U-Series (Apostolic / Laestadian Churches)

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U-Series : Apostolic and Laestadian Churches

U-1 Maki Yearly Meeting collection 1911-1949. 4 folders. "Yearly Meeting" minute books (some include reports and sermons) for the several-day annual events of the American Apostolic Lutheran Church, 1911, 1924, 1933, 1935, 1936, and 1938, as well as Finland's Suomen rauhanyhdistysten keskusyhdistyksen 1946-1949.  

U-2 Mickelson-Nominelli scrapbook 1995 1 folder. Scrapbook of an excursion to Northern Sweden that includes many pamphlets about Lars Levi Laestadius and the tourist and religious-tourist destinations in Pajala, Sweden.

U-3 Apostolic Lutheran Finnish National Church, Champion, Mich. records 1907 1 folder.  Transcript of their Articles of Association.

U-4  Laestadian Lutheran Church of America records [2005 donation] 1973-1999 .5 ft. Coloring books and cassette tapes of sermons. 

U-5  Kinnunen, Mauri miscellaneous photocopies 1872-1969  5 folders. Copies of various articles of association for the Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church, the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church, the First Apostolic Lutheran Church, and the Solomon Kortetniemi Society.

U-6  Apostolic Lutheran Church of Ishpeming, Michigan records 1931 1 folder. Constitution and By-Laws.