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What is Air Force ROTC?

It's a challenge. It's an opportunity. It's a head-start on a lifetime of success, within the Air Force and in everything you choose to do.

Air Force ROTC provides MTU students the opportunity to become United States Air Force officers after completing their college degrees. Air Force ROTC combines traditional undergraduate education with military instruction, preparing students for leadership challenges awaiting the Air Force in the 21st century.

Debt Free Degree
Air Force ROTC makes it easy to complete your degree - debt free. We offer a variety of scholarships for most tuition, books, and lab fees. Plus, we offer a tax-free monthly stipend. You won't have to worry about student loans that normally take several years to pay back. Even if you're not on scholarship, you'll receive a tax-free stipend during your junior and senior years.

Air Force ROTC graduates receive a commission as Air Force officers. Best of all, when you do graduate, you have employment with a regular paycheck and great benefits.

How do Air Force ROTC courses fit in?
Air Force ROTC involves one class with lab, and physical conditioning on campus each semester. The courses fit most academic programs as "electives."

As a freshman, you'll start Air Force ROTC with a one credit no-obligation, "Introduction to the Air Force" class, a one credit lab, and a physical conditioning class. As you progress in Air Force ROTC, you'll expand your leadership, management, and communications skills, learn about Air Force history, and focus on national defense policy

What else does the program offer?
As an Air Force ROTC student, you typically attend a 4-week Field Training between your sophomore and junior years. If you choose, during summer breaks you can gain extra experience through field trips: Intern at the Pentagon. Learn to fly a glider. Go parachuting. Travel to Morocco. Tour a base. Go through combat survival training.

When you know who you are, when you discover your talents and what you like to do, it's not so hard to choose the right career.

Engineering Officer - use your creative and innovative thinking to develop and use technology for Air Force projects.
Aerospace Engineer - design and direct the implementation of military aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft.
Nurse - work with top physicians, as well as the most sophisticated equipment and procedures.
Communications Officer - maintain the security of the Air Force's vast network of satellites and computer systems--global grid
Pilot - operate aircraft controls and equipment and supervise or direct navigation, in-flight refuelings, and the completion of your missions

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