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THE BBA Curriculum

There are four components to the BBA degree:

  1. General Education (40 credits) provides the broad knowledge base to be an informed citizen and lead a productive life.
  2. The BBA Core (45 credits) gives students an understanding of fundamental business concepts so that they can adapt to changing business, political, economic, and world environments.
  3. A BBA Concentration (23-25 credits) provides in-depth knowledge to prepare students for initial employment in their chosen concentration, to apply their knowledge with minimal additional training and to advance in their chosen profession.
  4. Free Electives (14-16 credits) allow students to explore their interests and broaden their undergraduate experience.

Requirements and Credits

1. Finlandia General Education (40 credits)

2. BBA Core (45  credits)

3. BBA Concentration (select one - 23-25  credits)

--Accounting (25 credits)
--Arts Management (23 credits)
--International Business (24 credits)
--Healthcare Management (24 credits)
--Management/Entrepreneurship (24 credits)
--Marketing (24 credits)
--Sports Management (24 credits)

4. Free Electives (14-16 credits)