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S-29 Oksanen, Toivo papers

Title: Oksanen, Toivo papers
Toivo Oksanen, Aug. 19, 1889 - September 1970
Inclusive Dates:
3 linear ft.
Mostly English, some Finnish
Acquisition: Donated by Leslie Mallery, a Minneapolis music teacher who was given the material by an heir of Toivo Oksanen.

Biographical and Historical Notes: Toivo Oksanen was born on August 19, 1889.  He resided in Waukegan, Illinois and later in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he was the conductor of the brass and orchestra bands of the Finnish-American Society of Minneapolis.  His predecessors include Emil Kempainen, the 1905 founder of the organization's chorus, and Kalle Kaario.  He was succeeded by John MickelÓ“.  Toivo died in Minneapolis in September 1970.

Collection Scope and Content Note: The Toivo Oksanen collection includes music that Mr. Oksanen collected throughout his lifetime as well as correspondence related to obtaining music, material used for music education, his own musical sketches, posters and clippings related to musicians and concerts, and several composition books that he used when learning English, ca. 1914.  There are many full band and orchestra arrangements, plus numerous marches, waltzes, and polkas.  Toivo Oksanen arranged his own versions of Finnish and American Music, and also made extensive annotations on many published arrangements.

Finding Aid Created By: Annelise Doll, August 2010



Polka composed by Toivo Oksanen

Handwritten music in this collection has been organized into the following groups: composer unknown, composed by Toivo Oksanen, various Swedish/Finnish composers, and various non-Swedish/Finnish.  Because there are, in many cases, more than one musical piece on a leaf of sheet music, whenever there was no evident composer on a piece of music this has been included in a category other than 'unknown composer.' (Additionally, there may be another piece of that music in the collection that does reveal the composer.  Accordingly, there are some songs with known composers in the 'unknown composer' category.  In these cases, there is music by an unknown composer on the same sheet. A table listing the Handwritten Music and their composers, if one could be determined, is linked here:

Handwritten Music

The Annotated and Not Annotated Sheet Music, as well as the Annotated and Not Annotated Scores have also been divided into the subseries of non-Swedish/Finnish and Swedish/Finnish.  The nationality of the composer, the origin, and the themes of the music were all considered when determining their subseries.

waltz annotated by Toivo Oksanen

Lyrics within this collection have their own series, "Text and Lyrics/Music with Lyrics".  This series includes any music with lyrics written on it or text by itself.  A list of all the lyrics is linked here:

Text with Lyrics/Music with Text

Dance and Concert poster The series "Performance Announcements" contains an oversize poster advertising a concert by Toivo Oksanen, Aili Pietarila, and Lauri Forsblom.  The collection contains many pieces of accordion music and at least one song composed by Viola Turpeinen (Ihanne Valssi).  Additionally, there is a small poster written in Finnish that features a photo of Mrs. Turpeinen and her biography, as well as two clippings with her likeness.




I. 2010.93.01. Handwritten Music

a. 2010.93.01.01 Unknown Composer
b. 2010.93.01.02 Composed by Toivo Oksanen
c. 2010.93.01.03 (non Swedish/Finnish) Various Composers
d. 2010.93.01.04 (Swedish/Finnish) Various Composers

II. 2010.93.02 Annotated Sheet Music

a. 2010.93.02.01 Non-Swedish/Finnish
b. 2010.93.02.02 Swedish/Finnish

III. 2010.93.03 Sheet Music (not annotated)

a. 2010.93.03.01 Non-Swedish/Finnish
b. 2010.93.03.02 Swedish/Finnish

IV. 2010.93.04 Annotated Scores

a. 2010.93.04.01 Non-Swedish/Finnish
b. 2010.93.04.02 Swedish/Finnish

V. 2010.93.05 Scores (not annotated)

a. 2010.93.05.01 Non-Swedish/Finnish
b. 2010.93.05.02 Swedish/Finnish

VI. 2010.93.06 Text and lyrics / Music with Text

VII. 2010.93.07 Albums/Music Booklets

a. 2010.93.07.01 Various Composers
b. 2010.93.07.02 Composer Unclear

VIII. 2010.93.08 Sketches

IX. 2010.93.09 Correspondence

X. 2010.93.10 Educational Material

a. 2010.93.10.01 Musical
b. 2010.93.10.02 Language (learning English)

XI. 2010.93.11 Performance Announcements

a. 2010.93.11.01 Newspaper Clippings (incl. Viola Turpeinen)
b. 2010.93.11.02 Poster (incl. Viola Turpeinen)
c. 2010.83.11.03 Oversize Poster

XII. 2010.93.12 Miscellaneous Ephemera (incl. lists of radio programs, and lists of published orchestra and Finnish music)

Viola Turpeinen advertisement


Box S-29a

Folder 1: Handwritten Music (Unknown Composer) (1 of 2)

Folder 2: Handwritten Music (Unknown Composer) (2 of 2)

Folder 3: Handwritten Music (Composed by Toivo Oksanen)

Folder 4: Handwritten Music (Various non-Swedish/Finnish Composers) (1 of 2)

Folder 5: Handwritten Music (Various non-Swedish/Finnish Composers) (2 of 2)

Folder 6: Handwritten Music (Various Swedish/Finnish Composers) (1 of 2)

Folder 7: Handwritten Music (Various Swedish/Finnish Composers) (2 of 2)

Folder 8: Annotated Sheet Music, non-Swedish/Finnish

Folder 9: Annotated Sheet Music, Swedish/Finnish

Folder 10: Sheet Music, Not Annotated (non-Swedish/Finnish)

Folder 11: Sheet Music, Not Annotated (Swedish/Finnish)

Folder 12: Annotated Scores, non-Swedish/Finnish

Folder 13: Annotated Scores, Swedish/Finnish (1of 2)


Box S-29b

Folder 14: Annotated Scores, Swedish Finnish (2of 2)

Folder 15: Scores, Not Annotated (non-Swedish/Finnish) (1 of 3)

Folder 16: Scores, Not Annotated (non-Swedish/Finnish) (2 of 3)

Folder 17: Scores, Not Annotated (non-Swedish/Finnish) (3 of 3)

Folder 18: Scores, Not Annotated (Swedish/Finnish) (1 of 2)

Folder 19: Scores, Not Annotated (Swedish/Finnish) (2 of 2)

Folder 20: Text and Lyrics/Music with Text

Folder 21: Albums/Music Booklets (Various Composers)


Box S-29c

Folder 22: Albums/Music Booklets (Composer Unclear)

Folder 23:  Sketches by Toivo Oksanen

Folder 24: Correspondence

Folder 25: Educational Material - Musical

Folder 26: Educational Material - Language (learning English)

Folder 27: Performance Announcements - Clippings

Folder 28: Performance Announcements - Poster (including Viola Turpeinen)

Folder 29: Miscellaneous Ephemera (incl. lists of radio programs, and lists of published orchestra and Finnish music)