T-Series (personal papers and manuscripts)

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T-Series : Personal Papers and Manuscripts

T-1  Jasberg, Juho Heikki papers 7 ft.

T-2  Haapa, Edward papers .5 ft.

T-3  Rautalahti, Thyra papers 2 ft. Wife of Alvar Rautalahti.

T-4  Tuominen, Edward collection 1 ft.

T-5  Korpela, Waino diaries 1935-1970  .5 ft. Seven diaries documenting the finances and daily work of a Finnish-American farmer.

T-6  Aspholm, Edith papers .25 ft. (1 oversize scrapbook)

T-7  Kähärä, August school notebooks 1903-1905  .25 ft. Sixteen notebooks, including mathematics, Finnish, bookkeeping etc.

T-8  Mahlberg, Linda papers .25 ft.

T-9  Saarisuu, Rev. Arvi Henry papers (writings) 1.75 ft.  See also S-Series for Rev. Saarisuu's self-printed sheet music.

T-10 Kantola, John papers .25 ft. (1 oversize ledger). Ledgers document Mr. Kantola's fuel oil business.

T-11 Pekkala, Oscar family papers .75 ft.

T-12 Makela, Hjalmer and Victor papers 1 ft.

T-13 Fredd, Matts and Victor papers .2 ft.

T-14 Haapanen, Alfred scrapbooks 1915-1945  .2 ft. (1 oversize scrapbook)

T-15 Bobbio-Luttinen collection .2 ft.

T-16 Huddy-Ekholm letters .2 ft.  Collection of letters exchanged between Janet Huddy in the United States and Gota Ekholm in Finland.

T-17 Uskila, Aino M. papers .2 ft. Includes "60 years in America" and other manuscripts.

T-18 Kaunen-Verne family collection .5 ft.

T-19 Juntunen family papers 1 ft.

T-20 Helimaki, Sandra Valimaa collection .5 ft.

T-21 Perttula-Maki, Minne collection .25 ft.

T-22 Cole, Lillian (Niskala) collection .25 ft.  Salt Lake City and Minnesota.

T-23 "More Than A Fleeting Image: An Historical Perspective on Women" materials 1 ft. Includes slides, photographs, audio master tapes, and video.

T-24 Koivisto, Edith manuscripts .25 ft. Fourteen plays.

T-25 Moisio, Dr. Elmer W. presentation and manuscript  .125 ft. Self-care health practices of immigrants in the area of Newberry, Mich.  Manuscript and video.

T-26 Vaasan Jaakko (Ikola, Jaakko Oskari, 1887-1951) newspaper clippings .125 ft. "Rapokan Takana" newspaper column. 

T-27 Robertson, Sanni Tuori papers 2 ft. (4 oversize items on shelf)

T-28 Thompson, Hilja Fräki papers 1 ft.

T-29 Condon, Richard William manuscript 1969 .25 ft.  Doctoral Thesis, University of Minnesota, titled "The Moscow Parenthesis: A Study of Finnish German Relations, 1940-1941."

T-30 Sebeok, Thomas manuscript  .125 ft. Manuscript  of "Spoken Finnish" by Thomas Albert Sebeok, published by Holt (New York: 1947).

T-31 Nikander, J.K. mansucript  .125 ft. Manuscript of "Old Testament Bible History," written by J.K. Nikander, translated by John Wargelin with preface by A. Haapanen.

T-32 Koski, Alex William and Rauha papers 12 ft., 54 scrapbooks.

T-33 Kangas, Maria Routtu collection (Maria Kangas Rotter) 1 ft.

T-34 Rintala, Charles and Aili collection from Marvin Rintala .5 ft (5 oversize items)

T-35 Smith, Thomas Hugh / Splake, T. Kilgore collection  1983-2007 .25 ft. Includes self-published chapbooks and 2 DVD's.

T-36 Pihlaja, Sakris business ledger and diary 1891-1931 .125 ft. New York Mills, Minn.

T-37 Kososky, Hilma Vienola family papers .125 ft.

T-38 Holmio, Armas biographical files and papers 2.5 ft.  Includes the Holmio Biographical File, Reference File for Towns and Villages (mostly Michigan), a diary/notebook, notes file, mansucript concerning Suomalainen Lähetyskirkko (Finnish Mission Society), and the manuscript copy of History of Finns In Michigan.

T-39 Rautio, Tyyne E. (Mrs. John) collection 1 ft., 3 scrapbooks

T-40 Linja and Walikangas family collection .125 ft.

T-41 Viitala-Vachon, Jingo ephemera 1 folder. Newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, one manuscript.

T-42 Kettunen family papers  1 folder. Antti Kettunen of Marquette County, Mich. land and probate documents, including 1909 Homestead Certificate, and Margaret Kettunen Zegart artist biography. 

T-43 Aho, Ilma Ruth manuscript 1951 1 folder.  Masters Thesis, University of California, titled "A Record of the Activities of the Finnish Missionary Society in Northwest Hunan, China, 1902-1952."

T-44 Haapala, Milja/Milli/Emilia (Rantala) collection 4 folders. Diaries, ledgers, school composition books, and sewing scrapbooks. 

T-45 Ingrian manuscript - Aatami Kuortti translation  1927-1928 1 folder. Un-credited author and translator, but the original author was Aatami Kuortti.  14 chapter, 99 page, handwritten manuscript in English. Pastor Kuortti's works have been translated into Swedish, Icelandic, and Dutch, but no known published English translation exists.  The translator is unknown. 

The manuscript begins in March of 1927 and details Aatami Kuortti's days as a newly-assigned pastor to the Finnish-speaking Lempaala parish in Ingria, located in the border zone on the Karelian Isthmus next to Finland but still inside of Russia.    He also served the neighboring parishes of Vuole and Miikkulainen.  The pastor was an ethnic Finn or Ingrian, but also a Soviet Citizen that served in the Red Army.  Manuscript discusses the pastor's interaction with the Soviet Police as he was occasionally called in to explain his sermons.  Includes a description of life in Leningrad.  Manuscript ends in 1928.  Aatami Kuortti was later sentenced to death for refusing to spy on his congregations for the KGB, but this sentence was commuted to 10 years of hard labor.  Pastor Kuortti escaped this camp and fled to Finland on foot. 

T-46 Lehto family papers .125 ft. Insurance policies, obituaries, World War I items, tax bills, etc. Onni, Suol, and Waino Lehto.

T-47 Hillila-Bickel, Ruth-Esther papers 1962-1993 1 folder.  Programs and other materials related to Cantores Minores, Helsinki Cathedral Boys' Choir, which was founded by Ruth-Esther Hillia. Programs for two performaces where Mrs. Hillila played the flute (Chung Chi College in Hong Kong and Hämeenlinna church in Finland).  Two professionally-printed letters (1969 and 1973) from Ruth-Esther Hillila regarding her work in Hong Kong. Biogrpahy.

T-48 Pekkarinen, Hilja papers 3 folders. Correspondence, Delegate Ribbon from 67th Suomi Synod Convention in Ashtabula, Ohio, 1956, Socialist Party Christmas Card of Arvid Tianen, 1911.

T-49 Maki, Albin collection 1 folder. Includes various documents from Hancock businesses.

T-50 Humina Band collection 1 folder. Ephemera related to the Humina Band, Humina Dramatic Club, Sovinto Chorus, and Sovinto Hall of Ashtabula, Ohio.  Some papers of George Whalstrom, former conductor.

T-51 Unlabeled business ledger (probably Fire Insurance) ca. 1895-1900 1 folder. Unlabeled register (rekesteri) that is almost certainly the ledger of the Finnish-American Fire Insurance Company / Suomalaisen keskinäisen palovakuutusyhtiön, founded in 1890. Lists prominent Finnish-Americans and business owners, while the numbers in the ledger probably state the values of their homes/businesses and costs of their premiums.  Covers several Copper Country communities, probably wherever the Fire Insurance Company had clientelle.

T-52 Salmi, Wilbert E. "Wimpy" papers .25 ft. Correspondence (incl. granddaughter Rhonda (Wiitanen) Britten), photographs, items related to Mr. Salmi's assistance with the German film company Samsa while making an Edward Steichen documentary film, Perala School File, Toivola Farmer's Co-Op papers (incl. membership list), clipping file and scrapbook.

T-53 Suominen, Veikko papers 1945-2010 .125 ft.  Archival items that accompany the large object collection of Veikko and Esther Suominen. 

T-54 Toivonen, Elina (Walikainen) collection 1 folder.

T-55 Kinnunen, Otto papers 1888-1903 1 folder.  Includes naturalization certificate (Houghton County, Mich.), Finnish [Soviet] Army discharge papers (1890), correspondence from Pihtipudas, Finland.

T-56 Procopé, Hjalmar J. manuscript 1947 1 folder.  English manuscript, 58 pages. First chapter of a book published in Sweden (Fällande dom som friar : dokument ur Finlands krigsansvarighetsprocess) and Germany (Sowjetjustiz u¨ber Finnland : Prozessakten aus dem Verfahren gegen die Kriegsverantwortlichen in Finnland) but forbidden in Finland concerning the post-World War II Finnish war crime trials of Risto Rysti, J.W. Rangell, Edvin Linkomies, Wäinö Tanner, T.M. Kivimäki, Henrik Ramsay, Antti Kukkonen and Tykö Reinikka.  The author accuses the Finnish government of succumbing to Soviet influence.

T-57 Koskinen, Otto personal papers 1869-1963 3 folders. Includes birth certificates for Otto and Errika Koskinen, as well as their passports and other documents.

T-58 Piirainen, Risto and Anna personal papers 1900-1941 1 folder. Includes passport, naturalization certifiates, documents from Risto Piirainen's home parish of Kuhmoniemi, Finland, funeral bill, Nielsen & Lundbeck billfold, and other items.

T-59 Mankinen, Gladys manuscript 1982 1 folder.  "Michiganin Kupari Saaren entisajoilta 1910-1920," memories of Gladys Mankinen's mother, Helmi Maria Mankinen, a centenarian.

T-60 Lantto, Paul personal papers 1903-1969 4 folders. Turn-of-the-century business ledger, World War I commendation papers, journal/scrapbook, and other ephemera.

T-61 St. Urho's Day collection 1978-2011 8 folders. Art, Greeting Cards, Celebrations, Programs and Announcements, Newspaper Clippings, Correspondence, Governor's Proclamation Materials, Music, Scholarly Publications, Misc. 

T-62 Scrapbook (unknown creator)

T-63 Holmstrom, Toivo scrapbooks (x2)

T-64 Ruth, Elsa scapbook ca. 1900's - 1960's

T-65 Scrapbook of Early Finnish Americans 1904-1908

T-66 Walz, Maggie collection 5 folders. Correspondence, photographs, and other ephemera related to this Finnish American businesswomen, suffragette, activist, and settler.

T-67 Forsberg - Gallen-Kallela papers 2 folders. Emil Alexander Forsberg (1883-1950) was born in Karleby, Finland and was an art instructor at the Art Istitute of Chicago from 1906-1950.  Grant Wood and Dean Cornwell were among his students.  Collection contains speech transcript and correspondence regarding Akseli Gallen-Kallela's 1924 trip to the United States, and later correspondence among Fosberg and Gallen-Kallela's heirs to track down Gallen-Kallela's works in the United States.

T-68 Gallen-Kallela, Akseli colection 6 folders.  Ephemeral items concerning the 1924 visit of Akseli Gallen-Kallela to Finlandia University (then Suomi College), including a notebook of signatures. Research and donor files regarding the Archive's larger collection.

T-69 Arminen, K.V., and Lindblom, J.F. manuscript 3 folders. Original manuscript and corrected manuscript of K.V. Arminen and J.F. Lindblom's translation of The Eternal Struggle, a play by Johannes Linnankoski.  Also includes correspondence (including J.H. Jasberg) and ephemera regarding publishing options.

T-70 Ruohonen, Jack mansucript 1 folder.  Copy of Jack Ruohonen's typed manuscript concerning the history of Oskar, Michigan.  Includes biographies of Oskar residents.  Archive also holds a digital copy of the English translation. The index is available online.

T-71 Eelu Kiviranta poetry collection of self-published poetry .5 feet. 

T-72 Kukkonen, Walter manuscript 1956 1 folder. Manuscript edition of "Faith of Our Fathers : A Guide for the Study of the Evangelical Lutheran Faith," published by the Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church in DeKalb, Illi., where Rev. Kukkonen served as pastor.  Later published as a book by American Press in 1957.

T-73 Vehanen, Eino manuscript 1957 1 folder. "Jesus and the Gentiles" graduation essay, Second Year, at the Tokyo School of the Japanese Language.  Written in Japanese script.

T-74 Holli, Walfred scrapbook 1930's 1 folder.

T-75 Heikkinen, Leo L. collection 6 folders.  Photographs, brochures, and other ephemera related to the life of Leo L. Heikkinen, logger technologisit and inventor of the Prentice Hydraulic Loader.

T-76 Nara, Dr. Robert O. collection 1977-2010 .33 ft. Books, newsletter, and other ephemera related to preventative dental hygeine and oramedics.  Also Närä Foundation philantropic and investment materials.

T-77 Miscellaneous .33 ft.

T-78 Holmio, Dr. Armas K.E. collection .33 ft.

T-79 Keskinen, Vera M. manuscripts ca. 1950-1956 .25 ft. Three manuscripts of Virginia, Minn. resident Vera M. Keskinen: Kaksi erakkoa, Korpisalon vangit, Myrskyä ja tyyntä, and her 1950 collum in the Minnesotan Uutiset titled "Yllätyksiä."

T-80 Miscellaneous .75 ft.

T-81 Tolonen, Emil O. and Coon, David collection 1 folder. Collection of correspondence between David Coon and Emil O. Tolonen, both of whom worked for First National Bank in Hancock, Mich., donated by David Coon after Mr. Tolonen's death.  See also the Library Collection for two Emil O. Tolonen poetry collections: Daybreak and other poems, published in 1929 by Kirja in Helsinki, Finland; and Sylvia (Part I), published in 1930 by the Finnish Daily Publishing Company of Duluth, Minn.  In 1929 Emil O. Tolonen also published a short pamphlet about the Kaleva.

T-82 Sorsen family paper collection of Richard Holmstrom 1 folder.  Collection of copied material about Charles J. Sorsen, prominent Copper Country doctor and businessman, and other Sorsen family members.

T-83 Kukkonen family papers 1 folder. Genealogy collection. Labeled photographs and copies of documents.  Also Finni, Korpi, Yrjana, and Holma/Holm/Holmes.

T-84 Lindell, Saimi Wiideman family papers 1 folder. Diaries and other writings of her parents [photocopies], Atlantic Mine, Mich.

T-85 Knapp, Grace collection .75 ft. Finding Aid in box.

T-86 Miscellaneous .5 ft. 10 folders

T-87 Miscellaneous .75 ft. 51 folders

T-88 Huhta family papers .25 ft. 13 folders

T-89 Loukinen, Michael M. papers 1970's .25 ft. 11 folders. Short manuscripts regarding sociological research in Pelkie, Mich. Notebook and correspondence from participation in the Finnish Folklore and Social Change in the Great Lakes Mining Region Oral History Project.

T-90 Miscellaneous .5 ft.

T-91 Usitalo, Judy collection 1903-1912 .25 ft.  Collection of decorative Christmas Greetings, including Socialisti Puolue.

T-92 Huhta, Art political cartoons .5 ft. 1 box.