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T-80 Miscellaneous Series




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T-80, Folder 1 Magazine articles and photocopies of military personnel files concerning Matti Mattson (Spanish Civil War soldier (Abraham Lincoln brigade) and Eteenpäin artist) 1936-1939, 2001-2011
  Fitchburg State College 2010 Commencement Program
Contact, Firtchburg State College almuni newsletter, Summer 2010
New York Times, Aug 27 2009
The Nation, Aug 31, 2009
The Volunteer, Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, 19 editions between 2001-2011
Photocopy of Matti Mattson Material housed at the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archive at Brandeis University in Waltham, Mass.
(See also the Mattson, Matti vertical file.)
T-80, Folder 2 Walter Holmlund Scrapbook
  Scrapbook of Walter Holmlund, educated at Northern Michigan University and former High School teacher at Dollar Bay. He later served as a delegate to the Michigan White House Conference on Education (incl. invitation to White House). Also includes articles related to Education and Social Services.
T-80, Folder 3 Impi (Samanen) Mykkanen's 1916 Suomi College Biology notebook 1916
  Impi Samanen was the wife of Rev. Kalle Vilho Mykkänen.
T-80, Folder 4 "The Immigrants : A play produced and performed by the members of the Finnish-American Heritage Society of Maine" 1990
Produced and directed by Barbara Nurmi Payne. Also includes video of the performance (Sept. 27, 1990) on DVD-R.
T-80, Folder 5 Five-page typed manuscript titled, "The Apostolic Lutherans : Particularly in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan." ca. 2011
  The manuscript serves as a short summary of Apostolic Lutheran history, their schisms, and contemporary religious practices. Also includes correspondence regarding the mss.
T-80, Folder 6 Sheet music and translation for "A Journey's Companion is Jesus = Jeesus on matkakumppanini"  
T-80, Folder 7 Sorrentossa : 1 Näytöksinen laulusikerma," typed manuscript, by Erik Bogh.  
T-80, Folder 8 Tiernapojat : Vanha Joulukuvaelma," Pikkujoulu music and text published by Fazer in Helsinki, 1954  
T-80, Folder 9 Suomi College music department schedule (handwritten)
T-80, Folder 10 Set of Postcards: Suomen kansallispukuja = Finnish National Costumes 1940-1941
  Published by the Kalevalaisten Naisten Liitto ry, Helsinki. Explanations in Finnish and English by Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen. Shows costumes from Lapua (Keski-Pohjanmaa), Pyhäjärvi, Häme Region, Eura - Säkylä, Kymenlaakso region, Pyhäranta - Laitila, Seiskari - Koivisto, Saarijärvi, Perä-Pohjola, and Ylä-Savo.
T-80, Folder 11 John Frederickson, blacksmith, manuscript. 14 pages typed English, 43 pages hand-written Finnish
  John Frederickson autobiography. The Finnish is in the Meänkieli dialect.
T-80, Folder 12 Suomen Käsikartta = Handkarta över Finland. J.E. and S.G. Rosberg. WSOY, Helsinki 1948
  Large fold-out map of Finland stored in a cardoard, book-like jacket.
T-80, Folder 13 Suomen Kulkunieuvojen Kartta. Finnish Tourist Association. 1950.  
  Medium-sized fold-out map of Finland.
T-80, Folder 14 Genealogy File of Kingston, Minn. Apostolic Lutheran (Laestadian) Minister Alexander Johnson.
  Also includes genealogy information for Minister John Takkinen, Isaac Frimodig, and the Kargus family of Norway.
T-80, Folder 15 "Creating The Future." 6-page pamphlet with several fold-out sections for the University of Art and Design Helsinki.  
  Color illustrations. Creative and colorful packaging.showcasing the art of Ilona Hyötyläinen and others.
T-80, Folder 16 Manuscript copy of "The Finns in North America; a social symposium," edited by Ralph Jalkanen.  
T-80, Folder 17 Profiles of Finland : A distance study program. Lahti Research and Training Centre, University of Helsinki  
  Includes pamphlet, A Brief History of Modern Finland study guide, sticker, application, brochure, form letter, and folder.
T-80, Folder 18 Karen (Kaarina) Lilja Kivisto Seppanen Maule Autobiographical manuscript. 14 pages, typed, in English. Also contains newspaper clipping and letter. 2006
  Mentions great-grandparents who emigrated to Aurora, Minnesota in the early 1900's, but Karen's branch of the family stayed in Finland. Relates the story of the author's great-grandfather Salomon (Salu) Kivisto dying during the German attack on the Lusitania. Some history of the Kivisto families in Gilbert, Minn., Ishpeming, Mich., Rock, Mich. and Laihia, Finland.
T-80, Folder 20 Descendants of Isak Lars Isaksson Mikko (1852-1945) of Pajala, Sweden and Mikko genealogy materials, including photocopied pictures.  
  Also contains a postcard which is written in Meänkieli dialect.
T-80, Folder 21 Instructions for a machine which would apply small, theraputic shocks to an individual - for medicinal purposes. Robert Maki (Cliff Studio) Duluth, Minn  
  English and Finnish. Designed to treat "Headache, Common Cold, and Toothache.
T-80, Folder 22 Instructions for machine which would apply small, theraputic shocks to an individual - for medicinal purposes. Robert Maki (Cliff Studio) Duluth, Minn  
  English and Finnish. Designed to treat Headache, Common Cold, and Toothache.
T-80, Folder 23 Saatavain Kanto Kirja Oulunsalossa, Alotettu 1 May 1883. Oulunsalo, Finland payment ledger [includes tax and other notes] 1883
T-80, Folder 24 Sonja Henie "Hollywood Ice Revue" Souvenir Program. Full Color. The program also mentions Gretle and Robert Uksila. 1948