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Copper Island Athletic Edge LLC

Suite 706

Company Owner:

Myra MoyrylaCopper Island Athletic Edge

Hours Of Operation:

By appointment only

Contact Information:

Name: Myra Moyryla
Copper Island Athletic Edge LLC
200 Michigan St., Suite 706
Hancock, MI 49930
Cell: (906)370-7899
Website Address: 


Company Product and/or Service:

Copper Island Athletic Edge LLC is a business to assist athletes with the goal of reaching their potential through work with the reflex integration system approach for conscious motor control and body finesse during practice and competition. The services are for athletes of any age and ability/level from children to adults.  We are available to work on individuals in the office or have the ability to travel to a team site to do team preparation work.

Company Profile:


Myra Möyrylä, owner of Copper Island Athletic Edge LLC, invites Athletes of any age and level of individual or team competition to come sample an exploratory session of reflex integration and muscle balancing, as well as mind body integration.  A session requires an hour of your time in soft, flexible clothes like sweats or yoga pants. The bodywork is gently performed on a massage table and involves checking one reflex at a time and integrating it. Sometimes specific muscles are checked and balanced, especially after healing from injury or surgery.

Myra has been providing these services since 2008 through Free Spirit Health & Wellness and officially opened the Copper Island Athletic Edge LLC in the summer of 2011.  She says, "It has been a true joy to serve athletes in hockey, basketball, volleyball, football, track, figure skating, gymnastics, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, marathon running, triathlons, golf, horseback riding, and even BMX biking."  Myra expects to see this list grow over time and to explain this pioneering application to athletes and parents of athletes. 

"To reach for our athletic edge, we intentionally learn perseverance, collaboration, body finesse, dignity, hardiness, and joy of pushing limits physically and mentally. Un-integrated reflexes can inhibit or delay the development of these noble skills", she explains. "Reflexes can show themselves either very subtlety or with symptoms such as feeling "off", lacking symmetry in body especially after healing from injury or surgery, aggression, low threshold to stress, easily frustrated, anxiety, problems with attention, a feeling of 'climbing the walls', and lack of focus." Sometimes these symptoms are more evident in the classroom, at home, or at work, but still effect athletic potential. As a former Suzuki violin and piano student, Myra also invites musicians to come in for a visit.

Personally, Myra has enjoyed athletic development from childhood recreation, sports at Houghton High School and Ferris State University, to her current pursuits. Myra invites you to join her in creating a community that plays outside and participates in all the traditional and emerging 4-season sports in the beautiful backdrop of the Keweenaw peninsula. Copper Island Athletic Edge offers reflex integration work to help pursue enjoyment and excellence in all ages,  skills, and types of athletic challenge. She invites all members of the community to go play in our famous north woods.