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V-Series : Help Finland and Finnish Relief, World War II

Title: Help Finland series
Creators: Help Finland, Inc. and similar agencies
Inclusive Dates: 1939-1950
Bulk dates: 1939-190
Extent: 16 linear ft.
Languages: Finnish and English
Acquisition: Much of the material donated by Antero Hietala, son of Ester L. Hietala, former Secretary of Help Finland, Inc. 1944-1950.

Abstract: The Finnish Relief and Help Finland campaign organized to assist persons affected by the Winter, Continuation and Lapland Wars in Finland. The materials in this collection include official organizational and personal correspondences, Finnish children’s drawings of receipt of relief packages, booklets, photographs and audio records regarding the efforts of Americans and Finnish Americans to render aid to those in Finland during and after Finnish involvement in the World War II era.

Biographical and Historical Notes:  Prior to the beginning of World War II, Finland occupied a tenuous geopolitical position. To the east, loomed the rapidly industrializing and ascending geopolitical influence of the Soviet Union. To the southwest, the German war machine was rapidly militarizing. Finland, who had historical military ties with Germany, drew the suspicion of the Soviet war machine and on November 30, 1939, the Soviets invaded Finland. What was termed the “Winter War” was a heroic effort by Finland’s small army to repel the much larger Soviet military machine. In the end, the Soviet Red Army proved too much as the Finns fought the Soviets to a stalemate and in March 1940, Finland signed the Moscow Peace Treaty. Terms of the treaty were not favorable to Finland, which signed over the Finnish section of Karelia, the Salla/Kuusamo region, the Kalastajan saarento peninsula and 4 islands in the Gulf of Finland to the Soviets. Finland was also compelled to lease the southern port, Hanko, to the Soviets for 30 years as part of the treaty.

When Stalin’s non-aggression pact with Hitler faltered, the Soviets quickly joined the ranks of the Allied forces. Since Finland had responded to Soviet aggression in the Winter War, Finland’s fate as an enemy of the Soviets and thus as an Axis Power aligned with Germany was sealed. Great Britain declared war on Finland on June 6, 1941 and the Soviets attacked on June 25, 1941. Finns branded the Soviet Army’s renewed attacks on Finland as the “Continuation War.” This conflict lasted until September 19, 1944. In the Continuation War, aided by the German regular army and a volunteer branch of the German Army’s elite SS troops, Finland regained portions of the territory lost with the signing of the Moscow Peace Treaty.

After the German army suffered defeat in 1943’s Battle of Stalingrad, the tide of World War II changed and Finland’s success in the Continuation War began to ebb. In June of 1944, Soviet forces breached Finn lines in northern Finland and the fate of Finland came into question. As German attention focused on defense of the homeland and the Finnish Army began to weaken, Stalin pushed for surrender. When the German Army left Estonia, exposing Gulf of Finland ports, Finland initiated the process of armistice conceding to the Soviet Union on September 4, 1944. A peace treaty was signed on September 29, 1944. As part of its surrender, Finland returned its gains during the Continuation War and ceded the Petsamo region to the Soviets. Additionally, Finland agreed to expel the German Army from its borders. Predictably, the Germans did not go quietly.

Finland was then forced into the Lapland War, a conflict with Germany, former Axis ally. As the Germans retreated from Finnish lands, they practiced a scorched earth policy, burning several northern Finnish towns in Lapland. Especially affected was Rovaniemi, the provincial capital, which was burned to the ground by German forces. In all, roughly half of the homes in the area were destroyed and the last of the German forces did not leave Finland until April of 1945.       

After two competing armies decimated Finland over the course of six years (1939-1945), the country was left in shambles. During the Winter and Continuation Wars and after the German scorched earth policy in the Lapland War, citizens in the United States from all ethnic, political and social backgrounds stepped up to ease the suffering of men, women and especially children in Finland. The efforts of this epic, nationally inclusive aid program, known as “Finnish Relief” began during the Winter War and headquartered in New York City. Former president Herbert Hoover acted as President of Finnish Relief.

The initial relief efforts during the Winter War were politicized as a response to Soviet communism, but once the Soviet Union became an ally of the United States in World War II, the politicization of the relief efforts quieted. Relief efforts sustained in the Finnish American community throughout the Continuation War and as World War II began to wind down, efforts to re-politicize Finland’s struggle against the Soviets resumed. On December 12, 1944, a group known as Help Finland, Inc., organized to provide Finland’s beleaguered citizens desperately needed packages of clothes, food and shoes. The honorary chair of the Help Finland, Inc. organization was Herbert Hoover. Dr. Viljo Nikander was its President, Oskari Tokoi, Dr. John Wargelin, Rev. A. Groop and O.J. Larson were Vice Presidents, Preston Davie assumed the treasurer’s role and Esther L. Hietala became the Secretary and later Executive Director.      

Relief efforts toward Finland continued in the immediate post-War era. Getting Finland back on its feet proved a formidable task. It rejected assistance from the U.S. backed Marshall Plan not wanting to antagonize the Soviet Union. In this time of rebuilding, Finland relied on the contributions of non-bureaucratic aid from private organizations and individuals in the United States and on favorable trade status with the Soviet Union. Finland later became a non-socialist cooperant member of the Russian Soviet led Council of Mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON).

After it became clear that Finland would not be in the U.S.’s immediate post-war sphere of influence, the national significance of the relief campaign in America began to wane, with the great exception of those in the Finnish American community. At this point, the strength of Help Finland, Inc. was the grassroots support it received from the many Finnish American communities across the United States and into Canada. The outpouring of monetary and physical contributions led to the successful relief of Finnish citizens deeply affected by the tribulations of the war years. Led by Finnish Americans, relief packages for Finland continued into the early 1950s.

Collection Scope and Content Note: File folders in manuscript cartons are identified from front to back, but file numbers are not on folders. The body of this collection (14 manuscript cartons) consists of materials donated by the son of the Executive Director of the Help Finland organization, Esther L. Hietala. An article in the December 2002 issue of the Finnish American Reporter discussed details of the donation. Clamshell manuscript boxes V-15 and V-16 are not part of the original Hietala donation, but have historically been included in this records group. Date ranges for the collection span 1939-1950, but the bulk of the material exists from Hietala’s tenure as Secretary and Executive Director of Help Finland, 1944-1950. In addition to manuscript materials, included in the collection are photographs, children’s drawings, a recorded address by Finnish parliamentary minister Hjalmer Procope, published materials and newspaper clippings.

The original Help Finland collection, V-1 through V-15, is being housed in its original order.

Finding Aid Created By: Raymond Carlson (V1-V16), June 2008.



  V1-V7 General

  V-8 General Correspondences

  V-9 Loose correspondence with Finland, Mentor, Ohio affiliation,
     Mannerheim League, Save the children, Request from Finland,
     Children's Drawings

  V-10 New England States, Southern States, Miscellaneous

  V-11 Northern States, Central States, Western States, Canada

  V-12 New England States, Massachusetts

  V-13 Washington D. C.—Clippings, Correspondences, Leaflets, etc

  V-14 Finnish relief (Suomen Avustustoimikunta)

  V-15 Finland Aid, Warren, Ohio

  V-16 Crystal Falls, Michigan--Local Chapter of Help Finland

  V-17 Finnish Auxilliary of the American Red Cross -- Cleveland, Ohio

  V-18 Suomen Huolto (Finnish Relief) certificates from the General Consulate of Finland

  V-19 Ester L. Hietala commendations


V-1 General

 Paper on top of folders lists 16 mm films of Help Finland, Inc.

Folder 1 April 1949 correspondence

Folder 2 January 1949 correspondence

Folder 3 February 1949 correspondence

Folder 4 March 1949 correspondence

Folder 5 October 1949 correspondence

Folder 6 September 1949 correspondence

Folder 7 August 1949 correspondence

Folder 8 July 1949 correspondence

Folder 9 July 1949 correspondence

Folder 10 May 1949 correspondence

Folder 11 December 1949 correspondence

Folder 12 Alaska correspondence 1949

Folder 13 November 1949 correspondence

Folder 14 Finnish Releases 1949

Folder 15 Film Distribution

Folder 16 News Releases 1948 Finnish

Folder 17 Maanviljelijät

Periodical, Kesä-Julkaisu Valoa, 1948 placed between F 17 & F 18

Folder 18 Valoa

Folder 19 C.A.R.E. correspondence, 1948-49

Folder 20 Periodic Summary AFSC (American Friends Service Committee), 1948-49

Folder 21 Committees that have ceased work, 1948

Folder 22 Mrs. Hietala Personal Signatures of Conductors, 1945

Folder 23 Annual Report Material, 1946

Folder 24 Form Letters, 1944-46

Folder 25 A.F.S.C. bulletins

Folder 26 Boston letter to sponsor (duplicates)

 Between F 26 & F 27 6 paper-clipped pages, Canterburyn ja Ympariston Suomen

Avustuskomitea, Canterbury, Conn., 1947

Folder 27 SCF speaker's manual (Save the Children Federation)

Folder 28 Clothing Distribution (Duplicates)

Between F 28 & 29 are loose papers related to SCF, 1947-49

Folder 29 Central Union for Child Welfare 1949

Folder 30 Save the Children Federation 1948-49

Folder 31 Overseas committee, SCF minutes 1948-49

Folder 32 March correspondence 1949

Folder 33 April correspondence 1950

Folder 34 May correspondence 1950

Between F 34 & F 35 paper-clipped correspondence, March 1946

Folder 35 November correspondence 1946

Folder 36 December correspondence 1946

Folder 37 October correspondence 1946

Folder 38 Finnish news releases 1950

Folder 39 Bank authorization (correspondence from Help Finland and AFS)

Loose material follows at end of box. Some of which are:

   A. Envelope/letter from Mrs. Niska, Ontonagon, MI to Help Finland c/o Ester Hietala

   B. Brochure:  Baltic Humanitarian Assoc

   C. Brochure:  American League for Finnish War Orphans

   D. Brochure:  Ihmiselämää  Tiettomien Taivalten Takana

   E. Brochure:  The Finnish-American Friendship Movement

   F. Brochure:  Help Finland, Inc.

   G. Brochure:  Charity Entertainment--Benefit of Finnish War Orphans, November 16  

Washington, D. C.

   H. Brochure:  Johann W. Rangell, Prime Minister of Finland, speech delivered in the

Finnish Diet, Helsinki, Finland, November 29, 1941

   I. News releases Finnish Relief Fund (no year given) from Selvage & Smith, New York

Feb. 26 Veteran's Chief Supports Hoover Finn Fund Drive

Feb. 24 Finnish Relief Fund Sponsors Big Benefit:  Celebrities to Attend

Feb. 24 Cajander Committee Sets Up Hospitals for Finn Civilians

Feb. 23 Russian Atrocities Described in Letter from Karelian Front

Feb. 22 $100,000 Given by Rockefeller to Hoover Fund

Feb. 21 Waldorf Bridge Benefit Planned for Finland Aid


V-2 General 

Folder 1 Pictures for Publicity (May be from Ohio since Mentor, Ohio is mentioned)

Folder 2 Picture of Finland (Sent to Ester Hietala)

Folder 3 Illegible Finnish title (contains photos)

Folder 4 CARE translations 1949

Folder 5 Radio Script--CARE (Ester Hietala, Help Finland)

Folder 6 Pamphlet & Form Releases (New Garments from Old, Finland Joins Hands

With America through Quaker Services, Avun Tarve Suomessa, Help Finland

Folder 7 Kallio 

Folder 8 Publicity Program (Paloheimo) Proposal for Help Finland

Folder 9 Shipment to Finland

Folder 10 New York Clothing Record (lists donors and donation)

Folder 11 Bills of Lading

Folder 12 Bills of Lading 1950

Folder 13 Director's Reply (3% deduction)

Folder 14 National Information Bureau

Folder 15 February 1950 correspondence

Folder 16 Acceptance Letters (directors)

Folder 17 Refusal Letters (directors)

Folder 18 January 1950 correspondence

Folder 19 Operation Democracy & Affiliation correspondence

Folder 20 Operation Democracy (Dunkirk, NY 1948)

Folder 21 Alatornio correspondence 1949 (re:  school & community)

Folder 22 Alatorian Lasten (Alatornio Children’s …)

Folder 23 Jyväskylä, Finland (info on town)

Folder 24 Suolahti correspondence 1949 (Mentor, Ohio sponsoring Suolahti)

Folder 25 Viekijärvi correspondence 1949 (thank you for the gifts)

Folder 26 Belleville, Kansas 1950 (requesting affiliation to Finnish community)

Folder 27 Cowly Co. Affiliation, Winfield, Kansas

Folder 28 Burlingame-San Mateo affiliation (letter from Mrs. Hilja Brown, 1950)

Folder 29 Garden City, Kansas affiliation correspondence 1949-50

Folder 30 Treasure Chest information and correspondence

Folder 31 Congregational Christian Service Committee (appeal letters donations, 1947)

Folder 32 Duplicates of Letter sent to World Telegram 30 March 1949 (reply to earlier

article, "Finnish Reds Grab N.Y. Gifts to Get Cash")

Folder 33 SHARE (Self-Help American Relief for Europe) 1948

Folder 34 Haskins & Sells (NY CPA correspondence 1947)

Folder 35 Margaret Christie (correspondence from Help Finland 1947)

Folder 36 Davie Letters (Preston Davie correspondence 1946, Member of executive

committee for Help Finland)

Between F-36 & F-37 are several copies of Executive Secretary's Report to the executive

committee of Help Finland, Inc. 27 February 1948 Ester Hietala

Folder 37 September 1946 correspondence

Folder 38 Nikander Letters (1944-46)

Folder 39 Waino Sola Concert (1949 correspondence)

Folder 40 O. Taft Nelson (attorney correspondence 1948)

Folder 41 Salla (correspondence included is a list of burned property in the Children's

Home of Salla, 1946)

Folder 42 Farms for Sale 1947 (one letter from a Finnish farmer offering to "sell" his

farm to Help Finland, Inc. so he can come to America)

Folder 43 Hoover Bust Fund---Oittinen 1948 (correspondence in Finnish)

Folder 44 Camp Gould (Edwin Gould Foundation for Children correspondence)

Folder 45 Earmarked Donations 1948

Folder 46 Finland Relief Dept. of Information (Finnish brochures Kansanapu)

Folder 47 Rockefeller Foundation (Packing list 1948)

Between F-47 & F-48 is loose material that includes the following:

   A Booklet “Is Finland Worth Saving?"

   B. Report from Mrs. Ester Hietala “Behind the Tourist Curtain in Finland"

   C. Help Finland, Inc. ”Jatkaa Toimintaansa” (article in Finnish)

   D. Brochure in Finnish  "Ihmiselamaa Tiettomien Taivalten Takana"

   E. 48 Answers to "Money Received" (1950)

   F. 49 Donations List (1946) (detailed list of monetary donations by state and town)

   G. 50 No label (Finnish-English correspondence Ester Hietala 1950)

   H. 51 Bills of Lading (1948-50)

At end of files is a tied bundle that deals with correspondence of Finnish American Friendship Movement


V-3 General 

1.  Receipts Help Finland, Inc. 1946-47 bundled, tied by elastic bands

2.  Manila envelope containing more receipts

3.  Cash books--Relief for Finland--1941

Folder 1 Shipping Forms, info 1945-48

Folder 2 Clothing & Money Administered thru AFSC 1946-47

Folder 3 Receipts of packages to Finland 1946-47

Folder 4 Red folder—Expense accounts with vouchers and prepaid freight bills and labor

statements. Help Finland, Inc. (contained in fourteen 10x12 envelopes)


V-4 General 

Envelope: Answers to Correspondence, May, June, July, 1947

Folder 1 March correspondence 1947

Folder 2 February correspondence 1947

Folder 3 January correspondence 1947

Folder 4 AFSC information

Folder 5 Perry Letters 1946 (AFSC) (Mrs. Ruth Perry, Foreign Service section)

Folder 6 Mannerheim League information Reports on committees

Folder 7 Newspapers (Garden City Daily Telegram Oct. 24, 25, 26, 1949) (Raivaaja,

Dec. 20, 1949) (Pohjolan Sanomat 1949) clippings

Folder 8 Red Cross Campaign 1949 (correspondence to Ester Hietala from Mrs. Edward

Klauber, Assoc. Chairman, Special Gifts)

Folder 9 Certificate of Incorporation (Help Finland, Inc. 21 July 1945)

Folder 10 American-Scandinavian Foundation (Brochure:  American-Scandinavian

Foundation 1946, an educational institution engaged in advancing intellectual relations between American & Scandinavians) (Brochure:  The American-Scandinavian Review 1947) (Brochure: ASF Reading List)

Folder 11 AFSC Agreement Approvals (Agreement between American Friends Service

Committee and Help Finland 1945)

Folder 12 Clippings (Newspaper clippings 1948-49)

Folder 13 Paloheimo Trip Current (Itinerary of Mr. A. Paloheimo 1946)

Folder 14 Petition 1949 (Telegram to Ester Hietala from Armas Holmio 2 Mar 1946)

Folder 15 Mattson Fruit (Fruit order for Help Finland, Inc. 1948)

Folder 16 Pending (Finnish Letters 1949)

Folder 17 Mrs. Hietala's Tour (Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia 1948)

Folder 18 “Winter without Shoes?” by D Steere 1944 (a 5-page stenciled report which

also includes paragraph headings: “No New Clothes Since 1939,” “Greatest Clothing Needs,” “Faith Despite Weariness,” “In The North, it is Worst of All,” “Disease is a Housing Problem”

Folder 19 Julius Epstein (writer for New Leader 1948)

Folder 20 President's Report (Help Finland covering period from 1 Sept 1946 to 27 Dec

1947 Viljo K Nikander, president)

Folder 21 Sibelius Concert 1945 (correspondence Mrs. Hietala and Sibelius, etc)

Folder 22 Non-filed letters (Help Finland statements/disbursements August 1946)

Folder 23 10x12 manila envelope (Rotary Club correspondence 1948)

Folder 24 10x12 manila envelope Oct.-Dec. 1947 Answers to Correspondence

Folder 25 10x12 manila envelope Aug.-Sept. 1947 Answers to Correspondence

Folder 26 AFSC Agreement correspondence (1945)

Folder 27 Progress Reports (American Foreign Service Committee)

Folder 28 United Parents (United Parents Assoc., NY) 1948

Folder 29 Adoption (List of Finnish families adopted by American families 1947)

Folder 30 Cord-tied folder labeled: Duplicate: By-laws/certificate of incorporation


V-5 General 

1.  Loose correspondence on top of folders

2.  Book listing donations (154 pages 1945-46)

Folder 1 Help Finland, Inc., Treas. Reports, Ex. Sec. Minutes (1945-48)

Folder 2 Save Finland (English & Finnish correspondence 1948, Cash Book Aug 1946 to

Aug 1947

Folder 3 News Releases (Finnish) 1946-1948

Folder 4 Untitled folder (Finnish correspondence 1948)

Folder 5 Thank You notes from Finland (1947-48)

Folder 6 Begging Letters (Finnish 1949-50)

Folder 7 Wisconsin 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 8 Wisconsin Correspondence (1947-48)

Folder 9 Michigan Correspondence (1948)

Folder 10 Illinois Correspondence (1948)

Cash Book   Iron County Finnish Relief Organization 1940-41 (Michigan)

Cash Book   Finnish Emergency Relief Ladies Aid (Detroit, MI 1940)

Booklet Program Charity Entertainment Benefit of Finnish War Orphans 1940

Newark, Delaware

Folder 11 Michigan 1949 (correspondence)

Envelope Michigan Correspondence 1947

Folder 12 Michigan 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 13 Tietoja Osasto (Finnish correspondence 1946)


V-6, Manuscript Carton 6

Removed to Create Space 1993  

See: Help Finland phonograph records Collection Box F and Copper Plates Photos in



V-7 General 

String-tied bundle (3x5 cards, notebooks)

Folder 1 Letters 1945

Folder 2 Untitled folder (correspondence 1946)

Folder 3 Additional correspondence 1944-46

Folder 4 Cleveland Letters (1945-46) (Lorraine Cleveland of AFSC)

Folder 5 Untitled folder (Finnish correspondence 1946)

Folder 6 Tokoi Current Trip 1946 (Oskari Tokoi)

String-tied bundle (Letters Massachusetts 1946) (Letters South Dakota 1946) (Letters San

Diego 1946) 

Unbound correspondence (about 6-inches)

Folder 7 Leather 1947-48 A. C. Lawrence Leather Co Peabody, Mass.

Folder 8 International Expediters, Inc. (1947)

Folder 9 Tom de Huff 1947-48 (American Broadcasting Company)

Folder 10 David Hinshaw 1948 (Institute of Public Relations NY)

Folder 11 Scouts Pesonen 1948

Folder 12 Citizens Committee on Displaced Persons (1947-48)

Folder 13 Treasury Statement (Income Tax) 1942 AFSC

Folder 14 SCF 1948

Folder 15 Kerjunkirjeitä 1948

Folder 16 American Foundation for the Blind 1948

Folder 17 AFSC Ruth Perry 1948 (Foreign Service section)

Folder 18 Office Equipment

Folder 19 J. Antila, “Elämän Toivo Raittius Seura” (Finnish correspondence 1947)

Folder 20 United Nations Festival 1948

Folder 21 Untitled (Carnegie Hall Booking Facts 1948)

Folder 22 Miscellaneous

Folder 23 Marshal Plan 1948


V-8 General Correspondences 

Loose correspondence

Loose news release from L. C. Walker, Chairman, Detroit, for Finnish Relief Fund 

"640 Bombings Add to Finn Relief Needs"

Folder 1 Help Finland correspondence (1941)

Folder 2 December correspondence (1948)

Folder 3 November correspondence (1948)

Folder 4 October correspondence (1948)

Folder 5 September correspondence (1948)

Folder 6 August correspondence (1948)

Folder 7 July correspondence (1948)

Folder 8 June correspondence (1948)

Folder 9 May correspondence (1948)

Folder 10 April correspondence (1948)

Folder 11 March correspondence (1948)

Folder 12 February correspondence (1948)

Folder 13 January correspondence (1948)


   A.  Are the Lights Going Out in Finland?

   B.  Is Finland Worth Saving?

   C.  Let the American People Know

String-tied bundle labeled "Finland Aid"

Loose material, correspondences, leaflets, etc.

Stenciled material from Mrs. John Mattila of South Range, MI "Suomen Huollon Työ"


V-9 Loose correspondence with Finland, Mentor, Ohio affiliation, Mannerheim League,
Save the children, Request from Finland, Children's Drawings

Folder 1 Katiteollisuuden Keskusliike Oy (1947)

Folder 2 Mentor, Ohio correspondence (1948-49)

Illustrated book Karelia 1941

Folder 3 Pelästäkää Lapset (1950) (Finnish)

Folder 4 Suomen Huolto (Finnish 1949)

Folder 5 Suomen Siviili (Finnish 1949)

Folder 6 Suomalais-Amerilekalainen (Finnish 1949)

Folder 7 Answers to Mannerheim League (Finnish 1949)

Folder 8 Suomen Huolto (Finnish 1949)

Folder 9 Finland's correspondence (Finnish 1949)

Folder 10 Mannerheim League (Finnish 1949-50)

Folder 11 Mannerheim League (Arvika) (Fionnis 1949)

Folder 12 Vaatalalietylost 1947

Envelope labeled Syyskuusta 1947

Folder 13 Suomen Huolto letters 1946-47 (Finnish)

Folder 14 Finnish correspondence 1949

Folder 15 Suomen Huollon Kuilit 1948 10x12 envelope

Folder 16 Envelope: Begging Letters from Finland, Names & addresses sent to Suomen

Huolto (Finnish 1948)

Folder 17 Large envelope 1948 containing Finnish correspondence

Folder 18 Large envelope to Help Finland from Vimpeli, Finland 1948 (pictures from

students, crayon drawings along with thank-you letters written in Finnish)

Folder 19 Schools (sponsoring schools 1948 Save the Children Federation)

Folder 20 Envelope containing many drawings from Finnish students 1948 (Valistus) 


Folder 21Mannerheim Lasten suojelulitto 1948

Folder 22 CARE "They Still Need Care" 1948

Folder 23 Mannerheim League 1948 (Finnish)

Folder 24 Mannerheim League (Finnish 1947-48)

Folder 25 Mannerheim League (Baker Chocolate & Cocoa 1948)

Folder 26 Finland correspondence (Finnish 1947-48)

Folder 27 Finland correspondence 1948 (Finnish)

Folder 28 Kuopion Hiippakunnan Piispa (1946)

Folder 29 Karjalan Liitto (Empty)

Folder 30 Sokean Ystävät (Empty)

Folder 31 Suomen Nuorikirkkon Liitto (Finnish Document 1946)

Folder 32 Lapin Sivistysseura (Finnish from Helsinki 1946)

Folder 33 Helsingin Yliopiston (Finnish 1945)

Folder 34 Suomi Seura (Finnish 1946)

Folder 35 Finnish American Society in Finland (Finnish 1948)

Folder 36 Doctor's correspondence (in Finland) (1948)

Folder 37 Suomen Tuberkuloosin… (Finnish 1947)

Folder 38 Finnish Debt Fund (New York Times article 18 Jan 1948)

Folder 39 Kouluilira Luomean Kirjest (Finnish correspondence 1948)

Folder 40 Gunner E Dahl, Invalid Foundation, Finland (Finnish correspondence 1948)

Folder 41 Kerttu Haapasalo-Rintal 1948-49


V-10 New England States, Southern States, Miscellaneous

Folder 1 Pennsylvania 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 2 New Jersey 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 3 New Hampshire 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 4 Massachusetts 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 5 Maine 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 6 Connecticut 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 7 New York 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 8 Maine 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 9 Connecticut Correspondence (1947-48)

Folder 10 Connecticut 1949 (correspondence)

Folder 11 Florida 1949 (correspondence)

Folder 12 New Jersey 1949 (correspondence)

Folder 13 New Jersey correspondence (1946-48)

Folder 14 Vermont correspondence (1947-49)

Folder 15 New York 1949 (correspondence)

Folder 16 New York correspondence (1948)

Folder 17 New York correspondence (1947)

Loose material: Pictures, cashbook of Finland Aid Committee, July 1940, Program

of Suomen Kaiku Chorus April 27, 1941 correspondence

Folder 18 New Hampshire correspondence (1947-48)

Folder 19 New Hampshire 1949 (correspondence)

Folder 20 Pennsylvania correspondence (1947-48)

Folder 21 Pennsylvania correspondence (1949)

Folder 22 Delaware correspondence (1948)

Folder 23 Rhode Island correspondence (1947-48)

Folder 24 Massachusetts correspondence (1947-48)

Envelope Massachusetts correspondence (Jan-Dec 1947)

Folder 26 Maine correspondence (1947-48)

Folder 27 Untitled (Newspaper clippings in Finnish 1941)

Folder 28 Executive Secretary's Report (15 September 1947)

Folder 29 North Carolina 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 30 South Carolina 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 31 Texas 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 32 Florida 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 33 Washington 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 34 Missouri 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 35 Maryland 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 36 Arizona 1950 (correspondence)

Folder 37 Alabama 1949-50 (correspondence)

Folder 38 Florida correspondence (1947-48)

Folder 39 New Mexico (correspondence 1948)

Folder 40 North Carolina 1949 (correspondence)

Folder 41 Maryland correspondence (1947-49)

Folder 42 Virginia (correspondence 1948)

Folder 43 Washington 1949 (correspondence)

Folder 44 Washington D. C. 1949 (correspondence)

Folder 45 West Virginia 1949 (correspondence)

Folder 46 Texas correspondence (1949)

Folder 47 Tennessee (1947 correspondence)

Folder 48 South Carolina (1949 correspondence)

Folder 49 Missouri correspondence (1947)

Folder 50 Mississippi correspondence (1948-49)

Folder 51 Kentucky correspondence (1948-49)

Folder 52 Louisiana (1949 correspondence)

Folder 53 Georgia (1949 correspondence)

F-54  West Virginia correspondence (1947-48)

F-55  Washington D. C. correspondence (1947-48)

F-56  Washington D. C. correspondence (1947-48)

F-57  North and South Carolina correspondence (1947-48)


V-11 Northern States, Central States, Western States, Canada

Folder 1 Portland, Oregon (correspondence 1939-49)

Folder 2 Portland, Oregon Lotta Svardin 1940-41

Between F-2 and F-3 miscellaneous items:

   A.  Pamphlets: “Help Finland, Inc.”

   B.  Writing tablet of Paul Honkavaara & Sons from Palmer, MI

   C.  Writing tablet from Palmer, MI written in Finnish

   D.  Report for Finland, Inc. (Mr. Procope)

   E.  Spiral notebook from Portland, Oregon (Finnish)

   F.  Two-ring notebook Finnish handwriting 1941

   G.  Spiral notebook Portland, Oregon 1940-50 Suomen Avustuskomitean

   H.  Three cashbooks Finnish Ladies Relief Group, Portland, Oregon 1941

Folder 3 Duplicates statement of income and expenditure (Help Finland, Inc. 1946-47)

Folder 4 "For Finland" forms

Folder 5 Waris Trip May 1946 (Finnish: Toherti Heikki Varis)

Folder 6 Minnesota correspondence 1947-48

Folder 7 Ohio correspondence 1950

Folder 8 North Dakota correspondence 1950

Folder 9 Minnesota correspondence 1950

Folder 10 Indiana correspondence 1950

Folder 11 Ohio correspondence 1949

Folder 12 Ohio correspondence 1947-48

Folder 13 Indiana correspondence 1949

Folder 14 Iowa correspondence 1949

Folder 15 Iowa correspondence 1947

Folder 16 Idaho correspondence 1948

Folder 17 Idaho correspondence 1949

Folder 18 Minnesota correspondence 1949

Folder 19 North Dakota correspondence 1948-49

Folder 20 Oregon correspondence 1947-48

Folder 21 Wyoming correspondence 1948-49

Folder 22 Nebraska correspondence 1948

Folder 23 Nevada correspondence 1948

Folder 24 Oregon correspondence 1950

Folder 25 Kansas correspondence 1950

Folder 26 Nebraska correspondence 1950

Folder 27 California correspondence 1949

Folder 28 California correspondence 1950

Folder 29 California correspondence 1947-48

Folder 30 Kansas correspondence 1949

Folder 31 Kansas correspondence 1947

Folder 32 Oregon correspondence 1949

Envelope: Trout Creek (MI) Finnish Relief Documents 1939-40

Loose material:

   A.  Booklet: Canadan Suomalaispuyhdistys (Canada-Finland Aid Society 1946)

   B.  Loose papers Pöytäkirja

   C   Notebook:  (Finnish from Thunder Bay, Ontario)

   D.  Cardboard Envelope containing Finnish papers addressed to Port Arthur, Ontario,

From Vaasa, Finland 1947

   E.  Rubber band-tied letters and cards in Finnish

   F.  Map of Finland from Finnish Relief Fund

   G.  Stapled news releases 1941 for Finland, Inc

   H.  Stapled news release Legation of Finland

   I.   Notebook listing donations 1941-43 (location unknown, may be Washington state)


V-12 New England States, Massachusetts

1.  Finnish Information Center, news release 1941

2.  Book: Työssä Suomen Hyväksi 1939

3.  Black spiral notebook 1940 in Finnish Minute Book, Quincy, Mass.

4.  Two-ring notebook, 1949 Quincy, Mass.

5.  Envelope: Quincy'n Suomen Avustus, 1941

6.  Record book of minutes, 1941 Quincy, Mass.

7.  Record book 1948 Help Finland, Inc., Quincy, Mass.

8.  Booklet: 1943 report Quincy Chapter Red Cross 

9.  Two-ring notebook minutes, Quincy, Mass., 1942 (Finnish)

10.  Program: Aid Finland Symphony Concert of Greater Quincy 1940

11.  Envelope: Quincy'n Kummikerho 1949

12.  Book of minutes, Quincy, Mass. 1941

13.  Book of minutes, Quincy, Mass. 1948

14.  Book of minutes 1911-12


V-13 Washington D. C.—Clippings, Correspondences, Leaflets, etc

All loose material consisting of clippings, correspondence, leaflets, booklets, etc.


V-14 Finnish relief (Suomen Avustustoimikunta)

Michigan--Amasa, Iron River, Detroit, Crystal Falls, Comet, Jackson, Wakefield, Negaunee

Wisconsin--Iron County, Montreal

Audio records of an address by the Minister of Finland, 3 records--6 sides, Minister Hjalmer Procopen

Folder 1 Iron County, Montreal, Wisconsin (correspondence 1940-41)

Folder 2 Iron County, Finnish Relief, Montreal, Wisconsin (Suomen Huollon Työ)

Folder 3 Iron County, Finnish Relief, Montreal Wis. (Receipts, correspondence,

cancelled checks 1940)

Folder 4 Acknowledgment of aid to Finland

Folder 5 Various Michigan information

Cash & record books from 1939 along with non-filed correspondences


V-15 Finland Aid, Warren, Ohio--Minutes, cashier, secretary and treasurer’s books

Financial books, 1939-1952 (all in Finnish)


V-16 Crystal Falls--Iron County, Michigan--Local Chapter of Help Finland

Folder 1 Minutes book, Crystal Falls Local Chapter, 1945-1948

Folder 2 Minutes, Crystal Falls Local Chapter, 1942; Correspondence 1940-1948; Ephemera 1943-1949


V-17 Finnish Auxilliary of the American Red Cross -- Cleveland, Ohio

Folder 1 Sugar Purchase Certificates, correspondence, and other ephemera, 1942-1945


V-18 Suomen Huolto (Finnish Relief) certificates from the General Consulate of Finland

Folder 1 South Range, Mich.; Warren, Ohio; Girardin Suomi-avustus, Ohio, 1941, undated


V-19 Ester L. Hietala commendations

Folder 1 Order of the White Rose (Suomen Valkoisen Ruusun Ritarikunnan), 1941; Suomen Leijonan Ritarikunnan, 1947;  Mannerheim Commendation (Muistomitalin) 1941-1944 War, 1946; Kenraali Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto, 1953; Kansanavun Ansiomitalin, 1947