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T-77 Miscellaneous Series




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T-77, Folder 1 Color road map of Finland 1952
  1952 1:1,500,000 : Maanteiden tleiskartta : översiktskarta över landsvägarna : Suomi - Finland
T-77, Folder 2 Mrs. John T. Matson of Bethel Lutheran Church.
  Composition book filled with hand-written and typed hymns.
T-77, Folder 3 "Äidilleni - Rukous" by T.J. Dillon.
  "Mother's Prayer," 9 paragraphs on one page, printed, dark blue ink with golden border.
T-77, Folder 4 He Was There All the Time : An Authobiography by Joyce M. Moilanen 1991
T-77, Folder 5 "There is but One God" by S.C. Olin 1954
  One page paragraph about God, written and printed by S.C. Olin.  Inscribed from S.C. Olin to Dr. A.K.E. Holmio.
T-77, Folder 6 "Pyhän Hengen sanoma Suomen kansalle" by Timo Kuitunen.  1967
  Four type-written pages, with writing on the front and back. Espoo, Finland, 23 April 1967
T-77, Folder 7 Three small, self-published books and three manuscripts written by Andrew Cortes 1951-1954
  Acc. 557 - Visions and Other Experiences of a Wyoming Cow Herder, 1951. 14 pgs.
Acc. 558 - Visions and Other Experiences of a Wyoming Cow Herder, 1951. 15 pgs.
Acc. 1578 - A Supplement to Visions and Other Experiments of A Wyoming Cow Herder, 1951, 16 pgs.
Acc. 1579 - Concerning Crist's Coming, May 26, 1954, 4 pgs.
Acc. 1580 - "I heard these top lines on a mountain when I was Praying," 1953, 1 pg.
T-77, Folder 8 Teaching aid from Kaleva Evangelical Lutheran Church School 1951-1952
  "The Gospel in Christian Though : Kaleva Lutheran Church Schoo, Senior Department, 1951-1952."  Kaleva Ev. Lutheran Church, Kaleva, Mich.  24 page typed manuscript, lesson plan with questions.
T-77, Folder 9 "Riivatut ja eksorsismi"
  Typed manuscript, 28 pages, undated.  Possibly written by Armas Holmio.
T-77, Folder 10 "The Cross I Have to Bear in my Inner Struggles," Maunu Sinnemäki  
  Text (in English) of speech or sermon given by Finnish minister Maunu Sinnemäki in the United States, typed, 16 pp., undated.
T-77, Folder 11 "Up to Jerusalem" by Rev. Walter J. Kukkonen
  "Up to Jerusalem" by Rev. Walter J. Kukkonen.  "A series of devotionals for the forty days beginning with Ash Wednesday and ending with Palm Sunday, taking the Passion of our Lord and Savior in forty readings."  Typed, unnumbered, undated.
T-77, Folder 12 Josephine (Juntunen) Johnson Family History and Haabala Family History, by Margaret Haabala-Roers
  Settlers of Moe County, Minnesota.
T-77, Folder 13 "Woodspur Area Reunion : July 27, 1991" 1991
  Extensive photocopied book accompanying the Woodspur, Mich. reunion of July, 1991.  Woodspur is located in Rockland Township, Mich. between Rockland and Ontonagon.  Booklet contains rememberances, histories, diary entires, and poetry.
T-77, Folder 14 "Perttu (Bert) Moilanen and Anna Greta Kemppainen," compiled by Brenda Papke 2011
  4 page typed manuscript with color picture, showing Bert and Anna Moilanen, their children, and grandchildren.  This Moilanen family was one of several Moilanen families to emigrate to the Copper Country of Michigan from Puolanka, Finland.
T-77, Folder 15 Letter and Newspaper Clipping regarding the presentation of a 1922 Akseli Gallen-Kallela Illustrated Kalevala to Sijus Huotari.  
  The presentation of a 1922 Akseli Gallen-Kallela Illustrated Kalevala to Sijus Huotari honored 60 years of service with the Finnish Lutheran Book Concern. Items found inside the book.
T-77, Folder 16 "Asiala family in Finland and America : 500 years"  1984
  Compiled by Melvin J. Fennell of Evergreen, Colorado, dated 1984.  Much of the text is hand-written caligraphy.  105 pages. The Asiala and Pollari families originated in Toholampi, Finland and emigrated to Kaleva, Mich.
T-77, Folder 17 Finnish language Religious Tracts printed by Albert J. Adolfson of Boyertown, Penn.  1964
  Includes correspondence with Armas K.E. Holmio.