7-28-14, Finlandia Alumni Board welcomes new leadership and members
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Finlandia Alumni Board welcomes new leadership and members

The Finlandia Alumni Board has new leadership heading into the 2014-15 school year. Gary Montgomery, ’83, is the new President, Erica Roell, ’07, Vice President, and Holly Matson, ’13, is secretary.

The board features 17 members, representing six decades of Finlandia University / Suomi College alumni and five states. The earliest graduate year represented is 1951.

“We have a great leadership team, and energized board members,” said Montgomery, who has been a board member since its inception. “I look forward to working with our board to create and sustain connectivity with Finlandia, connectivity with alumni and connectivity with current students.”

Montgomery lives and works in the Detroit metro area, where he has been working in Information Technology since graduating from Suomi College. Currently he is Global Sales Executive within the manufacturing-supply chain vertical, responsible for developing his company’s platform, marketing, sales and telematics solutions for the company’s global clients and their suppliers.

“My involvement with the Finlandia Alumni Board has been a real treat,” Montgomery said. “Visiting with President Philip Johnson, staff, faculty and touring the campus to relive all of those college memories from 30 year’s past.”

This year’s group includes a mix of alumni who graduated from Finlandia and Suomi College.

“The FAB 2014 Annual Meeting was very successful,” said Cheryl Ries, director of alumni relations at the university. “I am excited about the direction the FAB is going and the initiatives they are pursuing. They are creating a more connected culture for all of our alumni.”

The board split into several subcommittees that have each defined goals to help the university during the 2014-15 school year, including the development of mentoring services and the creation of an alumni newsletter. Click here to see a full list of Finlandia Alumni Board members.