BSN Learning Outcomes

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Learning Outcomes:
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Nursing Program competencies are derived from Finlandia University's assessment plan and the competencies defined by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing in the Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice (2008). Program competencies serve as the exit outcomes for BSN graduates and are leveled for each academic year within the Nursing Major

The level outcomes serve as the basis for assessment in both the theory and clinical components of the curriculum.

The six core competencies for the BSN graduate include:

1. Communication: The nursing graduate communicates effectively with persons through the use of verbal and non-verbal skills, written abilities, active listening, and informational technologies.

2. Analytical Skills: The nursing graduate integrates mathematics, scientific knowledge, and research with nursing practice.

3. Citizenship: The nursing graduate demonstrates the ability to meet personal needs as a mature, adaptable member within the nursing profession.

4. Critical and Creative Thinking: The nursing graduate demonstrates the ability to think critically and creatively in the identification, analysis, and resolution of problems, issues, truth claims, and ethical issues.

5. Cultural Literacy and Heritage: The nursing graduate understands and appreciates the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts within a global and multicultural society.

6. Concentration in Nursing: The nursing graduate demonstrates the ability and commitment to practice nursing within the roles of provider and manager of care.