ESL Certificate - English as a Second Language

Finlandia’s English as a Second Language (ESL) Certificate program is for students whose first language is not English.

Finlandia’s ESL Certificate program teaches English for academic success so students can successfully pursue a bachelor’s degree at Finlandia or another North American university. W

ith approval of the international student advisor, the ESL program of study may be adjusted to meet individual language needs. Coursework in reading, writing, speaking, and grammar is integrated with computer

work, one-on-one tutoring, conversation partners, and cultural experiences. Students will also receive help studying for the TOEFL exam.


ESL Certificate Scholarships

Scholarship Opportunities

Program Policy – ESL Certificate

A minimum overall GPA of 2.5 is required to receive the ESL program certificate. Finlandia provides continued language support to international students who continue their studies at Finlandia. For students who wish to continue their studies at another university, Finlandia will assist with the transfer process.

Study Abroad Opportunities – ESL Certificate Programs

Finlandia believes it is important for the student to be exposed to the world. By fostering exchange relations with foreign learning institutions we are able to bring experts from around the world to teach on campus and offer students the opportunity to attend college overseas while pursuing an ESL certificate program.

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What you will learn

Graduates will be able to:

  • Read and interpret English academic articles, essays, short stories.
  • Write with basic competence a selected text of English.
  • Speak and be understood by classmates, faculty and staff in academic, co-curricular and community settings.
  • Listen and comprehend spoken English of classmates, faculty and staff in academic, co-curricular and community settings.
  • Integrate the four communication skills of writing, reading, speaking and listening to succeed in mainstream American society.

Sample Courses (CORE)

  • Academic Listening and Speaking
    This class is designed to improve students’ speaking skills and listening comprehension. During the second semester, emphasis is on academic listening and speaking. Students make short oral presentations and gain practice taking notes in English from lectures, video recordings, and other sources. Offered as needed. Prerequisite: ESL Placement Assessment Test.
  • Reading II
    Students read a broad range of texts, from simple stories and articles with basic vocabulary to more advanced readings from newspapers and magazines. Fiction and more challenging academic texts will be gradually introduced. Emphasis is on building vocabulary and refining students’ understanding of written English through reading, writing, and talking about various texts. Offered as needed. Prerequisite: ESL Placement Assessment Test.
  • Writing II
    This class helps students write more clearly and fluently in English. Vocabulary and grammatical structures will be taught in context, and students apply what they learn in essays and other written assignments. During the second semester, more emphasis is placed on academic and business writing, with practice in summarizing, creating arguments, and documenting sources. Readings and writing assignments improve students’ understanding of American culture, history, and politics. Offered as needed. Prerequisite: ESL Placement Assessment Test.

Career Opportunities

Interpretor, Language School Instructor, Translator
Frann Grossman
Frann GrossmanProfessional Tutor - ESL, English, Writing, HumanitiesFinlandia 487-7255
Janice CoxAdolphsDirector, English as a Second LanguageFinlandia Universityjanice.coxadolphs@finlandia.edu906-487-7219
Jason OyadomariAssociate Professor of Biology & Dean of Suomi College of Arts and SciencesFinlandia Universityjason.oyadomari@finlandia.edu906-487-7381

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