I - History of my family".  Aadla Anderson, Virginia, Minnesota.  (Suomi College date stamped 1977).   2 copies, bound in cardboard covers)

-       Booklet:   The Making of a welding engineer and the birth of a welding enterprise".  Matt Kiilunen.  (autobiography)   1972.



-       Magazine: "Kalevainen" 1974. Publication of the Knights and Ladies of the Kaleva.  Virginia, Minnesota.  English and Finnish articles, including one by Olaf Rankinen and LAMP, flying ministry in Canada.

-       Envelope:  Finnish Heritage Teaching, masters of materials, hand-outs. (music, facts about Finland, recipes..) includes Finnish Heritage Teaching Kit Inventory page.  (@ 1976 ?)


-       Paper by James P. Leary, University of Kentucky, Lexington:   "Reading the 'Newspaper Dress' : An expose of Art Moilanen's Musical Tradition". 

Undated : @ 1984)

-       Booklet: "Finnish Folk Music"   Paavo Helistӧ.  (Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Music Information Centre   Helsinki  1973)


-       Booklet:   "Finland and verification of disarmament agreements"   (Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.  (@ 1997).

-       Magazine Reprint:  Scandinavian Review, Number 2, 1975.  "Finlandization - What does it mean?"   H. Peter Krosby.

-       Booklet:  "Finland's Foreign Policy : Facts and Trends".  Paasikivi Society. Helsinki, 1978.  (bound in cardboard cover)

-       Xerox copy, press release, Ministry for Foreign Affairs.   "Independent Finland 60-Years.  The Foreign Policy of Finland."  (Klaus Tӧrnudd). 10/1977.

-       Booklet:  "Documents concerning Finnish-Soviet Relations during the autumn of 1939, in the light of official documents"  (Publication of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland)  Helsinki 1940


-       Statistical Report 1964, FINNCELL  (Finnish Cellulose Association)

-       Statistical Report 1965, FINNCELL

-        Publication :  Finnish Features, Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  "The Forests, Source of Finland's Wealth".  No. 19/61.

-       5 information pages, re: National Income, Energy Consumption, Wood-Processing Industry, and Finland's Pulp and Paper Industry.  (statistics to 1962).




-       Book : "Trade in Forest Products between Finland and the United States of America"  L. Runeberg.  (Reprint from ACTA Forestalia Fennica 54.1 )  Helsinki, 1946.

-       Booklet :  "Finnish Wood : From Forest to World Market"  (Published by The Finnish Paper and Timber Journal; Helsinki, 1958.)

-       Magazine Article: National Geographic.  "Finland : Plucky Neighbor of Soviet Russia" by William Graves.  (May, 1968)

-       Booklet:  "Metsӓhallistus / Forest and Park Service".    28 pp.   1995


-       Book:  "Economics of Multiple-use Forestry in the Saariselkӓ Forest and Fell Area" Olli Saastamoinen.  (Communicationes Institute Forestalis Fenniae   (Helsinki 1982)   102 pp.

-       Publication:  ACTA Forestalia Fennica.  Vol. 128, 1973.   "The Effect of Terrain on the Output in Forest Transportation of Timber"  Rihko Haarlaa

-       Magazine:  Finnish Trade Review.  Forest Industries.  3/1987.

-       Booklet:  "Research in Forestry and Wood Science in Finland"   Viljo Holopainen.   The Society of Forestry in Finland.   Helsinki 1970.

-       Booklet:  "The Wood Industry of Finland"  Martti Kovero.  Helsinki 1926.

-       Booklet:  "Finland: country of forest products"   Heikki Pӓrnӓnen, Director, Central Association of Finnish Forest Industries.  1979

-       Fold-out Pamphlet : "Forests and Forestry in Finland"  (Ministry of Agriculture and Foresty)  2006


-       Booklet:  "FIND FURLAND FINLAND" 1983.  (Publication presenting the Finnish fur industry to visitors to trade fairs and fashion shows).   Finnish Foreign Trade Association.

-       2 furrier pamphlets :  FURLYX FINLAND, and POLAR TURKIS


-       Envelope:  contains ½-sheets and  folded Furniture advertisements, @1980


-       6 magazine /publication pages, with color prints of artwork of Akseli Gallen-Kallela. 

-       Finnish newspaper article  (bound in cardboard cover).   "Vuosisadan lahjakirja Juhla-Kalevala.  (with color pictures of work by Gallen-Kallela)

(Suomi College date stamp: Oct. 1982)


-       Booklet : "The Natural Provinces"  W. R. Mead.  (Offprint from Finland edited by Hillar Kallas and Sylvie Nickels, 1968.   Pp 104-140)

-       Booklet :  "Some Aspects of the Geography of Finland"  Ragnar Numelin.  Helsinki, 1928. 37 pp, with fold-out map.


-       Envelope containing Advertisements / catalogs for Iittala Glass, photographs, brochure ("The Story of i-glass), brochure : "How and Why to say Iittala Glass; by popular request, we explain our funny Finnish names."


-       Booklets : Iittala Glass ("Excuse Book"); iittala finland '78;

-       Folded Brochure:  Nutajӓrven Lasikylӓӓn 

-       Folded Brochure :  Juliana (store). 1978

-       Envelope (stamped 1980) with brochures on Arabia glassware.    

-       Brochure : Fiskars  (1970)

-       Publication:  Finnish Features, (Ministry for Foreign Affairs)  No. 28/61.  "Finnish chinaware and Glassware - Today."  (Pirkko Aro)

-       Brochure :  Ceramics and Glass from Finland.   1968  (2 copies)


            Publications of the Phonetics Department of the university of Turku

            -Small booklet:  'Suomen Tempusten etӓ- ja pintarakenteista  Kalevi Wiik  (1977)

            - Booklet:  Suomen Eksistentiaalilauseiden "Subjekti"   Kalevi Wiik.  1974

- Booklet :  Suomen Akkusatiiviobjektin Muoto  (The form of the Finnish accusative object).  Kalevi Wiik.   1972

HӒME DISTRICT, FINLAND (Description and Travel)

            Brochure :  Kanta-Hӓme.  Glass-Finland  (holiday information)  1979

            Brochure :  Kanta-Hӓme, Tourist Guide.  1979



HӒMEENLINNA, FINLAND  (Description and Travel)

-       Travel Brochure:  (in German and English), with map. 1979


-       Information Bulletin. National Board of Education.  No. 2, 1975 : "The Position of Special Education in Finland."  (15 pages)


-       Magazine article, taken from "Look at Finland" (no. 2, 1979.   "Handicraft renaissance"  Sinikka Salokorpi   (centenary of the Friends of Finnish Handicraft)       


-        Booklet : Work-Return and five-year prognosis after myocardial infarction : a community study in Helsinki.   Sinikka Pohjola-Sintonen.  1978



-       Helsinki: Daughter of the Baltic.(fold-out brochure and map, Helsinki City Tourist Office)  1972

-       Helsinki, Hotels -Restaurants.1978

-       Map of Helsinki / Stockmann Department Store advertisement. 1978

-       "Where the gourmets gather in Helsinki"  (restaurant guide)


-       Booklet:  "Helsinki : A City in a Classic Style"   Eino E. Suolahti.    (Ministry for Foreign Affairs, 1973)


-       Brochure : University of Helsinki, a Short History.  Matti Klinge.  1970


-       Brochure:  Finnish Features (Ministry for Foreign Affairs).  "Finnish Coat of Arms".  July 1984.  8 pp




-       Booklet:  "Finland in Thirty Pages - Nature, Culture, Lifestyle" (compiled as a part of the 75th anniversary of Finland's independence in 1992)

-       Booklet:  Finland: its country and people, a short survey"  Kaarlo Blomstedt.  1919.   (2 copies)

-       Booklet:  "Independence and After.  Heikki Eskelinen.   (article/chapter: Offprint from Finland by Hillar Kallas and Sylvie Nickels.  1968.)  2 copies.

-       Booklet:  "Finland's Progress as an Independent State"  Printed in Finland, 1939.

-       Booklet:  "60 Years Independent Finland"  Matti Klinge, Professor of History, University of Helsinki. 1977.  (2 copies)

-       Booklet:  "Finland 1946-1952."   Fredrik Valros.   !953.

-       Blue Folder : Newspaper Clippings , various dates, some undated.  1940s,

1950s, 1960..


-       Booklet:  "Finland, Golden Anniversary 1917 - 1967"  (Published by Embassy of Finland)

-       Magazine: Finland Review.  4 issues:  September 1919,    October-November 1919,   December 1919,   January 1920

-       Booklet: "The Origin of Finland's Autonomy"    Pentti Renvall     (Reprint from Introduction to Finland 1963.

-       Booklet:  "The Greater Finland : A Union Between the Fennobaltic Lands".  Herman Stenberg. ( Publication No. 1, 1919, The Carelian Citizens League  (Viborg, Finland)

-       Booklet:  "A Thousand Years of Finland"  by Mikko Juva.  (Offprint from Finland, edited by Hillar Kallas and Sylvie Nickels.  1968)

-       Booklet:  "Finland 1918-1968"   Heikki Waris, Univ. of Helsinki.  (A lecture delivered 5 December 1968).

-       Publication, Number 3.  Studies. (articles / lectures/essays)  Turku, 1971.  (Institute of General History, University of Turku, Finland).  (English language, German, French

-       Brochure:  "Finland 1993.  Three Finnish Perspectives".  Erkki Mennola, Jarmo Mӓkelӓ, Jukka Nevakivi.  

-       Booklet:  "Fighting Finns Write Home"   Russo-Finnish War, 1939-1940. (Letters written by Finnish soldiers at the front.  Published by Finlandia News Service.  Helsinki, 1940


-       Magazine:  "Koti" No. 4, 1937.  Ӓitienpӓivӓ Numero.    (Mother's Day).

-       Magazine article: "Festival of Summer and Light"  (from Look at Finland, No. 2, 1978)   (Midsummer festival)

Letter of inquiry asking for information about Midsummer Festival.   (articles enclosed probably prepared to send to her  (Ellin Greene, New Jersey):

-       Book Chapter, Xeroxed :  (both Finnish & English language)   "A Finnish Carnival".  (Carsten Bregonhoj.  Tampere, 1975) Nuutti : Suomalainen karnevaali. 

-       Book pages, Xeroxed:   from The Finns and Their Country.   Max Parrish, London, 1967.  (Chapter : Daily Life and Society)

-       Book pages, Xeroxed:  from The Finns and the Lapps: How they live and work.  New York, 1973.   (Holidays)

-       Book pages, from Finland and the New Nation,  Agnes Rothery.  1937.

-       Book page, from Finland: creation and construction (ed. By Hillar Kallas & Sylvie Nickels)  1968


-       Booklet:  Housing in the Northern Countries.  (information from the Ministry of Housing in Denmark, Finland,  Norway and Sweden)  1960


-       Fold-out Travel Brochure, with map,   (North Uusimaa)  1975.  2 copies


-       Magazine article/ pages:  "The Resettlement of Evacuees in Finland" (Ilmari Inervo.)  from "American Scandinavian Review", summer 1967.

-       Magazine article/pages:  "Yankees return to the Old Country". (John I. Kolehmainen.  (from "American Scandinavian Review" Winter 1969/1970)

-       Magazine article/pages : "The Finnish Immigrant: An American View"  (Eugene Van Cleef).  From "American Scandinavian Review" Winter 1972-73.

-       Typed poem by Anna Forsgen; Nuori Suomi I, Brooklyn 1903, pp 71-72.) "Siirtolaispojen laulu".  (2 copies; one stapled into folder).

-       Publication :  "Siirtolaishistoriaa V. (Immigrant History)  University of Turku. 1971.  Finnish language.  (article on Finnish-American settlement in Soviet Karelia, 1920s)  Ritva-Liisa Hovi. 




-       Publication /News Release :  "Finnish Features" by Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  "Speech by the President of the Republic of Finland [Dr. Urho Kekkonen]  to undergraduates on Independence Day, December 6, 1963. 

-       News Release from Suomi College, regarding "Suomi Seura from Finland greets Americans on Finland's Independence Day".   December 6, 1971.

-       Oversize page, Resolution No. 38 (November 15, 1967) by Michigan Legislature (offered by Representative Hellman and Senators Mack, Lodge and Schweigert), Commemorating the Golden Jubilee of Independence of the Republic of Finland.


-       Publication / News Release : "Finnish Features" by Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  "Britons Pioneering in Finnish Industry".  Runar Urbans. No. 15/61.   (From a special issue of the Finnish Trade Review)

-       Publication/ News Release:  "Finnish Features" by Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  "The Metal-Using Industry in Finland.   No. 17/61.    (From: FINN FACTS, issued by the Central Association of Finnish Woodworking Industries)

-       Magazine:  "Finlandia Review"  (The Finnish Foreign Trade Association)

 @ 1957

-       Pamphlet:  "Industrious Finland"   (un-dated, @ 1961.  Information and list of traveling exhibits, Finnish Committee for Trade Fairs. )

-       2 Pages with statistics : 1.  Metal Industry of Finland (to 1962), and,

Industry in the Finnish National Economy, 1963.


-       Booklet : "Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta 1976"

-       Booklet:  "Finnish Industry" produced by finnfacts.  "  Bureau for Economic Information.  (1974)

-       Booklet:  The Confederation of Finnish Industries"   (@ 1980)


-       Magazine:  "Essays on Finnish Foreign Policy" by Finnish Political Science Association.  Helsinki 1969.   (113 pp)

-       Booklet:  "Economic Relations between the United States of America and Finland".  (reprinted from UNITAS, Quarterly review of the OY POHOJOISMAIDEN YHDYSPANKKI ) 

-       Paper /news release: Jan. 21, 1971 : "Foreign Investment Increases in Finland"  (one page)


-       Book from a conference :  "Euroopan Turvallisuus- ja Yhteistyӧkonferenssi.   Pӓӓtӧsasiakirja.    Helsinki 1975.    109 pp.

-       Booklet:  Nordic Cooperation.  Conference organized by the Nordic Council for International Organisations in Europe  Hӓsselby 2-4 June 1965.

-       Publication:  "Finnish Features" / Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  No. 74.  "The New Year Message to Moscow News by the President of the Republic, Dr. Urho Kekkonen.  (no year noted)

-       Publication/ News Release:  "Finnish Features"/Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  No. 10/64.  "Prime Minister Kruschev's Visit to Scandinavia and his announcement to President Kekkonen.   (1 page: announcing he cannot visit...)

-       Publication/News Release: "Finnish Features" /Ministry for Foreign Affairs. No. 60/63.  "Prime Minister Ahti Karjalainen's Answer on the Chinese invitation to a global conference on Nuclear Disarmament."

-       Publication /News Release:  "Finnish Features" /Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  No. 59/63.  "Speech by Finnish Foreign Minister, prof. Veli Merikoski on October the 2nd 1963 during the general debate of the 18th General Assembly of the United Nations"


DRAWER 3  :  J - REH


-       Pamphlet / Program :  Pori Jazz Fesival, 1979  (July 12-15, 1979)


-       Booklet:  "Kalevala Koru"  (Ancient Finnish Designs) 42 pp.   1967.

-       Pamphlet:  "Kalevala Koru"  (Halikko treasure of 12th century, other "found" jewelry)

-       Publication :  "Ornament"  a quarterly of jewelry & personal adornment :

 Vol. 6, No. 3, 1983.


-       Pamphlet :  fold-out, Finnish language travel brochure to Juukka, Finland.  (undated, stamped S.C. 1980)


-       Pamphlet, with map.  (Jyvӓskylӓn kaupungin palveluhakemisto ja kartta)

(Finnish Language, 1974)


-       Booklet / program :  Liikuntatieteellisen tiedekunnan laitosrakennuksen vihkiӓisjuhlat  29.-30. 10. 1971.  (program and speakers / Physical Education Department)  Banquet honoring Masters Degree Candidates. 

-       Booklet / program:  Liikuntatieteellisen Tiedekunnan Kehittӓmisohjelma.  Vv. 1970-75.     (Physical Education Faculty's plans for Development, 1970-75.)  April, 1969.

-       Graduation Program : June 7, 1967.   ("Maisterin - j Tohtorinpromootiot") (Jyvӓskylӓ University - invitation to the college's graduation of masters and doctoral candidates)

-       Booklet:  "Kertomus.  Jyvӓskylӓn Yliopiston.   Toiminnasta  Lukuvuonna 1969-1970.  (Report.  Activities of the school year ).  1971.

-       Booklet:   Jyvӓsklӓn yliopiston pohjoismainen suunnittelukipailu ohjelma. (Finnish and Swedish).   [Campus Plan for the University; Gummeru, 1969] with maps, 63 pp.   1969.


-       Booklet / Program :  Promootio  ((Jyvaskyla University Graduation, 1969)

-       Booklet :  Kutsu.  [An invitation to the public to hear a lecture by P.N. Oksala, Dec. 1, 1971, at Jyvaskyla University]

-       Program.  : [Graduation Program, June 7, 1969.]

-       Paper : Decree : concerning training of the comprehensive school counselors at Jyvaskyla U., confirmed by Ministry of Education. (2 typed pages)

-       Paper : Jyvaskyla Univ. history, program, staff budget & research for 1970. 

(2 pages)

-       Newspaper article (from "Keskisuomalainen)  Feb. 6, 1972.) about  Jyvӓskylӓ University.


-       Magazine:  The Finnish Journal of Education.  (published by Institute for Educational Research, Jyvaskyla University)  # 2 - 1971.

-       Magazine:  The Finnish Journal of Education.  (published by Institute for Educational Research, Jyvaskyla University  #5 - 1971

-       Jyvaskyla Univ. Academic School Year Catalog, 1970.

-       Jyvaskyla Univ. Guide / offerings : Autumn and Spring Term, 1970-1971; and 1971-1972.

-       Jyvaskyla Univ's Guide/Offerings, Philosophy faculty, autumn and spring term 1967-1968.

-       Study Guides, Jyvaskyla University (Finnish language) : 1) Education and Social Sciences, 1971, and 2) Humanities Program, 1971, and 3) Mathematics and Natural Science Program, 1971; and 4) Teachers Training Program 1971.

-       General Catalog: Jvӓskylӓ University, 1971


-       Booklet: (2 copies) "Kalevala 1835-1985 - The Birth of the Kalevala - Exhibition from the Folklore Archive of the Finnish Literature Society".  Produced by Finnish Literature Society.  Editor, Anneli Asplund, Ulla Lipponen.  (47 pp)  1985  {the Archives has this Exhibition material}

-       Program:  "The Finnish-American Historical Society of the West presents Echoes of Music from Finland's Ancient Bards"  by Bertha Pouttu.  (in celebration of the Kalevala Anniversary Year. 1985 

-       Booklet:  "Kanadalaisia Katsauksia Kalevalasta)   150-vuotisjuhlien Kalevala Juhlakomitea, Toronto, 1985.     (Canadian celebration of Kalevala anniversary)  Toimittanut:  Silja Ikӓheimonen-Lindgren  (Finnish Language cy)

-       Booklet:  Canadian Views of Kalevala.  The 150th anniversary Kalevala Festival Committeek, Toronto, 1985.  Edited : Silja Ikaheimonen-Lindgren.   (English cy)

-       Pamphlet:  Finnish Music on Themes from the Kalevala..  Finnish Music Information Center

-       Booklet:  Elias Lӧnnrot and his Kalevala.  By Elmer Bako.  (Library of Congress, Washington, 1985) 29pp.

-       "Finnish Features" publication: The Kalevala and the Finnish Identity"  (Ministry for Foreign Affairs, June 1984)

-       Magazine:  "Look at Finland" . January, 1985.  Special issue, on the Kalevala anniversary.       

-       Clipping:    "Finland's gift to world poetry: Kalevala."   (FBR Arts - Finnish Business Report; March 1985.)

-       Booklet:  "Literature and the National Image"  David Barrett.  (Offprint from "Finland" edited by Hillar Kallas and Sylvie Nickels.  1968.

-       Magazine pages :"Kalevala: Land of Heroes" by Desmond Smith. (from American Scandinavian Review: Winter 1972-73)

-       Xerox article:  "Hiawatha Stolen?"     "Good Morning" by Malcom W. Bingay" column, Detroit Free Press.

-       Page : "Kalevala 1835-1985"   (prepared for the Kalevala Festival Committee of Toronto.) 

-       Copied Page: Kalevala.  (Encyclopaedia Britannica, Vol. V)  (noting the reference to Longfellow's Hiawatha)

-       Copied Pages: "Schoolcraft - Longfellow - Hiawatha".  (Chase S. Osborn and Stellanova Osborn).  1942.   (noted: reference to Kalevala influence)


-       Book:  "Kalevalainen Romantiikka Suomalaisessa Kirjallisuudessa"   Vuosina 1890-1910.  Kerttu Tanner.  (1960)

-       Magazine pages: "The Kalevala and its study".  (from "Suomen Silta/Suomi Bridge) No. 3/1981.


-       Book : "Nummi-Suutarit" Komedia. (play  Aleksis Kivi.  1966  (Library cardboard cover)

-       Booklet:  "Yö ja pӓiva; nᾱytelmᾱ yhdessӓ nӓytӧksessӓ " by Aleksis Kivi.  1964. (bound in cardboard cover)

-       Booklet:  "Lea - Nӓytelmӓ"  by Aleksis Kivi.  1956.   (bound in cardboard cover)

-       Booklet:  "Kihlaus" Komedia.   By Aleksis Kivi.  1956.  (bound in cardboard cover)


-       Booklet:  "Skilled Labourers and Their Training : a field study of the characteristics of Finnish skilled labour and its mobility".  (192 pp). 1961.

-       Publication/News Release:  "Finnish Features", of Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  "Finland's Big Age Groups - Problem or source of strength."  (article based on lecture by Dr. Terho Pulkkinen).  No. 42/61.

-       One Page:  "Total Employment in Finland, by Industry".  (statistics)  1961.


-       Booklet:  "Lahti"  (5 languages)  Story of the City of Lahti in pictures. Undated


-       Study:  "Palaeoecological studies on a small lake, S. Finland, with special emphasis on the history of land use.  Mirjami Tolonen.  (Dept. of Botony, University of Helsinki)   1978. 




-       Reprint paper:  "How the Open Fields came to be Divided into Numerous Selions."  Eino Jutikkala.  Paper presented 9/1952.  (Proceedings of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, 1952.)

-       Report:  "Land Reform in Finland"  -Official Statement.  1922.


-       Publication/News Release:  "Finnish Features"  (Ministry for Foreign Affairs)  "The Roots of the Finnish Language"  May 1984.

-       Booklet:  "Summary of the Report of the Committee on Language Teaching Policy in Finland."  (Ministry of Education).    20 pp.   1979.

-       Finnish Verb Wheel : a guide to most frequently used verb conjugations. 1975

-       Reprint, from "Introduction to Finland" 1963.  "The Finnish Language"  Bjorn Collinder.  (1971)

-       Booklet:  "The Language Fight in Finland".  E. N. Setӓlӓ.  Helsinki. 1919.

-       Booklet:  Publication of the Dept. of Finnish and General Linguistics of the University of Turku"  -- ALKUKAHDENNUS.  (re: phonetics :  initial doubling )  Fred Karlsson, Jaakko Lehtonen.   1977.

-       Booklet:  Publication of the Dept. of Finnish and General Linguistics of the University of Turku: -- FONETIIKAN PӒIVӒT -. (Congress on Phonetics)   Kari Suomi.  1977

-       Reprints :  "The Finnish Language"   (reprint from "Introduction to Finland" 1963.  Bjӧrn Collinder.   (2 copies, 1969 & 1971)  


-       Book:  "Johdatusta Ylieseen Kielitieteeseen"   (Introduction to General Linguistics)  Fred Karlsson.  1977.

-       Books:  "Miten Kielitiedettӓ Sovelletaan."   (How to apply linguistics)   S. Pit Corder.  1973


-       Books:  Publication of the Phonetics Dept. of the University of Turku)   :

* .TRANSFORMAATIOITA.  (Transformations)    No. 7   March, 1970.

*  VOKAALISOINNUN ONGELMIA  (vocalization problems)  Kalevi  Wiik      February 1975.  


*   TAKSONOMISTA FONOLOGIAA.  Kalevi Wiik.   (No. 11)  Jan. 1973



-       Magazine:  Look at Finland.  Special Section:  This is Lapland.   4/5/1976.

-       Booklet:  "Finnish Lapland".   English Text & photos.  Edit: Eino Makinen.  Helsinki, 1951

-       Brochure:  "Finnish Lapland"  (Finnish Tourist Board)   Accommodations, travel info., map.    1984. 

-       Brochure:  "The Arctic Road".  - Finnish Lapland's tourist route.(English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian language)  date?  @ 1980.

-       Article:  "American Indians and Lapps: A Comparative Study.  John B. Manbeck.  From "American Scandinavian Review"  Winter 1971-72. 


-       Booklet : "Law and Lawyers in Finland"  (Union of Finnish Lawyers) 1965

-       Booklet :  "Law and Lawyers in Finland" (Union of Finnish Lawyers)  1971


-       Booklet:  "Libraries in Finland" (Finnish Library Association)  Academic, Public and private libraries in Finland.   1971.

-       Booklet:  "Helsinki City Main Library"  (created upon opening of the new main building of the library, December 22, 1986). Photos, maps, architectural drawings .   (in Finnish, Swedish and English)

-       Booklet:  Helsinki University Library : A Short Survey (Henrik Gronroos). 1965

-       Fold-Out Brochure:  Helsinki University Library : a brief history  (1988)

-       Brochure:  Helsinki University Library: Guide for Use. (1987)

-       Brochure:   Tampere Main Library  (1987)


-       Publication/News Release : Finnish Features (Ministry for Foreign Affairs).   "Homelighting in Finland" by Eino Lamp.    (re: concerns for Northern conditions, home planning & fixtures; designer Tapio Wirkkala)


-       Booklet:  The Liquor Legislation in Finland"   (State Alcohol monopoly company : Oy Alkoholiliike Ab.)   1938.




-       Book:  Literature of Finland : An Outline  (Kai Laitinen).  1985


-       Magazine:  "World Literature Today : A Literary Quarterly of the University of Oklahoma."  Winter 1980.  Contains : "The Two Literatures of Finland" (many authors / articles) 181 pp

-       Magazine:  "Swedish Book Review - Finland-Swedish Issue" : 1981 : #1

(many articles & reviews re: Finnish/Swedish authors, includes article by George Schoolfield on Solveig von Schoultz

-       One-page folded brochure:  "Finnish Literature, 20th Century" (Organized by USA-Bicentennial-Finnish Committee.   Helsinki University Library. 1976.


-       Magazine :  "The Norseman" (A Literary and Political Review, Bi-Monthly.).  Nov.-Dec. 1948.  Includes article " "Aleksis Kivi - Master of Finnish Comedy" by Aulis Nopsanen; and other Scandinavian-related articles.


-       Brochure:  "Post-War Literature : A Finnish View."  Kai Laitinen. 1968.  (Offprint from Finland, edited by Hillar Kallas and Sylvie Nickels.


-       Booklet:  "Finnish Animal Husbandry."  Kalle Maijala.  Published by representatives of Finnish Animal Breeding Associations.  Helsinki 1969


-       Paper (Xeroxed copy) "Roles of Magic and Healing.  The Tietӓjӓ in the Memorates and Legends of Canadian Finns."  Matt T. Salo.  (National Museum of Man, Ottawa, Canada.  1973.) 


-       Booklet - Magazine:  "Suomen Luonto.  {Finnish Nature]   No. 5, 1976 

295 pp.  (articles & photos; Finnish language )

-       Booklet :  Suo-aapinen.  No. 1. 1976.   (Finnish Association for Nature Conservation)


-       Article (detached from "Look at Finland" magazine: No. 2, 1979.   (Stapled to the folder)


-       Booklet : "Suomen Sotilas"  {The Finnish Soldier}   (magazine in 4 languages : French, English, Swedish & German). A weekly for the Finnish Army and the Protective Guards.   Published, Helsinki, 1920.


-       Booklet:  "The Finnish Missionary Society" 1859 - 1950.  By Armas K. E. Holmio.  (Hancock, Michigan)

MORTON, JOHN - Early American Finn

-       Letter written by Janet Dalquist in response to inquiry from Iowa about Scandinavians and the American Revolution.  She presents references about John Morton, signer of the Declaration of Independence, of Finnish heritage.


-       Booklet:  "The State's gift to the Mothers of Finland : 10 years activity of Maternity Relief"  1948  (Ministry of Labour)


-       Booklet:  "Local Self-Government and Municipal Law in Finland"    (Finnish Association of Rural Municipalities).  Aarne Eskola, Director.   Helsinki 1968


-       Booklet:  "Mitӓ Museo Tekee"     (What makes a museum).  Published: Satakunnan Museo.  1978

-       Large fold-out brochure : "1000 and 2 Museums of Finland"  (listed by subject). Finnish National Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), & Finnish Museums' Association.   1977

-       Booklet:  "Finnish Museums"  (Directory : alphabetical, by City)  (Finnish Museums Association.)  Helsinki. 1973



MUSEUMS - Directories

Brochures from Individual Museums

-       Maritime Museum of Finland, Helsinki.  (@ 1985-91)

-       Amos Anderson Art Museum.  Helsinki.   (20th century art)  (? 1985-1991)

-       Helsinki City Museum. Helsinki.  1979

-       2-sided brochure, 2 museums:  Helene & Alfred Jacobsson Museum (Abo Akademi, Turku).  & Sibelius Museum. Abo Akademi, Swedish University of Turku, Finland) (? 1985 -1991)

-       Luostarinmaki.  Handicrafts Museum.   Turku Provincial Museum. 1984.

-       Tampere Art Museum.  Summer 1989 (Summer Exhibition: "Birth and Death")

-       The Lenin Museum.  Tampere, Finland.  (? 1985-1991)

-       Paper:  Turku Cathedral Museum.  (list of items)  date ?

-       Copied page : "The Museum "A Home"  ("Ett Hem" )  Abo / Turku.(Mr. & Mrs. Jacobsson's home/museum)

-       Paper:  National Board of Antiquities; The Cygnaeus Gallery.  (art gallery) [Kaivopuisto]

-       Alvar Aalto and Finlandia Hall.  Helsinki.

-       Helsinki Theatre Museum.  (permanent exhibitions)

-       Information on Finlandia Hall.  Helsinki.


-       Book: (2 copies) "Musica Fennica"  Timo Makinen.  1965 (commissioned by the Sibelius Centenary Committee appointed by the Finnish Government)

-       Magazine:  Finnish Music Quarterly.  2/1986.  Opera Issue : Finland's Last Export?

-       Magazine:  Finnish Music Quarterly.  1-2/1985.  The Kalevala and Finnish Music;  The Mystery of Sibelius's Eighth Symphone.

-       Music :/ Finnish Songs:   bound in cardboard cover:  "Our Land / Maamme";  "Suomi's Song", "The Sky Is Blue",  "The Rose in the Vale",   "Metsӓmiehen laulu";  "Kitimaani ompi Suomi".

-       Article from "Nordic Way" magazine.  1/1997.  "New Finnish Folk Music Available in North America."

-       Article from "Nordic Way" magazine: 1/1997.  "A Review of Rautavaara's Opera: Aleksis Kivi premiered in Savonlinna. "




-       Publication: "Finnish Features" of Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Helsinki.  "Tauno Hannikainen  Finnish conductor who lets the music "live" " No. 3/64

-       Individual brochures of Finnish musicians, with brief bios & list of works " (Finnish Information Center.  Suomi date stamp: 1975) :

Reijo Jyrkiӓinen,  Matti Rautio,  Leonid Bashmakov,  Ereik Bergman,            

Henrik Otto Donner,   Einar Englund,     Paavo Heininen,   Bengt Johansson,

Erkki Salmenhaara,   Ilkka Kuusisto,   Leif Segerstam,   Sulo Salonen,

Ahti Sonninen,  Eino Juhani Rautavaara,  Kari rydman,   Aulis Sallinen


            Folded Brochure created by Iitala Glassware, based on the various names of styles of glass creations.  "How & Why to say iitala Glas .....  Here is an explanation our funny Finnish names". 


-       Booklet:  "Finland's National Parks" .  1995

-       Folded Brochure:  "Metsӓhallitus : Forest and Park Service"

-       Publication/News Release: "Finnish Features" - "National Parks in Finland".  1986


-       Speech / Paper written by Ralph Jalkanen;  (2 pp).  "What it Means to be Finnish."    August, 1986


-       Booklet :  The Politics of Neutrality and Defence: Finnish Security Policy since the early 1970s".  Kari Möttӧlӓ (Finnish Institute of International Affairs) 1982


-       3 copies : Small fold-out Brochure :  "The Republic of Finland" with music for the national anthem, paragraphs about the flag and coat of arms.  Also several Xerox copies of this brochure.

-       Xeroxed pages, from "Finland Review".  (Dec. 1919).  Words to the Finnish National Anthem. "Our Land".

-       Xeroxed page of Music and words (2 stanzas) to the National Anthem.

-       Xeroxed page of the words for the National Anthems of the U.S. and the Scandinavian countries.


-       Magazine:  "Suomen Luonto"  [Finnish Nature].  No. 6, 1977.


-       Publication/News Release:  "Finnish Features" (Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Helsinki) : "Interview with Foreign Minister Jaakko Hallama on the Finnish Radio on January 8, 1964  (Niilo Ihamaki, Finnish Broadcasting Corp.)


-       Publication:  NIF Newsletter  4/1981. (includes article, "Visiting Folkloristic Research Centres in the U.S.A.)"


-       Xeroxed article: (stapled into folder) : "After the Golden Moment;  For some champions the Olympics have meant enduring fame, for others they are only the memory of a transcendent instant of glory" (Part 2, the Olympic Games)  from Sports Illustrated; July 17, 1972.  (section:  "Paavo Nurmi, Recluse")


-       Booklet : "Nutrition Survey of Finnish Rural Children" Leena Rӓsӓnen.  Helsinki 1979.


-       Booklet / Yearbook : "GERON"  of the Societas Gerontologica Fennica.  Yearbook VI-VII 1954-1955.  Helsinki 1955  (Dignified Leisure in Old Age).

-       2 Brochures  "Social Security in Finland" :  1: "National Sickness Insurance, and 2. National Basic Pensions.


-       Publication/News Release: Finnish Features (Ministry for Foreign Affairs)   "The Olympic Winter Games in 1968 and the cause of Finland"  No. 9/64


-       Booklet:  "The Position and functions of the Finnish Parliamentary Ombudsman".  24pp. 1967


-       Copied Article : (New York Times, April 24, 1983).  "A Home-Grown Company from Helsinki visits the Met.  (first visit to the US by Finnish National Opera).


-       City of Oulu, Finland (fold-out brochure/map).


-       Publication/News Release : Finnish Features (Ministry for Foreign Affairs). "Finnish Painting" - Conclusion of a lecture by Dr. Aune Lindstrom at a seminar for Scandinavian Cultural Editors, Helsinki, May 1961.

PERIODICALS  (Various unrelated samples, Finnish Language)

-       Publication: AVOTAKKA - FINNMILIEU70.  ("Open Fireplace..)  Design Products of Finland for export.  December, 1969.

-       "KOTI JA SANA"  (The Home and Word )  Feb. 1946.   (Luther anniversary issue)

-       'KOTILIESI"  (The Hearth - Fireside).  August 1949. (bi-monthly, for housewives)

-       YHDYSLEHTI.   December, 1951.  (Union paper for business men).  8 pages

-       KEVӒTKYLVӦ.   (Spring Planting).  No. 6, June, 1950.  (Evangelical Church / Student publication)  Helsinki 1950.

-       ELӒMӒN KEVӒT.  April, 1946.   (Monthly Religious publication) 8 pp.

-       HERӒӒ MALMOMAAN !  ("Awaken" ).  Church publication. Urho Muroma.  1948, no. 3

-       VALKONAUHA .  Jumalle, Kodille, Isanmaalle.  (White Ribbon : To God, home and Country).  Women's Christian publication.  No. 3-5-1946

-       NUORISON YSTӒVӒ.   1) Aug. 1948  (6 pp). and 2)December, 1949.  (Evang. Lutheran publication for youth.) 30 pp

-       MERIMIEHEN YSTӒVӒ  (Seamen's Friend / Religious; seamen's mission). 2 issues. September and October, 1966.

-       HOPEAPEILI.   (Silver Mirror)  women's magazine.  Pictorial.  #6, 1950.

-       SUOMEN TYTTӦ.  (Finland's Girl  / Finnish Girl).  Similar to a "Girl Scouts" magazine.  2 copies:   No. 1 &  No. 5, 1947. 


-       Brochure / Program : Modern Finnish Movement for Women.  (Univ. of Helsinki).  American Tour 1956.

-       Brochure :  "Peurunka avain Kuntoon".   (Peurunka = City or area.  Advertisement, spa-type facilities.


-       Booklet:  "Return to Work" - vocational rehabilitation of the physically handicapped in Finland.  Helsinki, 1952


-       Book : "Suomi from Aeroplane"  (photographs of Finland scenes taken from an airplane.  No color.   1929)  79 pp.


-       Journal of the Scientific Agricultural Society of Finland :  Vol. 51, 1979.  "Seed-Borne fungi on cruciferous cultivated plants in Finland and their importance in seedling raising"  (Risto Tahvonen). 


-       Booklet:   "The Police of Finland".   1969.


-       Booklet : "Finland 1973 - Books and Publications in Politics, Political History and International Relations".   (University of Turku)


-       Booklet:  "The Finnish Parliament".  Published by the Offices Committee of Parliament, Helsinki 1952.  32 pp

-       Booklet:  "Ulkopolitiikan tietopaketti".   (Foreign Policy).  Paasikivi Society. 1977.   53 pp.

-       Publication : "Commentationes Scientiarum Socialium"  10 1979  (Societas Scientiarum Fennica; Helsinki ).   "Ideology, Political Action and the Finnish Working Class.  A Survey Study of Political Behavior."  David K. Matheson.

-       Booklet:  "60 Years Independent Finland."  Matti Klinge, Professor of History, University of Helsinki.   (Published by Finnish-American Cultural Institute.  Helsinki.  1977)

-       Publication/ News Release : "Finnish Features"  Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  "The Lehto Cabinet.  #72/63.

-       News release /Publication:  Finnish Features"  Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  "Change of Government in Finland"  # 75 / 1963


-       Booklet: "The Population Research Institute" Series A:14.  "Population and Development in Finland."  [Reply of Finland to the UN Second Inquiry on population growth and development]  1973

-       Brochure:  Swedish Finland.  (Information about Swedish Finland) 1976


-       Publication  - "Finnish Features" 1967.  Presidential Power in Finland. By Mikko Immonen.


-       Booklet /Publication:  "Inkerilӓisiӓ sananlaskuja ja arvoituksia". (Ingrian proverbs and riddles)   Pertti Virtaranta.   (Castrenianumin toimitteita #18)  Helsinki 1978.


-       Brochure:  "Health Services in Finland"   .  Published by the WHO Committee for Finland, Helsinki, 1969.


-       4 Brochures re: Social Services in Finland, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Helsinki, 1969 :

1.)  Social Welfare,     2.)  Social Allowances,    3.) Social Insurance                    4.)  Labour Protection. 


-       Brochure:  Otavan Keuruun tuotantolaitos..  (Otava plant, in Keuruun village)..  @ 1976.


-       Brochure:  Purnu, artist community/summer visitors.  (Hӓme location) 1973.


-       Booklet:  "YLE Finland"  (Yleisradio = the Finnish Broadcasting Company). "This is Finland" - (written in French and English)  1976.    24 pp.

-       Brochure:  YLE50 1926-1975.   Finnish Broadcasting Company's , 50 years.  (History ..milestones of broadcasting)  35 pp.

-       Folded Poster :  Finnish Broadcasting Company Suomen  Yleisradio. YLE50. 1926-1976.


-       Booklet:  "Natural Radioactivity of ground water and drinking water in Finland"  by Matti Asikainen.  (Institute of Radiation Protection).    April 1982.


-       Booklet:  "Is Finland Worth Saving?"  (Save Finland Committee; Duluth, Minnesota).  @ 1945.

-       Booklet:  "Are the Lights Going out in Finland? (Save Finland Committee, O.J. Larson, Chairman. Duluth, MN ). October, 1945.


-       Booklet:  "Let the American People KNOW"  (Published by Friends of Finland for Dewey, New York).  @ 1945.

-       Booklet:  "Finland between the Armistice and the Peace."  Sigyn Alenius.  Helsinki, 1947.  (background information from Armistice of Sept., 1944 until Final Peace Treaty of Sept., 1947. )  1947

-       One-Page Article :  Indemnification paid to the displaced population" @1954.

-       Booklet:  "Finland Builds".   Published by the Finnish New York World's Fair Commission.  July, 1940. 


-       Magazine / Newspaper article (stapled into folder)  "How Finland Balks Her Communists. ... The little country in a dangerous corner....stays independent.  What is her secret for survival?  "  by Demaree Bess.  February 25, 1950.


-       Booklet:  "The Problem of Displaced Population in Finland"   ["Integration - Bulletin International - No. 1.  1955].  Professor Heikkki Waris, Univ. of Helsinki.

-       Article : "The Margin of Transference in Finland's Rural Resettlement" W. R. Mead, London.  1957.







-       Brochure : "Christian Education in the Church and Schools of Finland" (Finnish Evan. Lutheran Sunday School Association)   1962


-       Book :  "Finland : Its Church and its People".  Geert Sentzke.  Helsinki, 1963. 212 pp.  (shortened translation of "Die KircheFinnlands" printed by the Luther-Agricola Society.)

-       Publication :Finnish Features.  "The ancient religion of the Finns".  (Ministry for Foreign Affairs).  January 1985.

-       Booklet:  "The Church of Finland" by Aleksi Lehtonen.  Helsinki, 1927.

-       Publication: "Theologia Fennica" IV.  (Publication of the Finnish Theological Literature Society L.)  various authors.  1949

-       Publication : "Theologia Fennica" VI.  (Publication of the Finnish Theological Literature Society LXVII.)  various authors.  1959.

-       Booklet:  "The Church of Finland"  Issued by the Finnish National Committee of the Lutheran World Federation.  1949.  (History / Church/State / Present)

-       Booklet:  "The Church of Finland through Eight Hundred Years"   Printed in Finland, Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seuran.  (photos / history, Finnish Christianity, Missions....) 1955.

-       Booklet:  "The Church in Finland"   Maunu Sinnemӓki.  1973  (the Roots, Society, Parish Work, Relations, & Other Churches in Finland)

-       Brochure: "The Church of Finland"  Kauko Pirinen.  From medieval history; to new Churches (Cross of the Plains built by Alvar Aalto).  1963.

-       2 copies,  typed page : "Sӓde : Ray of Light".  K. Korpela.  (anti-religious)


-       Annual Report: State Institute for Technical Research, Finland.  1965. 129 pp.

-       Booklet:  "Research and Development Effort in Finland 1962-1966"  (Finnish Research Council for Technical Sciences). 

-       Pages / Chapter IX.  Scandinavian Countries : Finland and Sweden.  Main Research Emphases..  4 pp.   (Review of Educational Research, Wash. D.C., Vol. XXXII, No. 3.  June 1962.)




Publication / News Release :  Finnish Features (Ministry for Foreign Affairs) . "Small Finnish Firms join in big retail organization".  No. 65 /63. 


-       Booklet:  "Napapiirin Maja Rovaniemi.  1950-1975.  (Welcoming House on the Arctic Circle, in Rovaniemi / Lapland.)  4 languages.   1975

-       Brochure:  "Rovaniemi Lapin Maakuntakeskus"   (Regional Center, Lapland; economy, cultural, map, etc.  1977.

-       3 travel brochures : hotels, entertainment, maps. (one in English)

-       Brochure:  Rovaniemi Museums and collections.   @ 1976


-       Booklet :  The Hand-woven rugs of Finland.  (U. T. Sirelius)  (2 copies).  Helsinki, 1925.  (with color prints)  14 pp.

-       Stapled pages from magazine or catalog, (Ryijypalvelu), color pictures of sample designs with Designer's names.  (11 pages)


-       "The Inward Knowledge of Christ" by Paavo Ruotsalainen.  (Letters and other writings : translated & with introduction by Walter J. Kukkonen)   (Publicatin of Luther-Agricola Society)  Helsinki 1977.


-       Booklet:  "Falsifiers of History - An historical document on the origins of World War II" with an introduction by Frederick L. Schuman.  Committee for Promotion of Peace, New York, NY.  1948

-       Magazine: "Itsenӓinen Suomi"  : (Independent Finland).     ITӒ-KARJALA.  (Eastern Karjala : Historical and general writings referring to Russian-occupied areas.)  September 1941. 

-       Booklet:  "Finland's Struggle for Freedom"  war photos,    @ 1940.

RUSSO-FINNISH WAR (1939-1940 #2

-       Book :  "Suomen sinivalkoinen kirja"  [Finland's blue and white paper]. Published by Ministry of Foreign Affairs..  With inserted maps.  [Finland and Soviet Relations]  1939

-       Booklet:  "Speech Delivered in the Finnish Diet, Helsinki Finland. Nov. 29, 1941.  Johan W. Rangell, Prime Minister of Finland.


-       Book:  "Finland Reveals her Secret Documents on Soviet Policy, March 1940-June 1941.  (Attitude of the USSR to Finland after the Peace of Moscow) Official Blue-White Book of Finland, with a preface by HJ.J. Procope, Minister of Finland to the United States.   1941    


-       Publication / News Release : Finnish Features (Ministry for Foreign Affairs).  "Reply of the President of the Republic to the letter dated December 31, 1963 from Premier N.S. Kruschev.  No. 2/64



-       Travel Agency magazine:  "Incoming Finland 87 : Saimaa Lakeland"  (Tourist Service for Saimaa Lakeland)

-       Travel Brochure:  "Finnish Lakeland : Saimaa."  With map. ( ?date, before '87)

SARMANTO, HEIKKI (& Aina Swan Cutler)

-       Brochure (in cardboard folder).  "Heikki Sarmonto"  (Finnish jazz musician).  History and listing of his works. (in Finnish and English)  Published, Finnish Music Information Center, Helsinki.  1981.

-       Music to : "Hymn to the World" by Heikki Sarmanto. (English translated words by Aina Swan Cutler)  1981

-       Newspaper Article: (Ilta-Sanomat; Sept. 23, 1981)      "Aina Swan Cutler on yksi Sarmannon tӓrkeistӓ naisista"

-       Newspaper Article:  (Wellesley Townsman, Oct. 29, 1981).  "Cutler's 'Magic Song' ". 


-       Booklet: "Let's Have a Sauna"  (4 copies). Published by Sauna-Seura,  22 Helsinki. 1978.   22 pp.

-       Booklet : "What is a genuine Finnish sauna?"  Tuomas Tuomola.  (published by Sauna-Seura) Oct. 15, 1969.  12 pp.

-       Humerous Article from "Look at Finland" 2/ 1975.  : "Steam Cleaning Finnish Style"  (public sauna visit, scrubbed by Finnish woman he calls Earthmother")  Don Willcox.   (placed in cardboard folder)

-       Booklet:  Sauna : The Finnair Sauna Book.  A guide for foreigners. Facts about the Sauna. With photos.  @ 1970.  (2 copies)

-       Article from "American Scandinavian Review" Winter 1970-71.  "The Magic of the Sauna" by Aili Forbom Brown.  Stapled, 4 pages.

-       Xeroxed Publication :  The Fennophile. Vol. 5, July-Aug. 1990.  "Taking the Heat"  --The sauna, then and now.  2 stapled pages.


-       Publication / News Release : -- Finnish Features (Ministry for Foreign Affairs).  "American-Finnish Scholarship Exchanges".  By Bengt Broms, Managing Director of the Finnish-American Society.  No. 44/61.


-       Book:  Modern Finnish Sculpture (Gӧran Schildt).  (1970)  2 copies

-       Publication/News Release : Finnish Features. (Ministry for Foreign Affairs)  "Sculpture in Finland"  (Dr. Pia Katerma)  No. 37/61


-       Booklet:  "Mercantile Shipping of Finland" by Jorma Pohjanpalo.  Helsinki, 1949.   31 pp.  (2 copies)

-       One page / chart of statistics: "Ownership in Finnish Industry by Branches of Production (Gross value of production in 1961). 

-       Booklet:  "Finland as a Seafaring Nation"  Jorma Pohjanpalo.  27 pp.  1968.


-       Magazine Article, from LOOK AT FINLAND.   "Ainola, Home of Jean Sibelius"  by Lea Vauraste-Venkula.    5/1974   (pasted in cardboard sleeve)

-       Magazine:  LOOK AT FINLAND.  Spring 1965.   Special issue : Jean Sibelius 1865-1965.  (2 copies)

-       Booklet:  "Finland's Composers. Short Historical Outline by Jarmo Sermilӓ. (produced by Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Helsinki.    1976.

-       Booklet:  "Jean Sibelius" - The composer and his countryside. Hӓmeenlinna.   (in 3 languages: Finnish, English, German)  (3 copies)  Finnish Tourist Association.  Undated.  (@ 1967?)

-       Brochure:  Jean Sibelius 1865-1965.   Sibelius Today.  Text & Pictures. 1965.(3 copies)

-       Concert Program:  II International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition.  Helsinki: Nov. 23 - April 12 1970


-       Magazine Article, from "The Rotarian" . December 1965.  "Sibelius" by Felix G. Arnstein  (stapled into folder)

-       3 color postcards:  1) Birthplace of Jean Sibelius,   2) The Sibelius Monument in Helsinki,  3) Statue of Jean Sibelius in Hӓmeenlinna


-       Brochure : "Finnish-American Friendship Movement as a solution to Finland's post-war difficulties". Helsinki, 1949.   One folded page.


-       6 Copies of the "Finnish-American Blue-White Book".  Finnish-American organizations and membership lists, Consuls, etc.    Years:  1960,   1963,    1964,  1965,  1966,    1967.


-       Publication :  "Finnish Features"  (Ministry for Foreign Affairs)  .  "Social Security in Finland"    December 1984.


-       Book :  By Iisakki Laati  Social legislation and Activity in Finland.   Helsinki, 1939.   142 pp.  (2 copies)  

-       Book:  Social legislation and Work in Finland. Published by the Ministry for Social Affairs.  Helsinki, 1946.

-       Paper:  "A Glimpse on Finland Today - A Scandinavian Modern Country - Finland.   (Finnish-American Cultural Institute Publications.  Kalervo Friberg, Finnish Consultant.  3/12/79.    (Xerox copy)


-       Book:  Huippu-urheilu & yhteiskunta (Professional sports and societies)  Kalevi Heinilӓ & Jukka Wuolio.    Jyvӓskylӓ, Summer, Sports Congress 1973

-       Paper :  Sports in Finland. By Paula Heikell.  University of Minnesota. 1984.

-       Publication :  The Finnish Festival Games.  Helsinki. June 29 - July 3, 1947. (partial).


-       Magazine:  FINNGYMNASTS, And Their Native Land.  (touring group, Gymnastics of Helsinki University).  With articles about Finland.   1969

-       Magazine:  "FINLAND AND SPORTS".  Einari Mannerla.  (Published by the State Sports Board).  Helsinki 1952.




-       Publication : "Old Norway Spruce Stands, Amount of Decay and Decay-causing Microbes in Northern Finland"   Yrjo Norokorpi.  Helsinki. 1979. (presented, with permission of Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry of the Univ. of Helsinki)


-       Yearbook of Nordic Statistics. (The Nordic Council, Sweden)  Volume 8. 1969. 

-       Suomen Tilastollinen Vuosikirja  (Statistical Yearbook of Finland)  1968.

-       Brochure:  "Facts About Finland 1981"  (Union Bank of Finland)


-       Booklet:  "Finland and its students - the national union of Finnish students."   (SYL)   Helsinki. 1967 

-       Booklet:  "Student Health Service in Finland"  Kari Savonen, M.D.  1952


-       Report (Xeroxed) : "The Rights and Duties of a Foreign Student in Finland." - Report of the seminar arranged by the National Steering Committee.  Edited, Arvi Tamminen.  1977.   (Finnish and English language)


-       Magazine:  "Suomen Kuvalehti"  Special Issue: anniversary .. "Kuohuvat Vuodet 1916-1986".    Sept. 12, 1986. 


-       Booklet:    "The Swedish Nationality Movement in Finland" (part of a dissertation).  Anders Mattson Myhrman.  University of Chicago. 1939.

-       Publication:  Finnish Features (Ministry for Foreign Affairs).  "The Swedish Language in Finland"  by Dr. Klaus Tornudd.  No. 43/61


-       Fold-out Pamphlet:  "Hanasaari / Hanaholmen  (created in 1975, for cooperation between Finland and Sweden.)   Meeting Center. 

-       Publications:  Finnish Features (Ministry for Foreign Affairs) .   "Swedish Finland"  July 1984    (2 copies)



-       Fold-Out Travel Brochure,"Tampere Finnland"  with map of the city. (English and German)  1983

-       4 more Travel Brochures of Tampere.  1972,  1975,  1978, 1979

-       Brochure:  "Key to Tampere 1979"  (fold out map with numbered locations related to tourism.  (Leisure Centre, Theaters, Tourist Organization, etc.)


-       Brochure:  "Tapiola : Garden City" .  Fold-out travel brochure, with city map.undated, @ 1975.

-       Magazine Article, from "American Scandinavian Review".   "Tapiola: An Experiment in Urban Planning."  By Eero Korpivaara.    Spring 1968.


-       Xeroxed papers, Finnish.   (Preliminary report on rules and regulations / requirements for teachers.)  "Valtiotieteellinen Tiedekunta"  1949.      "Opintoja ja Tutkintoja Koskevia Maarayksia. 


-       Brochure:   "Teknillinen korkeakoulu - Otaniemi"   with map.  1977


-       Book : LENA REWELL. (Textile Designer, Helsinki, Finland).  Bound book with color photos/sheets showing her woven designs.)     1968.  (used as a FinnFest Display).     Still designing, known as Baroness Lena Rewell-Gripenberg.


-       Booklet : "Modern Finnish Textiles"  Lotte Troupp.  1962  (Mostly  Black & white photos).  Rugs, fabrics, clothing, linen, etc.

-        Brochure:  Helmi Vuorelma Oy (Lahti, Finland) - producer of handwoven home textiles.  (1975 or earlier)

-       Booklet:  "Textiles from Finland"  (Association of Finnish Textile Industries)  1964/1965

-       Booklet:  "Metsovaara Oy"  (4 languages) designs by Marjatta Metsovaara.  @ 1968/69

-       Design Samples on cards : Marjatta Metsovaava-Van Havere, textile designer.  @ 1969 (2 copies)



-       Sample Cards with fabric : Syksy 70 kankaita sisustukseen.  (Fabrics for interior decoration) ( 12 cards)

-       3 FOLDERS CONTAINING 7 BINDERS OF FABRIC SAMPLES.  Titled: METSOVAARA. (Designer Marjatta Metsovaara; Metsovaara Oy, Helsinki).  Undated, @ 1975 ?


-       Booklet:  Theatre in Finland (Special Issue of "World Theatre". @ 1959.

-       Booklet:  "Miten teatteri-esitys syntyy  (How theatrical performance arises/happens...)  Theater in Finland, performers and production. 1975.

-       2 Brochures, "Suomen Teatteritaloja"   (Finnish Theater Houses) - Wasa Teater (# 15) , and Vaasan Suomalainen Teatteri (#14)  (@ 1970)

-       Booklet : Sibelius Society Newsletter.  June 1990.    


-       Publication:  "News from the Finnish Theatre"  Publication of the Finnish Center of the ITI.   (English and French language) 2 issues:  No. 20, December 1972, and    No. 21, June 1973

-       Booklet:  Finnish Theatre Today..  by the Finnish Centre of the International Institute (ITI).  1971.


-       Book:  "Finnish Theology Past and Present".   Essays, Articles, various authors.    (Finnish Theological Literature Society 1963)


-       Scientific Publication (Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae).  "Observing the Earth Tides with a Long Water-Tube Tilt Meter."  J. Kaariainen, The Finnish Geodetic Institute, Helsinki.  1979


-       Booklet:  "Turun Luostarinmӓki"   (Turku's Monastery on the Hill)  (by the City of Turku's Historical Museum).  1949. 

-       Brochure:   Biologin museo / Turku Qwenselin talo ja Apteekkimuseo.  (2 copies)  1974



-       3 single-page folded maps of city of Turku.  2 Finnish/Swedish from 1978, and 1 English,  undated.

-       Travel Brochure - one page folded : "Things to See" 1978.

-       Travel Brochure :  "Turku in Finland Celebrates with Festivities 1979"

-       Travel Brochure (1 English, 1 Finnish) : "TURKU Finland full of action" 1977

-       Brochure : "Turku - Turun tuomiokirkko"  (Turku Cathedral)  1977

-       Brochure:  "Turku Today and Yesterday"  - Turku Cathedral history & info.  (one page folded brochure)     (Suomi date stamped, 1980.)

-       Travel Brochure:  TURKU.  Sights, accommodation, etc. with city center's map.  1983



-       Booklet : "Institute of General History, University of Turku Finland".  Articles in several languages.  Publication  # 1.  Studies.   1967


-       Booklet / Magazine:  "Uralica"  (Journal of the Uralic Society of Japan)

 No. 8, 1989  in English and Japanese.    (Finnish language discussed, first article.)  


-       Xeroxed pages from book: "Of Finnish Ways" (Aini Rajanen) 2 pages, re: legend of St. Urho. 

-       Xeroxed article from magazine : Suomen Silta, #4, 1979.  "The Legend of St. Urho"  3 pages.   (2 copies)


-       Booklet : "The Disabled Ex-Service Men Association in Finland : Sotainvaliidien Veljesliitto"  @ 1948.


-       Booklet : "Veterinary Institutions in Finland."   (Ministry of Agriculture) 'Helsinki, 1935. 





-       Travel Brochure: one folded page.  City of Virratt,  with map.  Finnish language.  1978


-       Magazine /Booklet:  "Vocational Education in Finland - Subordinated to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry".  #55, Helsinki 1954.

-       Magazine /Booklet:  Vocational Education - for Industry, Handicrafts, Commerce and Navigation in Finland."   Aarno Niini.  #86, Helsinki 1968.


-       Article / Reprint from "Survey Graphic".  Free Finland: The New Chapter."  By Frederick A. Gutheim.  April 1941.  2 copies. (  re: reconstruction..."The stirring account of a year's bravery - and hard work")


-       Booklet / Report  : "Phosphorus and Organic Matter discharged by Finnish Rivers to the Baltic Sea."  Jyrki Wartiovaara.  Vesihallitus  National Board of Waters, Finland.  1978.  Publication of the Water Research Institute   # 29.


-       Booklet:  Saimaa Canal in use of traffic.  (National Board of Public Roads and Waterways) 1969.

-       Publication / News Release : Finnish Features (Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Helsinki)  "Finland : The Water Wonderland"    No. 14/61.


-       Magazine :  Lomasuomi  Talvi 79-80.   (Winter holiday destinations, listings, throughout Finland)  Finnish language.







-       Magazine:  Woman of Finland.  (published by National Council of Women of Finland)  1954

-       Magazine:  "Look at Finland" -Special Issue on the fair sex: Finnish Woman at the Wheel.   4/5/1969.

-       Publication/News Release: Finnish Features (Ministry for Foreign Affairs).  "The Finnish Woman Today" by Saara Rantanen, Secretary of the League of Finnish Women.  No. 41/61.


-       One page : "Finland's War" with statistics (Ratio of War Reparations...) figures to 1952.


-       Booklet:  "Finland's Wars During World War II (1939-1945)."  1973.


-       Booklet:  "Youth Services and Organizations in Finland"   (Ministry of Education )  Helsinki, 1954.

-       Booklet:  "Suomen Nuoriso-Opisto 1970-1971"  (Finnish Youth Institute)  Turku 1971.