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Jeffers Grads Offered Head Start on Finlandia Business Degree

HANCOCK, MI - An agreement that will grant tuition-free college credit to Jeffers High School students was recently forged by the Finlandia University International School of Business, Jeffers High School, and the Copper Country Intermediate School District.

Terry Monson, dean of Finlandia's Business School, explains that Jeffers High School juniors and seniors who complete the courses Business, Management and Administration I and/or II with a final grade of "A" qualify to receive college credit for Finlandia courses Fundamentals of Business (BUS 138) and Introductory Computer Applications (CIS 102).

"The Jeffers graduates who enroll at Finlandia and take advantage of the agreement will get a head start on a bachelor of business administration (BBA) or other Finlandia University degree," Monson says.

The agreement begins in the Fall 2011 semester.

For addition information, contact Dean Monson at 906-487-7338 or