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S-1 Nisonen, Martti collection

Title: Nisonen, Martti collection
Creator: Martti Nisonen, Sep. 12, 1891 - Dec. 6, 1946
Inclusive Dates: 1883-2002
Bulk dates: 1922-1946
Extent: 10 linear ft. (mostly manuscript music scores)
Languages: Finnish and English
Acquisition: Material collected by the Archive over several decades from several donors.

Abstract: Conductor, arranger, and instructor Martti Nisonen began his career at Suomi College in 1922, where he was  a very popular teacher and prolific composer.  His career at Suomi College spanned twenty-four years, ending with his death in 1946.  The Martti Nisonen collection at Finlandia University contains almost 10 linear feet of his compositions and arrangements.

Biographical and Historical Notes:  Martti Nisonen was born Sept. 12, 1891 in Pori, Finland and began his musical studies at a young age as he was tutored by his father, Heikki Nisonen, a graduate of the Leipzig Conservatory and student of the Conservatory of Helsinki and Organist School of Viipuri (Heikki Nisonen, in addition to instructing his son in music, also taught famed Finnish composer Selim Palmgren). Martti later studied at the Viipuri Church Music Institute, the Lyceum Organist School at the Conservatory of Helsinki, and in Berlin, Germany.

Martti Nisonen began his career at Suomi College (now Finlandia University) in 1922, where he proved to be a very popular instructor and prolific composer.  While at Suomi College, he taught a variety of music classes and gave lessons in piano, organ, and voice.  He directed the college choir, played for daily chapel services, conducted music workshops and performed at sacred and secular gatherings.  His career at Suomi College spanned twenty-four years until his death in 1946. He also founded the Copper Country Symphony Orchestra and served as its organizer, manager and public relations director, as well as writing many of the arrangements for this group.

Martti Nisonen's major compositions are "To The Heroes of Finland," a light opera, "Children of the Prairie" and "Magician," two operas, "If," a symphony in E-minor, "Prayer of Ages," an oratorio, and a choral arrangement of Sibelius' "Finlandia."   He appeared with the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, the Duluth Symphony, the Detroit Symphony, and at the 1941 Sibelius Festival.

Some of his smaller compositions were published by the Finnish Lutheran Book Concern (Suomalais-Luterilainen kustannusliike) in Hancock, Michigan, but, for the most part, a majority of his work remains unpublished and exists only in manuscript form in this archival collection.  According to former student Ruth-Esther Hillilä, in her memorial feature from the Suomen Silta magazine, "[h]is symphonies, for instance, remained unpublished because he had a strange fear of losing them in the publishing process."  The R.E. Westerlund Company of Helsinki, Finland did publish some of Nisonen's works - a set of three different small booklets of music, each containing six pieces.  Finland's Väinö Sola also performed Martti Nisonen's "Kevät Laulu" (Spring Song) several times.  Jean Sibelius is reported to have approved of Martti Nisonen's choral arrangement of "Finlandia."

Martti Nisonen married actress Martta Helenius in 1914.  They had four children.  The beloved instructor and composer died on December 6, 1946.  

Collection Scope and Content Note: A majority of the collection consists of Martti Nisonen's unpublished manuscripts.  The archive also holds a small collection of his published works.  Other non-music score manuscript materials include photographs, newspaper clippings, a syllabus, and an item from Martti Nisonen's father: a student music theory workbook, dated August 1883, from the Leipzig Music Conservatory that belonged to "H.J. Nisonen" (Heikki Nisonen, in addition to instructing his son in music, also taught famed Finnish composer Selim Palmgren).

The original order of the first nine linear feet of the manuscript collection has been preserved.  There are two different alphabetical series of compositions.

The first two boxes of music manuscripts have been described at the item level by Dr. Carl Rahkonen.  This is a work in process.

Finding Aid Created By: Kent Randell, May 2011.  S-1a and S-1b inventories prepared by Carl Rahkonen July, 2011.


Martti Nisonen Music Manuscripts, Series 1:

  S-1a Davikon lapsia - Herran huoneessa

[Key:  MN = Martti Nisonen ;  kir. = [words by] ; säv. = [music by] ; k&s = [words and music by] ;  arr., sov. = arranged ; pv. = piano vocal ; ms. = manuscript ; mes. = measures ; p. = page ; pp. = pages ; t.p. = title page ; movs. = movements.]

     - Aavikon lapsia: 3. näyt. operaetta.  kir. ja säv. MN.  ms. pv. score violin part.
     - Aavikon lapsia.  full score.
     - Above the Hills of Time. words: T. Tiplady,  arr. MN.  pv. score.
     - A Ditty in Springtime.  pv. score.
     - Äidille.  soprano part, half page.
     - Äidilleni   k&s MN  ms. pv. score.
     - Äiti ristin alla (Stabat mater). säv. MN.  chorale.
     - Aiti ristiin juurella.  Aaria from cantata “Mailman Golgata”  k&s MN.  ms. pv. score.
     - Äitini  k&s MN.  3 p. pv. score and part, at head of title: Lempi Auvinen.
     - Alleluia  Mozart.  pv. score.
     - Along the Path of Glory.  parts: organ, flute, violin, …
     - America, My America. text & music by MN.  ms. pv. score and parts.
     - Ancient Finnish March. by Klemetti.    arr. for band by MN
     - Angelus. by Massenet, arr. for band MN.
     - Nyt ylös sieluni = Arise my soul, a symphony for voices, by MN.   On t.p. in Finnish “[a  short symphony for choir and solo voices, organ and piano] myötäilyn  pää aihena Suomalianen hengellinen kansanlaulua.  vocal score, piano, voice parts, 3 movs.  Finnish texts
     - Armon lähde  MN. Sop. solo, SATB.  2  p. pencil ms.
     - At the Door of Mercy cantata arr. by MN from various sources, Mozart, G.D. Wilson, Tchaikovsky, J.S. Bach…  8 movs.  Full score for 9 soloists, women’s choir and mixed choir, and parts.  Text in Finnish.     
     - As I Vision Vienna  a musical sketch by MN.  piano sketch
     - At the Sea  by Merikanto.   arr. for orchestra by MN.  orchestral parts
     - Heavenward I’m singing.  orig. Finnish text by Wilhelmi Malmivaara, melody by E.A. Hagfors,  English version and choral arr. by MN.  SSATB score. 
     - Bells of St. Mary’s by A.E. Adams,  arr. MN for piano.
     - Brother can you spare a dime?  by Jay Gorney, arr. MN for orchestra.  full score and parts.
     - The Betrothal: Overture to the one act comedy by Alexis Kivi.  Built on Finnish folk songs by MN.  Full score and parts.  Text of Kivi’s play in ms.  
     - The Calvary of the World.  Easter cantata by MN.  (The text of one of the airs by Seven Nuormaa) for Baritone (Bass) and Soprano soloists, choir and organ.  8 movs.  End of the cantata, “February 15, 1933 Hancock, Michigan.”
     - Copper Country Cloverland March by MN.  violin part, mixed choir arr. (D maj) and men’s choir arr. (E maj.). 
     - Mustat Ruusut by Jean Sibelius, arr. for orchestra by MN.  full score
     - Boys of Carelia:(Introducing a Finnish Folktune) Text and music by MN.  pv. score (solo song)
     - By the Waters of Minnetonka Lieurance, arr. for piano by MN.
     - Cavalleria Rusticana  by Mascagni.  ms. violin (concertmaster) part 29 pp.
     - Celestial Idyl  by Rubenstein.  Baritone solo w/ piano (blue photocopy).
     - Christmas Eve: (Introducing an old Jule-tide Song)  MN  piano solo. “Dedicated to my gifted student John Patzloff.”
     - Concerto in F by C.M. von Weber.  I.II trumpet in Bb
     - The Crusader by Lauri Pohjanpaa, arr. to the music of R. Wagner’s Tannhauser by MN.  3 ms.  pp.
     - A Cuban Serenade  by MN.  score for:  Obbl., chorus, 3 violins, bass, piano; and parts.
     - The Cutest Thing: (Old German Polka).  pencil ms. score (two piano staffs), and parts.
     - Davidin 23:Psalmi   1600 luvun tyyli,  säv. MN.  piano score and parts “[a cantata in classic style] Virsia 275 ja 350 kayttaen”
     - Daavindin 121 Psalmi  1700 luvun tyylin ja virtta. no. 284 Kyttäessä.  säv. MN. ms. choir book.
     - Debt: A Dramatic Cantata  by MN.  (Introducing the Anthems of the Nations)  SATB piano score, full set of orchestral parts.
     - Earnestly and Never Ceasing  [Jean] Sibelius.   SATB Choir arr.
     - The Devotional Hour arr. by MN for piano and 2 flutes or 2 violins.
     - Egmont  Ludwig van Beethoven, vocal arr. by  MN.  orchestra and mixed chorus.
     - Eilaah  by [Jean] Sibelius, arr. by MN.  SSATB choir w/ piano acc.
     - Elämän Puutarha, kirj. Hilja Haahti, säv. MN.  Baritone and soprano solo with choir 4 mov.
     - En etsi valtaa, loistoa: Joululaulu, säv. MN. chorus score (two treble, two bass clefs, piano acc.)  Db maj.  3 vs.
     - En luovu koskaan sinusta: Häälaulu, sanat Hugo Hillila, säv. MN. song w/ piano acc. 2 vs.
     - Esivirsi.  ms. piano score in pencil.  Music interspersed with recitations, dramatic presentations, and displaying pictures.
     - Etude  by Sibelius (treble part in pen).  On same page:  Merellä,  Oskar Merikanto.  treble song
     - Evening song [by] Schumann–Bonds.  song with piano/organ acc.
     - Every little cloud  by Hoschna, text and arr. by MN.  soloist with four part men’s chorus (TTBB) and piano acc.
     - Filmikuningatar = Kino-kuningatar: 3 näyt. operetta. kirjoit. Georg Okonkowski and Julius Freud, säv. Jean Gilbert, suomen. ja orches. MN.  Libretto only, carbon copy, 50+ pp.
     - Finnish Rhapsodiette = Suomalainen Rapsodietti  sov. MN.  pv. score and orchestral parts, (on  some parts arr. by MN, “built on Finnish Folk songs”)
     - The Flag Goes By: A Patriotic Song for Baritone Voice, words by Henry H. Bennett, music by MN.  pv. score and parts (clarinet, saxophone, trumpet)
     - Für Elise by L. van Beethoven.  arr. by MN for flute, oboe, clarinet, and piano.  Full score.
     - Glory!  built on melodies by Mozart and Haydn  pencil  sketch 
     - God is Love! A Symphony forVoices  Beethoven.  choral score SATB  mimeographed
     - God of Isreal  D. Bartinamsky. SATB pencil  sketch 2 pp.
     - Golgatan kummulla.  SB score, 2 half pp.
     - God’s Christmas Tree by MN  (Juhannes Devotus)  6 p. typescript of play (text to one song included)
     - Good Old Time March  arr. by MN.  piano score, full score and orchestral parts.
     - Häälaulu: ystavien Pastori ja Mrs. J.W. Heikkiselle vihkiaisiin    k&s MN.  song w/ piano acc. Finnish text, 2 copies in pencil.
     - Hail to Thee Suomi  W.A. Lehto, arr. MN.  SATB 1 p. English text.
     - Hallelujah!  Mozart, ensemble arr. by MN.  SSSSATTBB with piano acc.  pencil score.
     - Hämärän Laulu  k&s MN.  piano score with cello and vocal soloists; orchestral parts.
     - Hän kolkuttaa: Hengellinen Duetto  Kir. L. Onerva, säv. MN. vocal duet with piano acc.
     - Hansin Jukka se Haudastansa… kansanlauluille rakentaen  k&s MN.  Bass voice with piano acc. and men’s chorus (TTBB) “New Yorkin ‘Laulu Miehille’”
     - Happiness and Sorrow: Finnish Folk Song. parts for trumpets, horns, clarinets, saxophones and baritone.
     - Har du mod? (I), Beautiful Savior (II), O Lord! Correct me Handel (III), Love Divine(IV)[by]  MN.  piano parts for choir.
     - Heavens and Declaring by L. van Beethoven. organ part.

Notebook with the following vocal duet arr.: 
      - Heimotervehdys  säv. Wallace, duetoksi sov. MN  tenor and baritone duet with piano acc. ;  Helluntaina  Simo Korpela runes, Donezetti  music, duet arr. by MN ; Going Home = Sielun synnyinmaa  A. Dvorak, duet arr. by MN ;  Joulu-iltana tää suuri paiva. duetto, kir. A.K., säv. MN ;  Elonkorjuun aikaan. Mozart duetto kir. ja säv. MN  ; Nuoren laulu kir. Simo Korpela, säv. MN ; Psalm MN.

       - Heluntaivirsi kantaatti  k&s MN.  full score orchestra, mixed chorus, organ and piano, and parts.
       - Hengen Silmin Pääsiäiskantaatti  k&s MN.  SATB soloists, SATB choir, and piano acc.  10 mov. 50 pp.
       - Hengen Silmin Pääsiäiskantaatti  k&s MN. [written for the Baltic-South Range Mixed Choir to perform at Easter 1934–Mrs. Selma Luttinen, director]  SATB with piano acc. 10 mov. 24 pp.
      - Heroic March by MN. Full orchestra score in pencil.
       - Herra on rauha, kir. Hilja Haahti, [säv. MN?] song w/ piano acc.
       - Herran huonessa.  piano score with the following solo instruments:  Vl,  Cl., B Trb ; violin part.  (probably violin, clarinet, baritone, and trombone)  pencil  ms.

  S-1b Herra Päivä - Lullaby      

     - Herran päivä  by Pfeil, arr. MN.
     - Huh! Huh!: Fox Trot k&s by MN. [“all  rights reserved” in Swedish, Finnish, and English]   Piano score, 2 pp.
     - Hosanna  Mozart.  choral and orchestral arr. MN.
     - Humoreske  Palmgrim, arr. MN. 3 piano scores (3 piano arr.)
     - Hungarian Rhapsody Liszt, choral version by MN.  SATB pencil score, choral score, and chorus parts.
     - Hungary: A Choral-Rhapsody based on Hungarian Folk Melodies and Sarasati’s “Gypsy Aires.” text and arr. by MN.  solo piano score, piano acc., orchestral parts ; also SATB arr. with English text.
     - Idän Tähti: Laulu Pianon säestyksin.  kir. Hilja Haahti, säv. MN. song w/ piano acc.  at head of title: Lempi Auvinen.
     - Idylle  by Jean Sibelius, arr. by MN.  Full score for solo piano and orchestra.
     - If: Musical Drama in One Act by MN.   folder 1: pv. score in pen (pp. 1-112, scenes 1-7)
     - If: Musical Drama in One Act by MN.   folder 2: pv. score in pen (pp. 113-200, scenes 7-14) and percussion, trumpet and clarinet parts
     - If: Musical Drama in One Act by MN.   folder 3: flute, str. bass, cello, trombone, 1st vln parts
     - If: Musical Drama in One Act by MN.   folder 4: full score in pencil, 117 pp. [note: pp. 97-108 missing] at top: “make lullaby a glorious dream about the boy, who will be righteous” ; pv. score in pencil (end of 3 scene on)
     - If: Musical Drama in One Act by MN.   folder 5: pv. score in pencil,  misc. parts
[Notes about “If”  Scene 1: set in a prison, soprano solo with chorus about a beautiful spring day, Scene 2: Daniel is about to be hung for a crime he did not commit, Scene 3: Daniel, the Turnkey and Joan, more about the execution, Scene 4: Daniel and Joan sing about their marriage; hear their wedding march, Scene 5: Joan, Daniel, The Turnkey and the Turnkey’s wife,  Scene 6: Joan  and Daniel (a whole tone  lower) songs about dreams, Scene 7: Joan. Daniel, Robert and the Boys from the Village, Scene 8: Joan and Daniel (a whole tone  lower), Scene 9: Joan, Daniel, the Minster, the Turnkey’s wife and Anne, Scene 10: Joan, Daniel and the Minister, getting Daniel ready for his execution, Scene 11: Joan, lament about death “Why must we dream of love everlasting, when death … goes ever on,” Scene 12: Joan, Daniel and Sheriff  (overpowers the sheriff  to escape), Scene 13:  Daniel, Joan and the Governor’s messenger,  Daniel is pardoned Scene 14: entire cast of soloists and chorus, reprise of opening spring scene. (Note: includes spoken dialogue interspersed with the music).
     - Iltalaulu.  SATB chorus, poor quality mimeograph
     - Iltarukous, kansanruno, säv. MN.  soprano with piano acc.
     - The Impatient Youth: An Opera in one act and a Prologue by MN.  11 pp. typescript of libretto, handwritten libretto, 80 pp. of ms. score in pencil, pv. score of prelude and prologue. 
     - The Impetuous Youth: Opera by  MN.  I. and II. piano parts in pencil. 
     - In a Persian Market Ketelbey. pv. score, mimeographed.
     - In  Harvest Time: Cantata in Classic Style by MN.  pv. score.
     - In Old Hungary, Hungarian gypsy melody arr. by MN.  pv. pencil sketch.
     - In the Carpenter’s Shop, author unknown, music by MN.  song w/ piano acc.  pencil ms.; photocopy “from Mrs. Henry Auvinen collection”
     - In the Forest Jean Sibelius, text and vocal arr. MN.  arr. for unacc. male chorus (TTBB)
     - In the House of the Lord: Sacred Finnish Folksong, English version and arr. by MN for male chorus (TTBB) with piano acc.
     - It’s Spring Again!  Arr. from Chopin’s Ab polonaise and A Prelude.  SATB score.
     - Isänmaan virsi  [arr. by MN?] for SATB and wind ensemble ; SATB score and parts.
     - The Jager March by Sibelius, [arr. by MN?] Band parts.
     - Jeesuksessa voiton saa: Bassosoolo  kir. Simo Korpela, säv. MN. song w/ piano acc.
     - Jeesus-nimi  (Simo Korpela) MN. song w/ organ acc.
     - Johta meitä Kaitsija, oi korkein from Finlandia. vocal part
     - Joulu-Ilta = Christmas Eve: (Introducing an old Yule-Tide Carol) by MN  piano arr.
     - Joulukantaatti  kir. Hugo Hillilä,  säv. MN.  mimeograph of 1 p. SATB score, a few misc. parts.
     - Joulukellot: Joulukantaatti  säv. MN. [texts written by well known Finnish poets]  No.1 mixed chorus with baritone solo, No.2 women’s choir or trio, No. 3 tenor / baritone duet and choir, No. 4, Baritone solo, double quartet and mixed choir.
     - Joulun Kellot: Kuoro–Meloramaattinen esitys. säv. P.J. Hannikainen ja MN. pv. score, in blue pen: “[prepared for the Baltic South Range mixed choir presentation, Christmas 1934–Selma Luttinen, director]
     - Joulukynttilät: Joulukantaatti  k&s MN. pv. score, 6 movs. (Mov. 5: Baritone and violin solo)
     - Joululahja Jeesuslapselle  k&s MN. SATB piano score; soloists, SATB, women’s chorus, 8 movs. ; mimeograph of choir part.
     - Joululaulu  k&s MN.  mixed choir score, 3 vs.; 16 mes., B  part repeated 8 mes.  Total 24 mes.
     - Joululaulu  kir. Sakari Topelius, säv. MN. SATB score, 2 p. photocopy.
     - Jouluvaloa  kir. Hilja Haahti,  säv. MN. song w/ piano or organ acc. and violin obbligato,  at head of title: Lempi Auvinen.
     - Joutsenet  kir. Otto Manninen, Oravasatu kir. Hilja Haahti, säv. MN. song w/ piano acc.  Above caption:  Nämä kaksi laulua säveltetty Konsuli Aaltion pitoihin  Duluthissa, Minn.  Lempi Auvinen.
     - Juhla-alkusoitto  MN.  First violin part.
     - Juhla-illan järjestys.  organ and choir part, 8 short mov. with recitations by the Pastor between.
     - Juhlakantaatti,  some movements by MN. two soloists and SATB score, poor quality mimeograph, 6 mov.  “for the Hancock choir, brought to office by Mrs. Hurula, 9-8-75”
     - Juhlalaulu Äidille  kir. Hilja Haahti, säv. MN. SATB part 1 p.
     - Just Somebody’s Sweetheart  text  by Lucy Been, music by Joan Dave.  pv. score transcription.
     - Jule-tide Lullaby words by Anna Hoppa, music by MN. duet for two sopranos w/ piano acc.
     - Kadonnut Lammas kir. S.V. Autere, säv. MN. vocal score SATB, baritone, sop. solos, 7 movs. but mostly just sketches.
     - Kahvilalaulajat:3 näyt. farssioperetti  k&s MN. pv. score, only 16 pp., overture and first two numbers, ends with attacca…
     - Kanteleeni (My Kantele) Haapasalo, English version and arr. MN.  Pencil sketch ; SATB choir arr. published by the Lutheran Book Concern, Hancock, MI  © 1942. 
     - Kaipaus = Longing [violin solo with piano acc.] pianon myötailyin, säv. MN. violin solo part. Note: piano accomp. missing.
     - Kalevainen tervehdys!  MN.  pencil sketch SATB.
     - Kalevan Kansanlaulu  Toivo Saarenpaa,  harmony MN.  song w/ piano acc.
     - Karelia: Finnish March. piano score and orchestral parts.
     - Karelian scene II MN.  band parts in ms.
     - Karjalan jääkärimarssi.  piano part.
     - Käy sisään Herran siunattu  [kir.] Simo Korpela, säv. MN.  song w/ piano acc.
     - Katkekoon Amerikka Kasvonsa Häpeässä. handwritten text in Finnish; perhaps a translation of an article from “Our Army” a US Army magazine, pertaining to Finnish war lending.
     - Käytä Herra, minua. kir. Hugo Hillilä,  säv. MN. song w/ piano acc.
     - Kehtolaulu = Berceuse  A. Järnefelt,  sov. MN.  Baritone solo w/ choir, orchestration marked in.
     - Kerran saapui kesä Suomeen Wennerberg, arr. MN.  Soprano-Tenor duet w/ piano acc. transposed to Ab maj. 
     - Ketä muistat?  kir. Tmmy Hellen, säv. MN. solo song unaccomp.  On same ms:
     - Soi, soi Sielussani  säv. Felix Mendelssohn, sanat kir. ja sov. MN. solo song
     - Iltarukous Kansanruno, säv. MN. solo song.
     - Kevätlaineet  kir. Larin Kyösti, säv. MN.  Soprano duet w/ piano acc.
     - Kevätlaulu = Vårsång  MN.  Op. 28 song w/ piano acc. ; ms. in pen, typewritten text ; published sheet music version: Edition Fazer 2336 (Pl.  no.: A/B FM 2336) Finnish and Swedish texts © 1929 Anton J. Benjamin, Leipzig
     - Kiitos Isälle Lunastajasta [kir.] Simo Korpela, [sav] MN. photocopy, SSAA score for women’s choir.  Above caption in blue pen: “For women’s voices – quartet esp. for my double quartet L.A.”  Lempi Auvinen.
     - Kiitosuhri Korkeimmalle: Kantaatti  kir. S.V. Autere, säv. MN. Full score for orchestra, piano, organ, vocal soloists and choir, plus parts. 
     - Kiittäkää Herra! [MN?]  SATB choir part, poor quality mimeograph.
     - Kiitosuhri koreinmalle: Kantaatti  kir. S.V. Autere, säv. MN.  pv. score 28 pp. (5 mov.), SATB choir, vocal solos and duets, piano (or organ) acc. ; Baritone solo part.
     - Kirkkoni:Kantaatti  k&s MN.  mostly pencil sketches for 5 mov. cantata.
     - Kirkonkellojen laulu: Aaria kantaatista Kirkkoni.  k&s MN.  Aria w/ piano acc.
     - Kolme kosijaa ja yksi rakastaja: Operetti 3:ssa näytäksessä,  sommitellut ja säv. MN.  Full score, approx. 50 pp. ; handwritten libretto 34 pp.  On tp.: “Kirjoitettu 1919”
     - Korkeimman suojassa, kir. Simo Korpela, säv. MN.  SATB choir w/ piano acc.  8 pp. ms.  7 pp. mimeographed choir parts.
     - Kristus nousi haudataan!  [MN?]   Song w/ piano acc. written in pencil.
     - Kristuslapsen kehtolaulu  kir. Martin Luther, keskieuraisen sävelmän kuorolle sovit. MN.  SATB choir score, 1 p. photocopy
     - Kuin kasteltu kukkatarha   MN.  SSAA women’s chorus, in pencil.
      - Kuisma ja Helinä: Melodrama kir. Larin Kyösti, musiikin sommitellut MN.  piano score; music accompanies spoken dialogue  ;  [Topic Finnish and Russian kansaus dvalt]
     - Kultaisin sävelin = With Golden Melodies Merikanto, sov. MN. two piano score in pencil.
     - Lakeuden lintu  kir. V.A. Koskenniemi, säv. MN. song w/ piano acc. 
     - Legenda  Melartin, sanoittanut ja sov. kuorossa MN.  SATB choir arr.
     - Leivo kir. Olli Vuorinen, säv. MN. Song w/ piano acc.  photocopy, Lempi Auvinen.
     - Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: A Sequential Symphonic Poem for Voices (Excerpts from the Address – National Airs quoted) by MN   I. and II. piano parts, vocal score, mimeographed chorus scores ; program on Wednesday, May 3 [1939?] with arr. of Beethoven God is Love, (II. piano score has God is Love included).  The College Chorus, Choruses, trumpeters, and drummers from Hancock and Houghton High Schools.
     - Londondary Aire. pencil sketch for solo voice.
     - The Lone Sentry.  handwritten and typewritten carbon copy of  libretto; three choir numbers SATB, poor quality mimeograph.  [Apparently a Christmas play with incidental music]
     - Lord Almighty  Everlasting!  Lindblad, English version and arr. by MN. SATB choir score in pencil.
     - Love Devine.  SATB choir score, poor quality mimeograph.
     - Lullaby by John Devotus. cello with piano acc. in 2/4 [arr. by MN?] ; in same envelope: Lullaby arr. from and old melody [by MN?] in 6/8

  S-1c Maailman Golgata - Vesper     
  S-1d Sheet Music Duplicates and Memorial Concert

Martti Nisonen Music Manuscripts, Series 2:

  S-1e Aamu - Rooster, Hen & Jackass     
Saarnan jalkeen musiikki - Suurin sana    
Symphony in E Minor - Vivacissimo      
Warriors of the Lord - Unidentified Items
Unsorted Manuscripts

S-1j Martti Nisonen Biographical and Additional Music Items:

   Folder 1 Unsorted music manuscripts (continued)

   Folder 2 "Finlandia" (arranged by Martti Nisonen) 20.5 x 13.5 cm printed version

   Folder 3 "Finlandia" (arranged by Martti Nisonen) Manuscript Score (1 of 2)

   Folder 4 "Finlandia" (arranged by Martti Nisonen) Manuscript Score (2 of 2)

   Folder 5 "Hengen Silmin - Easter Cantata"

   Folder 6 "Suomi March," text by Aino Lilja Halkola, music by Martti Nisonen

   Folder 7 Music published by the Finnish Lutheran Book Concern in Hancock, Mich.

      - Elonkorjuun aikaan : Hengellinen duetto : W.A. Mozartin sonaatinosan duetoksi sommitellut, kirjoittanut ja sovittanut Martti Nisonen (Op. 54, No. 1).
     - Grandmothers [sic] Wedding : Suite in Popular Style for Piano Solo = Isoäidin häät : Sarja helppotajuiseen tyyliin pianolle : Uncle Talks to the Bride and Groom = Setä puhuu morsiusparille. (Op. 39, No. 3).
     - Kanteleeni (My Kantele), English version and arrangement by M. Nisonen.
     - Koti-Ikävä : Laulu kahdelle äänelle pianon tai urkujen säestyksin. Written by Simo Korpela, arr. by M. Nisonen.
     - Lapsuuden ystävälle = To A Childhood Friend : Suomalainen kansanlaulu = A Finnish Folk Song : Variations by Martti Nisonen (Op. 52, No. 1). - Maailma on Valtameri. Written by Simo Korpela, arranged by M. Nisonen.
     - Nuorten Laulu (Song of Youth). Written by Hilja Haahti, English version and arrangement by M. Nisonen, 1942
     - Rauhalla ei loppua : Henellinen laulu. Written by N.E. Vainio, arranged by M. Nisonen (Op. 55).
     - Siunattu Siion : Hengellinen duetto. Written by Simo Korpela, arranged by M. Nisonen (Op. 54, No. 2).
     - Sorrow of Mary, Aria from the Easter Cantata Beneath the Cross. Words by S.V. Autere and M. Nisonen, English version by J. Wargelin (Op. 37), 1923.
     - Vanha Kirkko, Siunattu Hetki, Katso Seimen Lasta. Words by Gruntwig-Pohjanpää, music by M. Nisonen, 1942.
     - Were I A Little Swallow : Song with Piano Accompaniment (Finnish Folk Lyric translated by J. Wargelin). (Op. 7, No. 3), 1923       

   Folder 8 Music published by the Amerikan Suomalainen Raittius Keskus Toimikunta

     - Amerikan Suomalaisten Laulu, written and composed by Alfred Laakso, choral and piano arrangement by M. Nisonen, 1945.

   Folder 9 Published Music, other

     - Take Flight, My Song So Tender. Text by W. Koskimies, music by Jean Sibelius, English version by M. Nisonen. Published by the Augustana Book Concern, Rock Island, Illi., 1937
     - Sinun siunattun armosuojaas. Composed by Alfred Laakso, text by Aino Lilja Halkola, piano and choral arrangement by M. Nisonen, professionally printed by no publisher or date.
     - Suosittuja Lauluja : Kansanomaisia Sävelimiä ja suomalaisia kupletteja : Sepä Sälli, Tässä on poika Pohjanmaalta, Aamutunnelma, Kotimatka, Talon tyttö ja torpan tyttö, and Viinalaulu, all arranged by M. Nisonen. Published by R.E. Westerlund O.Y., Helsinki, Finland.

   Folder 10 Photocopied Music.

     - Arise My Soul! A vocal symphony [parts for Piano I and Piano II]
     - Cantaati : Nais-Kuoro. Written by Z. Topelius, arranged by M. Nisonen
     - Kevätlaulu = Vårsång. Swedish text by N. Runeberg, written by M. Nisonen
     - Kirkonvihkiäis kantaatti. Written by S.V. Autere, arranged by M. Nisonen. - Kuule Kutsumusta. Written by Simo Korpela, arrannged by M. Nisonen (Op. 54, No. 3).
     - Ristin Tie : Pääsiäis kantaati. Written by Simo Korpela, arranged by M. Nisonen.
     - Taas Kolkutan. Written by Simo Korpela, arranged by M. Nisonen.
     - Mineen lunastajami elää : Pieni pääsiäis-kantaatti

    Folder 11 Suomi College 1896-1964 : Musiikki - dramaattinen esitys = A music dramatization and presentation. Written and arr. by M. Nisonen. Home-bound photocopied choral music book, 93 pages, for the music portion of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Suomi College (now Finlandia University).

   Folder 12 Contrapunktstudier vid Kngl: Musikkonservatoriet i Leipzig. II Dubbel kontrapunkit. H.J. Nisonen. Augusi 1883. H.J. Nisonen. Contrapuntal Music Workbook of H.J. Nisonen, the father of Martti Nisonen, from his time as a music student in Leipzig.

   Folder 13 Martti Nisonen Memorial Concert (Mini-Fest) materials.  August 1, 1982.

   Folder 14 Newspaper and press clippings. 1930-37, 1943, 1946-48, 1978, 1982.

   Folder 15 Photographs.  Includes Martti Nisonen in comical poses with Finnish Americans from the Copper Country who joined the Finnish Army to fight in the Winter War, including William Tammela, Eskel Olson, Charles Karling, Lloyd Hauswirth, and Paul Hillstrom.  Also includes Mrs. Victor Kuusisto, Mrs. Henry Auvinen, Ruth Kuusisto, Bert Nisonen, Henry Nisonen., Eiri Nisonen Benson, 1938 Christmas carolers, 1923-24 Suomi College Orchestra (Jaakko Piirainen, Norman Kujala, Evert Torkko, Aino Nikander, Charles Koukiainen, Eino Jasberg, Hilma (Burman) Manner, Arne J. Wargelin, John Koskela), the Martti Nisonen Memorial Concert, "The Life and Music of Martti Nisonen" panel discussion (with Dr. Ruth-Esther Hillila, Arthur Hill, Jacob Heikkinen, and Edward Haapa).

   Folder 16 Programs, Memorial Concerts. 1976, 1982, undated.

   Folder 17 Program, Suomi College Alumni Banquet, April 30, 1977.   Includes Suomi College graduating class picture, 1923-24 (Anna Tuomisto, Martti Nisonen, Peter Pesonen, Hagar Haapanen, Martha Johnson-Fischer, Paul Jasberg, Tellervo Luttinen-Bobbio, Phillip Wargelin, Helmi Holm, Toivo Nikander, and Saima Mandelin-Huber).

   Folder 18 Lukkari-urkurikurssi (1928-1929 Suomi College music syllabus).

   Folder 19 Text and translations. 1940, undated.

   Folder 20 Correspondence and ephemera regarding Martti Nisonen collection donations. 1969, 1974-80, 1985, 1988, 1990, 2002.