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Finlandia University 2012 Honors Graduates Recognized at Annual Banquet

HANCOCK, MI - Friday evening, April 13, 2012, students, family members, faculty, and staff gathered at the annual Finlandia University Honors and Awards Banquet to recognize student achievement. Finlandia faculty and staff heartily congratulate these students.

The following 2012 graduation candidates were recognized for their academic achievements:

Class of 2011 Student Representative: Dawn Engman (Dollar Bay, MI)

Class of 2012 Summa Cum Laude Honors Graduates. These students earned an overall 3.9-4.0 GPA.

The summa cum laude bachelor's degree candidates are:

Chelsea L. Bessner (Hancock, MI)

Laura M. Cooley (Calumet, MI)

Dawn M. Engman (Dollar Bay, MI)

Danielle A. McKee (Brodhead, WI)

Stephanie M. Murray (Quinnesec, MI)

Lisa A. Normand (Lake Linden, MI)

Josie K. Riutta (Atlantic Mine, MI)

Caitlin M. Rose (Hancock, MI)

Mallory E. Torola (Calumet, MI)

Stacy J. Weathers (Chassell, MI)

Kelsey G. Williams (Hopkins, MI)

Heidi A. Wingerson (Kearsarge, MI)

The summa cum laude associate degree candidates are:

Heather M. Broniec (Lake Linden, MI)

Gina M. Kilpela (Chassell, MI)

Hannah M. Zowada (Boyne Falls, MI)

Class of 2012 Magna Cum Laude Honors Graduates. These students earned an overall 3.700-3.899 GPA.

The magna cum laude bachelor's degree candidates are:

Kristen L. Babakitis (Laurium, MI)

Cleo L. Brown (Houghton, MI)

Brianna K. Fortin (Lake Linden, MI)

Philip J. Hainault (Lake Linden, MI)

Christy E. Hendrickson (Hubbell, MI)

Philetus S. Kleinschmit (Battle Creek, MI)

Krystal A. Luoma (Calumet, MI)

Eric J. Monticello (Hancock, MI)

Mariah S. Mumford (Mount Pleasant, MI)

Kelly M. Poelstra (Baltimore, ON, Canada)

Eileen M. Sundquist (Hancock, MI, and Jamestown, NY)

Michael J. Wilson, Sr. (Pelkie, MI)

The magna cum laude associate degree candidates are:

Shay M. Appold (Hubbell, MI)

Valerie L. Halonen (Houghton, MI)

Jenny M. Johnson (Menahga, MN

Scott D. MacArthur (Lachine, MI)

Kristine S. McPeak (Hancock, MI)

Chisato Ota (Gifu, Japan)

Andrew O. Roell (Channing, MI)

Nicole E. Supa (Iron Mountain, MI)

Class of 2012 Cum Laude Honors Graduates. These students have earned a 3.50-3.699 overall GPA.

The cum laude bachelor's degree candidates are:

Charles D. Benik (Andover, MN

James M. Boggio (Calumet, MI)

Leiloni M. Cloutier (Hancock, MI)

Hollie L. DeHaan (Mass City, MI)

Beth L. Dorsky (L'Anse, MI)

Elizabeth A. Heller (Mt. Pleasant, MI)

Nemanja Jankovic (Belgrade, Serbia)

Michelle E. Juopperi (Hancock, MI)

Agnes S. Pietila (Ewen, MI)

The cum laude associate degree candidates are:

Hollie L. DeHaan (Mass City, MI)

Michelle E. Juopperi (Hancock, MI)

Ashley M. Puska (Atlantic Mine, MI)

Troy M. Sovey (Gladstone, MI)

Rebecca A. Tikkanen (Calumet, MI)

Sampo Society Membership is awarded to graduating students with a cumulative GPA of 3.75-4.0 who have demonstrated leadership, commitment, achievement, initiative, and involvement in the cultural and intellectual life of the campus and community. This year's bachelor degree recipients are Mariah Mumford (Mt. Pleasant, MI), Mallory Torola (Calumet, MI), Dawn Engman (Dollar Bay, MI), and Danielle McKee (Brodhead, WI). This year's associate degree recipients are Andrew Roell (Channing, MI) and Hannah Zowada (Boyne Falls, MI).

The Sisu Award is awarded to students who have shown courage, fortitude, and perseverance in overcoming hardship to achieve academic and personal success. This year's recipients are Eileen Sundquist (Hancock, MI, and Jamestown, NY), Scott MacArthur (Lachine, MI), and Hollie DeHaan (Mass City, MI).

Continuing Finlandia University students received the following scholarships and awards:

The Kenneth and Lois Seaton Scholarship is awarded to a Copper Country area junior/senior student in a bachelor's degree program. This year's recipients are Sascha Hirzel (Houghton, MI) and Myra Juntunen (Chassell, MI).

The Philip and Loret Ruppe Community Service Scholarship is awarded annually by the Ruppe family to commemorate the service of former Congressman Phil Ruppe, a Houghton native, and his late wife, Loret Ruppe, who served as head of the Peace Corps and ambassador to Norway. The scholarship recognizes students for outstanding volunteer efforts and service to the college campus and local community. This year's recipients are Eric Hinsch (Hancock, MI) and Anna Walls (Hancock, MI).

The Samuel Westerman Scholarship is awarded to nursing students from the Upper Peninsula entering their sophomore year as full-time students. Recipients demonstrate financial need, are active in volunteer service to the university or community, and have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0-3.49. This year's recipient is Rebecca Ward (Negaunee, MI).

The Virginia Fund Scholarship is awarded in memory of Mrs. Richard R. Smith to a freshman woman who plans to continue as a student at Finlandia for the 2012-13 academic year. The scholarship is awarded based on academic achievement and overall contribution to campus life. This year's recipient is Sarah Juntunen (Houghton, MI).

The David Lauren Jokela Endowed Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a continuing student who has demonstrated leadership, service to others, a caring attitude, and 'sisu.' This year's recipients are Daniel Stahl (Calumet, MI) and Nicole Kotila (Hancock, MI).

For additional information, please contact the office of Student and Academic Affairs, at 906-487-7512.


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