O-47 Finnish Organizations of Butte, Mont. (W.C. Koski collection)

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O-47 Finnish Organizations of Butte, Mont. (W.C. Koski collection)

Title: Finnish Organizations of Butte, Mont. (W.C. Koski collection)
Various organization in and surrounding Butte, Montana
Inclusive Dates: 1919-1964
Bulk dates: 1920-1950
Extent: .5 linear ft.
Languages: Finnish and English

Abstract:  The Walfred C. Koski collection of 2009 includes materials from a variety of Finnish organizations in Butte, Montana, including the Finnish Worker's Club, the Finnish Worker's Drama Club, the Finnish American Athletics Club, the Red Lodge and Butte Sports Society, and the Finnish Hall Society.

Finding Aid Created By: Kent Randell, Archivist, 2010.

Photgraphed by: Volunteers Pete Stubbs and Christine R.R. Randell.


Finding Aid

O-47, Folder 1

  Finnish Workers Club of Butte Minutes, 1/31/1919 - 1/2/1920
  Butte Finnish Workers Drama Club minutes, 9/22/1929 - 1/5/1930

O-47, Folder 2

  Finnish Workers Club Minutes, 5/14/1934-4/20/1947

O-47, Folder 3

  Finnish American Athletics Club Minutes, 10/19/1930-2/21/1932,
  7/31/1935, 3/14/1936-5/19/1937

O-47, Folder 4

  Notes found in Finnish American Athletics Club Minutes, 1932-1937
  Includes sports rules, minutes draft, and illustration of a woman.

O-47, Folder 5

  Finnish Hall Society Checkbook, 2/8/1960 to 12/9/1963,
  check receipt of $1,000.00 to Workers Publishing Company, and
  bank statement (First National Bank of Butte, Montana)

O-47, Folder 6

  Finnsh Workers Club of Butte checkbook, 11/14/1938 to 1/30/1950

O-47, Folder 7

  Loose stenographers notebook with minutes draft from 1/28/193x

O-47, Folder 8

Loose pages:
 Draft of Drama Club minutes, 1929
 Results of Compeition, Red Lodge, Butte, and Mullan
          Throwing (heitto sarja), Jumping (hyppy sarja), Running 
          (jouksu sarja), "Five Battle" (viisi ottelu), Kolmen
          Mailin Viesti (three-mile relay) with yhteinen aiki 
          (combined time), and Kolmen Mailin Juoksu (three-mile run)
 Gymnastics Instructions (Vapaalikkeita), typed and hand-written)
 Minutes notes (undated)
 Minutes draft 8/18/1930 with notes from Ivar Otava
 Minutes draft 8/1/1931
 Butte Finnish Workers Club (V. ja U.) rules (säänöt)
 Butte Finnish Workers Club's Köntyksen Seura (Athletics Club) rules
 Butte Finnish Workers Club's Athletics Club rules for displaying monographs
         or emblems.
 "120 Words - January 1936." Letter (typed copy) from
     one Senator to another regarding Depression legislation. Unsigned.
 Invitation to sports party/event from Mullan to Butte
            via hand-written letter, 7/6/36.
  Telegram canceling Red Lodge's participation in Mullan's
     sports competition - should we reschedule?  6/17/1936.
     Hand-written draft of response on back.
 notes for glass
 Advertisement for Association of Accredited Commercial
     Schools, Butte Business College, Butte, Montana
 "Facts Regarding Butte Business College"


  Finnish Hall Society Accounts, 4/25/1917-1/1/1964

O-47, Folder 9

 Loose pages from Finnish Hall Society Accounts, 1917-1964:
 2009.65.10.01-03 Finnish Workers Club Päätös (mission statement)
 2009.65.10.04 Finnish Workers Club Säännöt (rules)
 2009.65.10.05 Statement from Anaconda Mining Company showing the
      10/8/1940 purchase of real estate in Butte for $10,000.00.


  Butte Finnish Workers Club Accounts, 1928-1951


Object collection

  Butte Finnish Hall Society's
  Metal Hand Stamp



Object collection

 Kohkonen-Maki-Aro Relay Race Trophy, 1936. (see
 2009.65.14 for rules which were found inside trophy)

O-47, Folder 10

 Kohkonen-Maki-Aro Relay Race Rules, 1936.  Rules
 found inside trophy (see 2009.65.13)