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Art and Interpretive Exhibits


Dave Junttila

Dave Junttila

Maki Library

A Traditional Finnish Smoke Cabin

Finnish Smoke Cabins, Heritage Cutlery of Finland

Finnish American Historical Archive

A comic illustration by Pamela Kotila

Pamela Kotila

Omphale Gallery and Cafe, Calumet

 Kokoelmasta Poster

Kokoelmasta: Art from the Finlandia Collection

Finlandia University Gallery (FAHC)

Orthodox Buildings and Icons

Finnish Orthodox Chapels and Icons

Finnish American Heritage Center


Maki Library: John Haro, "30 years of Architectural Drawings, Models, and Paintings"


Reflection Gallery and Jutila Center Lobby: Marcelle Doby Williams, prints and paintings


Maki Library: Display of books, materials, and pamphlets about U.P. and Finnish history and culture