Craft Cultures Yeast Labs, LLC.
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Craft Cultures Yeast Labs, LLC.

Suite 210

Company Owner:

Emily GeigerCraft Cultures Yeast Labs, LLC.

Hours Of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Contact Information:

Name: Emily Geiger
Craft Cultures Yeast Labs, LLC.
200 Michigan St., Suite 210
Hancock, MI 49930
Cell: (906)370-0272
Website Address:

Company Product and/or Service:

Craft Cultures was established in Michigan to service the Great Beer State. Craft Cultures provides a variety of quality liquid yeast cultures for both professional microbreweries and homebrewers to produce excellent, true to style, craft beer.

The yeast we culture and propagate is certified as ready-to-pitch, guaranteed pure, and is re-pitchable for up to 16 generations! The yeast is grown up in wort specific recipes, eliminating production delaying lag phases. We understand the science behind craft brews and provide brewery visits to train brewers about yeast care and brewery quality control methods.

Company Profile:

Emily Geiger established Craft Culture Yeast Labs, LLC out of her passion for Craft Beer, Microbiology, and the opportunity to create her dream job in the beautiful surroundings of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a geographical region she loves! Emily received her Bachelor’s degree from Michigan Technological University in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a focus in Microbiology. Currently she is completing her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Michigan Technological University, with research expertise in environmental and fermentation sciences and a passion for industrial microbiology.

Emily entered the craft brewing industry in 2011; employed by a local-regional brewery as staff microbiologist. This job greatly impacted her decisions to make yeast propagation and education for brewing purposes her career! The brewing community is amazing, supportive, and is always willing to experiment—making endless possibilities for future endeavors.