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Finlandia Art Students Are Selling "Left Brain" T-shirts, Stickers

HANCOCK, MI - "Are you out of your right mind?"

Finlandia University International School of Art & Design students want to know.

Why? Because in the spirit of entrepreneurship, they are raising money to attend the 11th annual Self Employment in the Arts (SEA) conference February 25 and 26 in Chicago.

So, with a play on words, the students have posed the question, "Are you out of your right mind?" on stickers and t-shirts.  Stickers sell for $5, t-shirts for $15.

At the SEA conference, art students and successful professional artists from across the country explore the business of art in panel discussions, workshops, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and business plan reviews.

And, with materials supplied by Blick Art Materials, the Finlandia University students will run a "Create Room" at the conference.

Also in Chicago, the Finlandia students will visit the Art Institute of Chicago to see in person the pieces of art they have been studying, and engage in other cultural opportunities.

To purchase stickers and t-shirts, and to support Finlandia students in this learning and cultural experience, please e-mail or call 906-487-7510.