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Finlandia University Class of 2010

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HANCOCK, MI - Finlandia University is pleased to announce the university's Class of 2010, which includes 82 graduates and graduation candidates. Twelve (12) graduates completed their bachelor's or associate degree requirements in December 2009 at the end of the Fall 2009 semester; 53 graduates completed their requirements in April 2010 at the conclusion of the Spring 2010 semester; and 17 graduation candidates are to complete all requirements by the end of the Summer 2010 semester.

Degrees conferred to Finlandia's Class of 2010 are: 4 Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees in Elementary Education; 3 B.A.s in Liberal Studies; 1 B.A. in Liberal Studies-Arts, Culture & Environment; 4 B.A.s in Rural Human Services; 26 Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.-Nursing) degrees; 10 Bachelors of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degrees; 14 Bachelors of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degrees; 12 Associate of Applied Science degrees in Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA); 5 Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees in Criminal Justice; 3 Associate in General Studies (A.G.S.) degrees.

The 2010 graduating students, the degrees each earned, their minor or concentration, their hometowns, and the semester in which they completed their degree requirements are listed below:


Alger County

Jillian Rae Dolkey, B.B.A., Business-Accounting, Wetmore, MI

Andrea Michael Graves, A.A.S., Physical Therapist Assistant, Munising, MI (Summer 2010)

Baraga County

Tyler Scott Lloyd, B.A., Elementary Education-Science/Social Studies, L'Anse, MI

Andrea Marie Mantta, B.A., Rural Human Services, Pelkie, MI

Marc Tiger Marcotte, B.S.N.-Nursing, L'Anse, MI

Delta County

Katie Lynn Culliton, A.G.S., Escanaba, MI (Fall 2009)

Lauren Rae Strong, B.F.A., Studio Arts/Illustration, Escanaba, MI

Dickinson County

Theodore William Testolin, A.A.S., Physical Therapist Assistant, Vulcan, MI (Summer 2010)

Danielle Chloe Wilson, B.F.A., Studio Arts/Illustration, Iron Mountain, MI

Houghton County

Jessie Rae Arens, B.S.N.-Nursing, Atlantic Mine, MI

Marcus Gerald Johnson, A.A.S., Criminal Justice, Atlantic Mine, MI

Brandon James Faust, B.F.A., Product Design, Calumet, MI

Nicole Marie Frantti, B.S.N.-Nursing, Calumet, MI

Erin R. Johnson, A.A.S., Physical Therapist Assistant, Calumet, MI (Summer 2010)

Kenneth Eric Tolkkinen, B.S.N.-Nursing, Calumet, MI

Kristina Louise Glasson, B.B.A., Business-Accounting, Chassell, MI (Fall 2009)

Beth Helen Keskimaki, B.S.N.-Nursing, Chassell, MI

Brittany Joy Stromer, A.A.S., Physical Therapist Assistant, Chassell, MI (Summer 2010)

Pamela Ann Kotila, B.F.A., Fiber/Fashion Design, Dodgeville, MI

Alisha Marie Carne, B.A., Elementary Education-English/Social Studies, Dollar Bay, MI (Fall 2009)

Jesse Michael Trezona, A.A.S., Criminal Justice, Hubbell, MI

Kitti Susan Loukus, A.G.S., Kearsarge, MI

Christina Maria Andres, B.S.N.-Nursing, Hancock, MI

Kenneth Dean Bruda, A.A.S., Physical Therapist Assistant, Hancock, MI (Summer 2010)

Vienna Rae Chapin, B.A., Liberal Studies-Communication, Religion/Philosophy, Hancock, MI

Kathryn Ann Fredianelli, B.A., Liberal Studies-Psychology/Social Science, Science, Hancock, MI

Christopher James Hendrickson, A.A.S., Physical Therapist Assistant, Hancock, MI (Summer 2010)

Benjamin Joseph Mitchell, B.F.A., Studio Arts/Drawing and Painting, Hancock, MI

Aaron Roberts, A.A.S., Criminal Justice, Hancock, MI (Summer 2010)

Jeffrey Scott Vater, B.S.N.-Nursing, Hancock, MI

Sarah A. Anderson, B.F.A., Studio Arts/Illustration, Houghton, MI

Haley Jo Gauthier, A.A.S., Criminal Justice, Houghton, MI (Fall 2009)

Michael Page  Hatton Jr., B.B.A., Business-Accounting, Houghton, MI (Fall 2009)

Kirsti Nicole LaBelle, A.A.S., Physical Therapist Assistant, Houghton, MI (Summer 2010)

Katelyn Marie McLean, B.B.A., Business-Sports Management, Houghton, MI (Summer 2010)

David John Saari, A.A.S., Physical Therapist Assistant, Houghton, MI (Summer 2010)

Rachel Judith Smith, B.S.N.-Nursing, Houghton, MI

Romana Marie Vosecky, B.A., Rural Human Services-Criminal Justice, Houghton, MI

Donald Muir Watson, B.S.N.-Nursing, Houghton, MI

Becky Ann Kangas, B.S.N.-Nursing, Lake Linden, MI

Bonnie Jean Loukus, B.A., Liberal Studies-Arts, Culture & Environment, Lake Linden, MI

Nicole Lynn Outinen, B.B.A., Business-Accounting, Lake Linden, MI (Fall 2009)

Carrie Marie-Victoria Palfey, B.S.N.-Nursing, Lake Linden, MI

Alicia Lee Wanhala, B.S.N.-Nursing, Lake Linden, MI

Roxanne Marie McCabe, B.S.N.-Nursing, Laurium, MI

Christina Jeanette LaBelle, B.S.N.-Nursing, South Range, MI

Iron County

John Charles Ira Fish, B.F.A., Graphic Design, Iron River, MI

Samantha Jo Horst, A.A.S., Physical Therapist Assistant, Crystal Falls, MI (Summer 2010)

Jessica Faye Nylund, A.A.S., Physical Therapist Assistant, Crystal Falls, MI (Summer 2010)

Kalkaska County

Rebecca Elizabeth Baron, B.A., Rural Human Services-Criminal Justice, Rapid River, MI

Linzy Leigh Monticello, A.A.S., Criminal Justice, Rapid River, MI (Fall 2009)

Keweenaw County

Roberta Lynn Rosenberger, B.S.N.-Nursing, Mohawk, MI

Marquette County

Gina Lee Aho, B.A., Elementary Education-Math/Social Studies, Marquette, MI (Fall 2009)

Emily T. Marcotte, B.S.N.-Nursing, Marquette, MI

Laura Suzanne Metcalf, B.F.A., Studio Arts/Illustration, Negaunee, MI

Michael John Philippi, A.A.S., Physical Therapist Assistant, Gwinn, MI (Summer 2010)

Menominee County

Daniel Marc Grille, B.A., Liberal Studies-Corporate Communications, Religion/Philosophy, Wallace, MI

Ontonagon County

Ellen Anton Bonzell, B.S.N.-Nursing, Ontonagon, MI

Heather Lynn Burgess, B.S.N.-Nursing, Ontonagon, MI (Fall 2009)



Allegan County

Michael Thomas Williams, B.S.N.-Nursing, Allegan, MI

Genesee County

Whitney Lynn Nielsen, A.A.S., Physical Therapist Assistant, Fenton, MI (Summer 2010)

Ingham County

Meisha Janell Bray, B.S.N.-Nursing, Haslett, MI

Kent County

Yunis Olema Marshall, B.S.N.-Nursing, Grand Rapids, MI

Migliane Sosa, B.S.N.-Nursing, Grand Rapids, MI

Livingston County

Amy Ann Messer, B.S.N.-Nursing, Howell, MI

Robin Theresa Murphy, B.S.N.-Nursing, Howell, MI

Midland County

Amy Sue Bellinger, B.B.A., Business-Accounting, Coleman, MI

Jamie Jolene Bellinger, B.A., Elementary Education-Math/Science, Coleman, MI

Oakland County

Vanessa Jean Lipson, B.F.A., Ceramic Design, Clawson, MI (Summer 2010)

Wayne County

Sean Edward McBride, A.G.S., Livonia, MI (Summer 2010)




Chase Greer Gillespie, B.B.A., Business-Sports Management/Marketing, Loveland, CO (Fall 2009)


Tara Marie Nancarrow, B.S.N.-Nursing, Estero, FL


Ashley Nichole Jilek, B.F.A., Graphic Design, Rockford, IL


Philip Dean Bercot, B.S.N.-Nursing, Fort Wayne, IN


Lana Marie Bosak, B.F.A., Studio Arts/Illustration, Underwood, MN

New York

Jaimianne Theresa Amicucci, B.F.A., Ceramics, Mahopac Falls, NY

North Dakota

Matthew J. Marchel, B.B.A., Business-Marketing, Grand Forks, ND (Summer 2010)


Claire J. Faville, B.A., Rural Human Services, Neenah, WI (Fall 2009)

Matthew James Krueger, B.B.A., Business-Accounting, Pewaukee, WI (Fall 2009)

Kacey James Kreuter, B.F.A., Product Design, Oneida, WI

Ryan Eugene O'Dierno, B.B.A., Business-Sports Management, Abrams, WI

Tara Jean Vassar, B.F.A., Graphic Design, Niagara, WI


For additional information, please contact the office of Finlandia University acting provost Dr. Cameron Williams at 906-487-7512.


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