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Finnish American Historical Archive Book Collection

The Finnish American Historical Archive collects books written by Finnish Americans, books about Finnish America, any book published in Finnish in a country other than Finland, as well as any books printed in Finland in English.  The Archive also collects the following types of books written in Finnish in Finland: biographies of notable individuals, Laestadianism or Pietism, books published by leftist groups, rare books, children and folk literature (including the Kalevala), architecture and graphic design, the arts, books about unusual topics (for example, the Archive holds a 1910 graphology textbook, several books about Theosophy, etc.), poetry, early copies of major works, 19th century works, and notable historical books. 

In most cases, the archive does not collect contemporary novels in Finnish, published in Finland (especially those published by WSOY or Otava). The Archive has also separated hundreds of duplicate titles.  This has resulted in the Archive holding about 45 linear feet of extra Finnish books and novels.  Anybody interested in obtaining Finnish books should contact the archive.

The book collection consists of about 8,000 titles, many of which are held by no other library in the Americas. The Archive is currently updating its digital database, and reconciling this database with its old card catalog and the items in the stacks.  When this project is completed, MARC records will be generated and added into the Voyager System of online search currently used by Finlandia University's Maki Library.  Additionally, once the shelf count is complete the records will be added to OCLC / World Cat.

Selected Book Collections: