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The English major explores literature from many cultures, practices creative writing, and explores a variety of genres and forms.

The English major studies literature from a range of periods and cultures in a variety of genres and forms, and also practices both creative and analytic writing.  Students develop sophisticated critical reading, writing and speaking skills, cross-cultural fluency, and a firm grounding in the humanistic traditions of moral, intellectual and artistic work.  English majors will be trained to seek employment in writing, editing, print and digital publishing, as well as education, business, politics and social services.  The English major is also excellent preparation for graduate school in the humanities or law school.

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CEA – College English Association

Helsinki Slang (Creative Writing Group)
Helsinki Slang is the official literary magazine of Finlandia University located in Hancock, MI.

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Finlandia believes it is important for the student to be exposed to the world. By fostering exchange relations with foreign learning institutions we are able to bring experts from around the world to teach on campus and offer students the opportunity to attend college overseas while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English.

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What you will learn

Graduates will be able to:

  • Identify, summarize and classify significant works of literature and explain their importance within a global framework.
  • Produce original, sophisticated, clear, and revised judgments on a range of literary texts and topics.
  • Summarize and analyze the reception of various texts in both their own period and the present. Relate the texts and their reception to relevant issues and themes. .
  • Formulate and use interdisciplinary approaches to synthesize and produce sophisticated and novel arguments with scholarly potential.
  • Construct and argue positions related to a range of topics in literature. Demonstrate ability to articulate the value of both the positions themselves AND the process of knowledge production and dissemination in the field of literature and writing.

Sample Courses (CORE)

  • Creative Writing
    Introduction to the writing of fiction, poetry, and the literary essay. Includes a variety of readings to support student writing. Available fall semesters. Prerequisite: ENG 104 or instructor permission.
  • Monstrous Literature
    Examine depictions of monstrosity in both classical and contemporary literature and consider what such "monstrous literature" can tell us about how we see the world and ourselves. Readings may include "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," "The Call of Cthulu," "I am Legend," "Grendel," and "No Country for Old Men." Fall semester, even years. Prerequisite: ENG 103 or instructor permission.
  • Film as Art
    Evaluates films of different genres and introduces film history and the terminology of film criticism. Available spring semester, even years. Prerequisite: ENG 104 or instructor permission.
  • Cultures in Conflict
    Designed to give a deeper and broader understanding of major conflicts around the globe, analyzing their effects on human societies and the environment through various works of fiction. Focuses on literary works written by under-represented writers, exploring territories as diverse as a war-torn neighborhood of Afghanistan, a rural village in Africa, or an Indian community in Calcutta. Texts may include historical analyses, criticism, fiction, poetry, literary journalism, and drama. Spring semester, odd years.

Career Opportunities

English Teacher, Editor, Writer, Advertising, Politics, Law
Carolyn DekkerAssistant Professor, EnglishFinlandia Universitycarolyn.dekker@finlandia.edu906-487-7407
Jason OyadomariAssociate Professor of Biology & Dean of Suomi College of Arts and SciencesFinlandia Universityjason.oyadomari@finlandia.edu906-487-7381
Mark LounibosAssistant Professor, EnglishFinlandia Universitymark.lounibos@finlandia.edu906-487-7336

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