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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

TEAS - Test of Essential Academic Skills

The TEAS Test is administered upon entry into the Nursing Major. This exam is used as an entry-level assessment measure designed to measure basic essential skills in the areas of reading, math, science, and English. The exam is administered during the orientation session students attend upon entry to the Nursing Major (sophomore year). Information gained from this exam is used to generate a baseline measure for the entering cohort and for individual students. The data is used to identify potential weaknesses in the curriculum and any potential learning needs for individual students. The cost of this exam is included in the Nursing Lab Fees paid by the students each semester.

ATI Testing

All students are required to participate in the computerized testing program for progression in the BSN program. Exams are administered upon completion of select courses and upon completion of the entire nursing curriculum. Certification to take the NCLEX-RN exam is granted upon successful completion of an exit exam) to be taken at the conclusion of the BSN program. Students who do not meet the established benchmark levels on the exit exam are to meet with their advisor or the Nursing Department Chair to devise a plan for remediation, which may include (but not necessarily limited to) additional testing or attendance at a national NCLEX review course. Certification to take the NCLEX-RN is then granted upon successful completion of remediation. Fees associated with the ATI Testing software are collected through the Campus Bookstore every semester throughout the Nursing Major.