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The Communication program gives students an informed understanding of how people create meaning.

The Communication major offers an interdisciplinary background in critical media studies and gives students an informed understanding of how people create meaning with and through the cultural industries. Students learn proficiency in critical analysis and oral, written, visual, and aural literacy while becoming aware of how mediated communication—theoretically and practically—shapes individual and collective identities and informs citizenship. Students will be introduced to qualitative research methods as well as theories concerning media, communication, and identity from a wide range of disciplines and will develop an understanding of our historical and contemporary relationships to communication technologies, texts, and industries. In addition to preparing students for graduate study, the communication major provides students with the analytical skills necessary to enter careers in diverse fields, including media industries; marketing, PR, and advertising; corporate communications; education; and community organizing.

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NCA – National Communication Association

The National Communication Association advances Communication as the discipline that studies all forms, modes, media, and consequences of communication through humanistic, social scientific, and aesthetic inquiry.

NCA serves the scholars, teachers, and practitioners who are its members by enabling and supporting their professional interests in research and teaching. Dedicated to fostering and promoting free and ethical communication, NCA promotes the widespread appreciation of the importance of communication in public and private life, the application of competent communication to improve the quality of human life and relationships, and the use of knowledge about communication to solve human problems.

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Study Abroad Opportunities – Communication Programs

Finlandia believes it is important for the student to be exposed to the world. By fostering exchange relations with foreign learning institutions we are able to bring experts from around the world to teach on campus and offer students the opportunity to attend college overseas while pursuing their bachelor’s in communication.

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What you will learn

Graduates will be able to:

  • Develop a broad understanding of a range of topics in communication, media, and cultural studies. (Global Perspective)
  • Formulate and clearly articulate critical persepctives on relationships of media, communications, and culture. (Communication)
  • Understand the role that mediated communication plays in relation to the distribution of power in society and the shaping of our individual and collective identities. (Personal Perspective, Global perspective)
  • Analyze a variety of oral, written, and visual messages as critical consumers of messages and skillful makers of effective messages. (Analytical and Creative Thinking, Creative Insight)
  • Apply qualitative methods and an interdisciplinary range of media and communication theories to the study of carious communication texts, platforms, industries, audiences, and processes. (Analytical and Critical Thinking)

Sample Courses (CORE)

  • Web Design I
    Introduces the student to the basic principles of web design using HTML/XHTML and CSS. An emphasis is placed on semantic design, usability, accessibility, and project-based learning. Offered as needed.
  • Gender and Communication
    Recognizing that communication is the symbolic process that creates and maintains our realities, students examine the ways in which gender is constructed and practiced through interpersonal, institutional, and mass media messages. Spring semester, odd years.
  • Environmental Communication
    Examines not only the ways our messages about the environment educate us and help us solve problems, but also at the ways language—and other communication acts—create and maintain our relationship with the natural world. Fall semester, even years. Prerequisite: COM 101.

Career Opportunities

Editor, Public Relations Specialist, Writer
Jason OyadomariAssociate Professor of Biology & Dean of Suomi College of Arts and SciencesFinlandia Universityjason.oyadomari@finlandia.edu906-487-7381

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